A Tale Of Loss And Lust

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Selena Marie Jameson:

Sex: Female
Age: 27 years
Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and alluringly feminine
Complexion: White
Voice: Sweet
Face: Nymphish, flushed, oval and full in cheeks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, long-lashed, large, extended and deep brown
Hair: Silky, soft, abundant, red and waves down to hips
Bust: 36DDD, round, slightly pendulous and firm
Nipples: Pink and protrudent
Areolae: Pink and large
Waist: 28
Hips: 40, wide-curved
Ass: Soft and massive
Thighs: Creamy-soft, round and fat

Chief Dagmar:

Sex: Female
Age: 39 years
Figure: Soft-contoured, skinny and mostly flat
Complexion: Sallow
Voice: High-pitched
Face: Somewhat attractive and calculative in looks
Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown
Hair: Soft, black and waves down to shoulders
Bust: 32A, almost flat
Waist: 22
Hips: 31, narrow
Ass: Almost flat
Thighs: Straight and long
Orientation: A passionate lesbian

The wind howled shrill sounds in the darkness of night. The sea raged as mountainous waves that broke into the listing bows of Czarina Catherine. They swallowed the ship and spat her out; her structure deformed more than before, under the hits of marine splashes. She carried no sail now and was swept forth at the mercy of turbulent sea. Her captain, sodden and chilled beneath his oilskins, lashed to the wheel. His barked orders to the skeleton crew on duty could scarcely be heard above the ferocious workings of storm…

Just three hours before that horrible breakout, the scene in passenger cabin number four was intimately warm. Selena sighed and shuddered as Christopher Hugh Jameson unbuttoned the red linen evening dress to expose and kiss her nape. Married few weeks ago, they were one of those graceful couples who had boarded the ship on an errand to England. It felt so good to the gorgeous redhead when Christopher embraced her. She loved him for his various specialties. Firstly, he was handsome. His looks were sharp and refined with dark tanned face. Secondly, he was social and likeable. It was that graceful smile which brightened up his features when he spoke with her. Thirdly, being a wealthy man he always dressed in an elegant way. Therefore it wasn’t questionable if women turned their heads to look at him, longing for his company.

Nevertheless, his good looks weren’t much in comparison to Selena’s nymphish attributes. Everything about her was extremely alluring. The lustrous flaming curls spilling around her nymphish face, the dimple appearing in her cheeks when she smiled, the cuteness in her soft toned laugh, the rise and fall of her huge bust when she breathed, the swaying of her wide hips when she walked; by all means she was an eye-popping beauty. So he fell in love with her the moment they met for the first time at a friend’s get together. Shortly, they went on with good terms and it didn’t take much longer for Christopher to propose Selena, who accepted him blushingly.

“God! you look so lovely my darling, you’re so gorgeous…” Christopher whispered looking at his pretty wife, who had closed her eyes in a stupefied expression. Feeling unable to keep himself, he took Selena in a warm embrace and began to kiss her on mouth. She responded to him quickly. Her mouth locked with his in a hot kiss. He ran a hand up her back and tried to unknot the laces of pink satin corsets; but the bone paneled garment was fiendishly difficult for him to undo. Instantly, Selena realized that too. So she broke the kiss and raised her arms for getting to the grips. Christopher looked appreciatively as his wife eased them open and dispensed with the tight hugging garment in a jiff. Underneath, she wore a fine lawn camisole that went to a deep “V” between her ample tits.

She kicked off her evening shoes, rolled off her silk stockings and threw her garments into a far corner. Then she dropped down the petticoats, pulled the camisole over her head in a fluid motion and stood stark naked before her excited hubby.

“Wow!” exclaimed Christopher with a wry smile; his cock grew rigid at the sight of her mouth-watering nudity. He surveyed her naked flesh with lusting stare as she pulled out the pins at her hair, letting them fall like a burnished veil down to her hips.

Selena walked over to bed and threw back the covers before laying herself down. Curling her sexy legs and reclining seductively on an elbow, she suggested with a naughty smile, “Maybe we could snuggle up and keep each other inflamed for the night.”

Almost automatically, Christopher was undressing himself. An occasional sway of the ship made him do a forced jig as he tried to strip down his pants. “It would make me unworthy for not offering comfort to the sexiest woman of world who lies here now.” he said laughingly, almost ripping off his shirt in plain eagerness to join Selena abed.

The oil lamp burnt low, illuminating the intimate scene in the mixed hues of ochre and amber.

“Let’s not put off this flickering flick, baby. I can’t make a tour without light here.” said Christopher, making some funny gesture as he flung himself atop his voluptuous wife.

“You scoundrel!” Selena said with a hearty laugh as she punched Christopher on chest before welcoming him in a close embrace.

A moment later, they were kissing each other in a lip-locking passion. Christopher sucked Selena’s lower lip and rubbed his mouth over hers to force it open. She let his tongue invade her oral cavity, savoring upon its twirling strokes.

Christopher licked on Selena’s neck and kissed down her soft flesh till he took her left nipple into his ardent mouth, sucking it under a forced pull. Selena sighed contentedly and fingered through his hair as he licked on her ultra sensitive teat. He Lapped and sucked on the pink areola before moving his mouth unto her right nipple. Christopher made lingual twirls on his wife’s pink bud, sending sparks of lust through her spine. He pressed his mouth over her nipple and took the entire areola in a pulling smack.

After licking and sucking on Selena’s huge tits for longer moments, Christopher continued to kiss her further down. He could hear her soft moans as his hand stroked lightly between her soft thighs, making an attempt to splay them.

She shifted on the bed as her legs fell open under his manual push. With left hand, he parted her tender petals and licked his lips expectedly. Her twat was wet, ripe and odorous; the pink clit lay swollen in anticipation under her folded hood. His cock hardened and reared, as a pearl of cum oozed through its bulbous tip.

“Ummm… Ohhh…” Selena moaned as Christopher dived his face into her salty, cuntal folds. She shuddered in rising lust, feeling his nose rubbing into her heated snatch. He darted his tongue to flick over her extremely sensitive clit and sucked on that tasty morsel. Her moans grew louder which intrigued him even more to eat her delicious pussy with greedy fervor.

Selena’s eyes rolled as she neared her edge. Her cunt twitched around his tongue and she cried his name under the lusting stupor. Then he realized her urgent desire in no time.

Almost immediately he rose above Selena, pulling her legs over his shoulders. She hissed as his tip touched on her sensitive petals, followed by the sliding entry of his throbbing cock through them.

Christopher plunged his weapon into her sheath, taking on the harder fucking pace. His cock battered at her womb; she was stabbed, thrust and filled by him up to the hilt. He was too much, almost killing her. The pain shot through her loins, only to be followed by the vibrating pleasure in a jiff. She clawed at him, scratching his naked back under absolute pleasure.

She arched against her hubby, spurring him on to raise his fucking tempo. He caught her at the hips, continuing to pound into her slippery cunt. Selena’s head banged on the wooden paneling of their bed; a look of intense lust stole over her nymphish face. She screamed and hugged him tight as the spasms of pleasure hit her into a melting orgasm. Instantly, he plunged into her with the mightiest fucking push. Gushes of load oozed from his canon into Selena’s welcoming canal. His flanks quivered as he collapsed atop her, spent of the cum till its last drop.

She murmured to him in a dreamy tone, “That was marvelous, Chris.”

Christopher laughed and kissed the inner softness of her thighs before lowering her legs and laying himself beside her. “It’s just the start, my love. There’s still more to come. I hope you won’t deny this, do you.” said he, flinging his arm protectively around her.

“Yes, I won’t.” whispered Selena as she hugged him back.

They fell asleep in that warm snuggling embrace. Both were happy and content for what they’d given each other, sharing the sweetness of intimacy and the passion of conjugal love.

But none of the two and other couples knew what fate had in store for them. That horrid mishap ensued in a few hours, shaking all those to hell who were aboard the wretched Czarina Catherine…

Christopher felt wet. It wasn’t the pleasant, sticky wetness of that love making. This was the chill of death. He was woken up by the chaotic shrieks of other passengers, under violent lurching lists of the ship. Shaking Selena awake in a start, he thrust the scraps of garment at her. “Quick! Get into these and follow me.” he barked before jumping out of the bed and landing into two feet of murky water.

As she got into petticoats and camisole, the water lapped about her legs. This terrified her to scream and rouse in utmost need to leap off the sodden bed.

They hurried out in the companionway. Water rushed down the stairs towards them, knocking the pair into a swinging door of an empty cabin. It came to them that they had slept sated by lovemaking, oblivious to any warning knock at their door or directive to abandon ship.

Some two hundred yards from the ship, an emergency boat was tossed and overturned by a huge foaming tide. The panic-stricken shrieks of its crew subsided due to the merciless howl of angry winds, as they got drowned under the turbulent marine surface.

A bucket came flying from some part of the sinking ship and hit Selena on her bare feet. She yelped and hopped as Christopher dragged her on.

They ran round a creaking mast and lost their balance as Czarina Catherine was going nose down. The lightening struck on and caught the foremast alight; its furled sail dropped like a flaming scrap of canvas about them. A gigantic wave hit on the lurching deck of ship, sweeping the struggling people off to deep.

“SELENAAA!!!” She heard Christopher cry her name as they were carried away into the angry ocean. That was the last word he could say to her. Getting clouted on head by an impeding rail, he went down the deep like a little twisted mass into the heavy fall.

As helpless as her hubby, Selena hit the marine surface, head first. Her breathing was held on reflex before she could emerge on the surface. An onrushing current swept her struggling form, almost throwing her unto a large floating log. There, her head got blown on the wood and she went limp like some sleeping mermaid. Everything around her became black, blacker and still…

The fainted redhead remained oblivious of the drag net that had caught her after some hours. Four hefty fisherwomen, skimpily dressed as per femelandian fashion, pulled her aboard their boat. They wondered at the weight of the thing which required much force to pull on. Their brown faces peered hard at her in the dim light of dawn, which felt a lot calmer unlike last night. A hand lifted the stray curls off Selena’s face. Other hands turned her curvaceous form over, which was almost nude under the torn shreds of camisole.

One fisherwoman held the wrist of unconscious redhead and declared, “She’s alive.”

“We’re in luck Moreen.” said the heftiest of four as she took liberty to touch and squeeze on Selena’s right tit. “The chief will be happy to see her.”

And she was quite correct…

Chief Dagmar of Totabu tribe was reported of this unexpected arrival, when she was eating Sarli between her thighs. The personal maid was in her late-forties and wasn’t much beautiful. Nevertheless the lesbian chief liked her; because she always preferred huge-titted and big-bottomed women. Lying spreadeagled on bed, Sarli had her eyes closed. She pinched her own nipples, savoring upon Dagmar’s manual and oral invasion of her creamy pussy.

Clad in tweed bra and skirts, a young maid pushed open the door of Dagmar’s stone-walled hut. The chief had to take her mouth from Sarli’s slippery cunt and turned her head to look at the unwelcoming intrusion. But noticing a look of excitement about that maid, Dagmar had to hold back the urge to shoo her out.

“What’s so special Phyllis?” asked Dagmar, with a stern look on her face.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Chief. But there’s a news, I thought would interest you.”

“Hummm… proceed!” Dagmar said, frowning at Phyllis.

“Just a while ago, Pomona and her comrades caught a woman at the Eastern Coast. She was out cold, floating in the waves. They are waiting for your orders to make the next move.” Phyllis explained.

“A woman!” said Dagmar raising an eyebrow. “Tell them to take her in the Chamber of Vanity. I’ll meet you there in no time.”

Phyllis bowed and departed before Dagmar could resume in doing cunnilingus on her personal maid.

Following Dagmar’s orders, Phyllis supervised the fisherwomen for carrying Selena to the chamber. Like a cavelet, it stood as the magnificent hall not farther from the Eastern Coast. Inside, it was well illuminated by six torches hoisted in the niches of its rough stone walls. Masses of hay-cushions were spread out as bedding where they laid Selena on her back.

Accompanied by Sarli, Dagmar entered the Chamber of Vanity after some minutes. The chief, unlike her folks, was clad in a long black cloak and a black feather cap.

All the women stood around the supine hottie, staring at her in silence.

The femelandian tribe of Totabu was led by lesbians for centuries, who maintained its women-only population on a small piece of land. Their forty-seventh chief carried on ogling at the unconscious beauty. She felt a crazy pounding of heart into her breast. Though Sarli was always there to make most of her nights steamed up; but never in her life, had Dagmar wanted a woman that bad. Inspite of herself, she was smitten in love. The Cupid’s arrow had hit hard at its target.

A faint smile appeared on Dagmar’s lips as she nodded to Phyllis.

The maid turned and went to a carved cabinet at the opposite corner. She took a vial full of some pink substance and walked back to kneel besides the supine redhead. She uncorked the vial and forced Selena’s mouth open to put a drop on her tongue.

It worked instantly. The redhead coughed as she came to her senses. She flipped open her eyes and heaved, blinking at the semi-dark stony ceiling. Selena groaned as the soaring ache pulsated in her temple. Above her, a light-tanned face was peering with a grin. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she concentrated to get an idea who that woman was.

“You all right, dear?” A high pitched voice echoed nearby. It wasn’t spoken by the woman peering at her. Reflexively she roamed her eyes and located the speaker who said. “The cold won’t affect you here.”

Like the light-tanned woman, the speaker was unfamiliar to her. Most of her sallow face was shadowed in the amber light. Its sharp features seemed odd with that feather cap. Selena looked further down and saw the woman’s cloaked figure stepping in her direction.

“Where… where am I? And… who are you?” Selena felt the questions slip out of her mouth and saw a graceful smile on capped woman’s lips.

“I’m Dagmar, the brave chief of Totabu Tribe who has maintained the community of absolute lesbians at the historical Femelandia Islands.”

“Femelandia… lesbians?” Selena repeated the words which confused her.

“Yes.” replied Dagmar. “We have our own rules and life. It’s a woman’s privilege to live here with another woman, whom she loves.”

Selena blinked at Dagmar and said nothing. She was getting depressed due to the headache. So Dagmar knelt at her left and reached to feel her forehead.

“Hummm… you’re hot as a blazing flame and…” a mischievous smile crept over her mouth as she said, “…sure you look hot as hell. But I know we mustn’t name you a hot woman. We have our names here. Like yours. Let’s know how we should call you.”

The look of depression on Selena’s face was hued with confusion. ‘My name… my name… what’s my name… who am I?’ she reflected, feeling helpless to remember her true identity.

The shrewd chief noticed that too. She looked at the redhead with frowning scrutiny. “Well?” said she questioningly.

“I… I don’t know.” Selena managed to say.

“What! You don’t know your name?” Dagmar pressed on, unbelievingly.

“No.” Selena replied aloud. “I don’t remember anything.” A hurtful expression stole over her face.

Dagmar pursed her lips. Her sharp mind resolved for some moments before she decided to speak with a smile. “Don’t worry my darling.” said she. “I’ll help you revive your memory. Thanks to the Great One for letting you come to me. We’ll celebrate our wedding as soon as you get well.”

“Wedding! With you?” said Selena in a weak tone.

“Yes my love,” said Dagmar with an assured smile before she leaned above Selena and kissed her on lips. Selena closed her eyes as she felt the warmth and intimacy of another woman’s kiss. It filled her with its soothing comfort that subdued the cumbersome headache.

“Everything will be all right after we get married on the full moon due in a week.” declared Dagmar as she moved her head up. “Sarli and Phyllis will take care of you. I’ll send two more maids for their assistance.”

Selena said nothing. She merely blinked at the rising chief of Totabu Tribe, who was smiling at her affectionately.

Dagmar turned to face Sarli. The personal maid stood before her with an impassive look. “You heard me Sarli. Make her ready for the wedding.” the lesbian chief addressed her.

Sarli bowed before Dagmar, who strolled out of the chamber followed by the four fisherwomen.

The idea of marrying with the woman-chief felt astounding to Selena. The half-naked maids, who attended her, looked queer as they spoke with each other in the totabuese language. Only Dagmar, Sarli and Phyllis seemed to know and speak English. Mia and Nuna chatted too little to each other, especially when they were around Selena. None of those tribeswomen were intimidating or rough with her. Of course they were following Dagmar’s orders.

Right from the first day, Selena couldn’t feel disgusted in the company of those maids as their lingering touch and intimate courtesy heated her up. All the four half-naked women gathered about her at night. Sarli and Phyllis took some accessories such as a tub of warm water, a sponge, some pieces of flax and two vials. Mia and Nuna had pushed a cage-like, life-size assembly of orange poles to the mid of chamber. It was designed with hay pads, metal rings, chains and iron cuffs at different angles.

“What’s that?” asked Selena, amazed at the queer structure.

“That’s for your service m’lady.” answered Phyllis as she and Sarli began to undress her.

The two maids were expert masseuses. Their hands felt good to Selena and sent soothing warmth in her muscles as the perfumed oil was rubbed by them over her soft-contoured nudity; especially when they lingered upon her fleshy bottom and huge mammas. The maids knew how to let her forget the confusion of lost memory. Selena lay close eyed, wallowing under the rubbing touch of four hands over her smooth belly and creamy-soft legs.

“You’re very beautiful m’lady.” said Phyllis as she reached to rub oil between Selena’s thighs. The redhead sobbed at that light touch on her sensitive petals.

“Oh I should say, m’lady won’t object if Nuna and Mia join us with her.” Sarli chanted in.

“Ummm…” Selena moaned dreamily, savoring upon the pleasurable sensation generated into her loins, when Phyllis probed a finger at her entrance.

As if waiting for Sarli’s instructions in totabuese, the maids came nearer to the supine redhead. Kneeling on either side of Selena, the girls leant over her. They pushed her arms up, clasped their mouths over her protrudent nipples and teased those pink buds to harden more under their lingual flicks.

“Aaahhhh… Aaahhhh… Ummmmm…” Selena moaned and sighed as she savored upon a couple of mouths pulling on her nipples, and fingers stretching her cunt to steam it under lust. The redhead squirmed under their intimate maneuvers, especially when the masseuses pinched and patted on her quivering pussy.

“It seems m’lady needs some more attention.” Selena heard Sarli’s words; her eyes closed in building heat.

“Look, how wet she’s now.” Phyllis added, licking her own lips.

They continued to suck and stroke Selena for a while until Sarli said something in totabuese.

Reluctant to be hauled on her feet by Nuna and Mia, the redhead was led to the queer assembly which felt quite roomy as she stepped into it. The maids guided Selena to hold a couple of high-hung metal rings while she stood on hay-pads. They cuffed her thighs well apart, chaining them to two poles on each side.

Selena stared at the maids, who were grinning back at her. Before she could ask them for making her stand in chains, Sarli spoke with a mischievous glint in her eyes: “Let’s not keep m’lady waiting longer for us, Phyllis.”

“Of course, she needs to be ready for the Great Chief till the full moon.” Phyllis agreed with her mate before saying something aloud in totabuese to Nuna and Mia.

Selena wondered what those maids had in store for her, as they stepped into the assembly around her. Except for Mia, the three women approached her on front. Selena hissed as Nuna knelt down between her splayed thighs and began to finger her sensitive pussy. The redhead felt a pair of hands squeezing and slapping on her big butts. Instantly she knew it was Mia, who had followed Nuna’s example to kneel at her rear.

Phyllis and Sarli weren’t standing idle before the chained nymph. Squeezing and kneading on Selena’s huge tits, each woman proceeded to pull an engorged nipple into her sucking mouth.

Mia licked on Selena’s deep ass crack in longer trails before pushing her butts apart. Nuna continued to kiss the redhead on her creamy thighs until she was nuzzling into their odorous vertex. Selena bit her lip and sighed under an extremely pleasurable sensation, as a pair of tongues began to lick her anus and pussy.

It was like a very hot, erotic dream. Four mouths were clamped on her nipples, cunt and ass hole; they were sucking, licking and kissing on the most sensitive zones of her golden body. Standing so open before them, Selena shuddered under the rapidly building pleasure in response to their oral service. She closed her eyes in rapturous submission and made a feeble attempt to arch her torso. This caused her tits to be pressed more into the open, sucking mouths of Phyllis and Sarli. Mia carried on poking her tongue into Selena’s anus and Nuna’s tongue flicked on her throbbing clit. Together the two maids buried their faces between Selena’s thighs and butts, bringing her at the edge. The redhead screamed as the violent orgasm shook her all over and she spent her profuse release into Nuna’s hungry mouth.

The maids took Selena to lie on the hay-cushions and started to sponge her body in warm water. The redhead hissed when Phyllis wiped her cunt clean. At this, the women giggled and Sarli spoke aloud in totabuese. Selena took it as a word for Phyllis to produce the flax bra and skirts because she was dressed into them shortly. All the maids except Phyllis left the chamber, who stayed with Selena until she slept contentedly.

Selena began to believe inwardly that she belonged to Totabu tribe and had been a lesbian naturally. Neither she nor any totabuese woman had the slightest idea of her true identity. Dagmar had specially directed Sarli and her mates to let Selena’s memory be clouded for good. That could be done with effect if she was subjected daily into the steamy lesbian orgy. It was Sarli’s duty to report her chief for the happenings of every night and she always received a mind-blowing fuck as a reward to her services. Surely, Dagmar’s orders for the maids to attend and steam up the redhead meant only thing: The lesbian chief couldn’t stand a chance to loose Selena, if her memory was revived.

On the night of full moon, Sarli and her mates sponged the redhead in a warm bubble bath. They took handfuls of perfumed oil to massage on Selena’s curvaceous body before dressing her into a white linen cloak and placing a feathered white cap on her head.

When Selena was made up for wedding, Phyllis and Sarli walked her out of the chamber. In a couple of minutes they joined all the other tribeswomen who chatted with each other, sitting around a large blazing fire. Selena could guess she looked celestially gorgeous in her bridal dress; the rapturously amazed expression on totabuese faces told her so.

Cloaked and capped in black, Dagmar got up as Selena was led by maids towards her. The rest of the tribe followed their chief’s example. Dagmar extended her hand, which was taken by Selena as they smiled at each other.

Dagmar gestured at her left and an elderly woman came humming towards the couple. She was skimpily covered in her dirty tweed cloak, holding a staff which was carved like a large veined cock. Selena had been told by Phyllis that a special priestess recited some incantation before the fire, when a totabuese couple was to be married on the full moon.

Sarli took a bowl of some shimmering substance and carried it towards the humming priestess, for she could dip the tip of her staff into its silver. Then the priestess raised her arms and stared at the full moon, carrying on with the recitation. Selena wondered at the woman, who hadn’t blinked for once.

It took a while for the priestess to close her eyes and lower her arms. Keeping her head up, she started to walk around the blazing fire in an anticlockwise fashion. The woman looked extremely strange for walking smoothly around the flames in one circle and reciting the incantation along.

The priestess stopped her recitation, as she completed her round and waved the staff for throwing it before the couple. The crooked thing landed some distance from Selena and Dagmar.

The groom started to walk with her bride towards the fallen staff. Selena wasn’t confused a bit for those queer proceedings. Thanks to Phyllis, who had confided to her every bit about the totabuese wedding customs. Dagmar was taking quick steps and a faint smile had curved her thin lips. It seemed to Selena that the chief was very excited for her wedding.

They walked on and jumped over the cock-like staff. The crowd broke out in a roar of confused shouts. As excited as her groom, Selena noticed the old priestess stooping to retrieve the shaft in her hands. Before turning back to her shack, she showed the newly wed couple a toothy grin.

Selena and Dagmar had to stand hand-in-hand at the stone-walled hut. Most of the tribe seemed hearty for the marital proceedings; nevertheless they had to bow before their chief and her bride one-by-one in sober demeanor.

Left alone after sometime, Dagmar took her bride into the hut and closed its door. Fascinated by its contents, Selena looked around. There were coarse woven mats on the grass covered floor. Spears and knives were hung on the opposite walls. The vast bed was softened with fresh moss and ferns; an indigo dyed sheet of linen-like material was draped over it. Two halved coconut shells were placed on timber stools. Wicks were fixed into them, which burnt into the sea of perfumed oil. They cast a pale scanty light, illuminating the interior of hut in a softening hue.

Dagmar’s deliberately made cough roused Selena from her dreamy contemplation of the interior designs. She looked at her groom. They smiled at each other before the chief spoke: “You seem to like our wedding arrangements, darling.”

“Oh, it’s so beautiful in here.” Selena said cheerfully.

“But not as beautiful as you, my love.” Dagmar said.

Selena was pulled by Dagmar into a tight hug, when she found herself looking into the ogling eyes of her groom. Their lips met in a warm lingering kiss; the two mouths were locked under the mutual pressure of passion. She closed her eyes. Dagmar’s lips felt so soft against her own; unlike something hard which tried to poke her between thighs.

The redhead moved her head, breaking their kiss. “You’re hurting me, you know.” she said, pouting her lips in a mock frowning expression.

Dagmar laughed. “No worries honey! It won’t last long.” said she.

“What do you mean?” Selena pressed on questioningly.

“If my wife wants an answer, why are we waiting to see each other in glory like dummy idols.” said Dagmar, reaching to untie the cords of Selena’s collar.

“As my husband wishes.” said Selena with a serene smile.

A soft yet hearty laugh was exchanged when they stripped each other. Caps and cloaks were thrown away by them into a far corner. Selena gazed down the slim body of her groom. A light pink strap-on was dangling between Dagmar’s thighs, impressing upon her like a real cock. Almost impulsively, she reached to stroke along its crooked length.

“You like it babe, don’t you?” said Dagmar grinning.

Selena looked up and saw a naughty glint into her husband’s eyes. “It’s… it’s so smooth.” she managed to say.

“Yes, and a lot naughtier when it meets a perfect sheath.” added Dagmar as she reached between Selena’s thighs to pat her there.

“Oooo!!!” the redhead yelped. “What was that for?” said she, holding an urge to laugh.

“Just checking how you’d like to get it there.” said Dagmar, jerking her head to indicate at the bed.

They smiled at each other, before their mouths were glued together into a lip-locking kiss.

Dagmar led Selena to bed and pushed her to lie there on back. Leaning atop the sexy redhead, she took her mammoth bubbies to squeeze on. Instantly, the totabuese chief started to kiss and lick on her bride’s teats. While kneading and stroking the firm mass of one boob, she kept on sucking the other in a hungry oral pull. ‘She loves my tits. Oh how she’s sucking them.’ reflected Selena, closing her heavy-lidded eyes.

The redhead sighed as Dagmar sucked hard on her protrudent nipples, releasing each teat in a smack and then proceeded to kiss down her soft belly. But a moan escaped from Selena’s mouth, when the chief had slid down to splay her thighs apart and started to lick her pink cunt. The bride arched her back and made an attempt to lift her hips higher. Dagmar’s mouth felt hot over her pussy. Selena bit her lips. Her groom was lapping at her snatch with a heated vigor.

Selena felt her legs pushed more apart as Dagmar had buried her face deeper between them. She ate her wife, sucking on her salty labia and raising her lingual pressure between them. Her long tongue probed deep into Selena’s wet, slippery cunt. Then her lips located Selena’s sensitive clit and she pursed them over its erectile knob.

Dagmar flicked her tongue on Selena’s clit without a pause. The redhead hissed as she felt Dagmar’s hands stroking on her cunt and coating it with her own oozed wetness.

Selena put her soft hands on Dagmar’s head, urging it deeper into her cunt. Grunting in pleasure, she began to push-up her wide hips into the lesbian mouth. Dagmar saw it as an encouragement and she carried on eating her wife’s pussy.

“Ummm… ummm… ummm… eat… eat me… eat me… oohhh… ” Intense lust stole over Selena’s face as she heaved those words. The lesbian chief then realized that her wife was going to cum.

With an instant move, Dagmar rose. She slid atop the voluptuous redhead and held her thighs to keep them splayed as before. Shifting herself in position between them, the chief managed to touch her rubber tip unto Selena’s twitching cunt.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Selena cried, raising her torso as Dagmar’s cock slid slowly into her lubricated entrance. The redhead opened her mouth to moan for the next push but she couldn’t do it, because her mouth was covered in a passionate kiss by Dagmar’s.

Supporting herself on elbows, Dagmar continued to pound her bride’s inflamed pussy with sure and swift moves. Her slim hips pulled up and plunged down, thrusting the strap-on hard and harder into Selena. She fucked the gorgeous redhead with all the potential she had, enjoying it as much as her darling wife.

Waves of pure pleasure rolled over Selena as Dagmar pushed and repushed the lifeless cock into her dripping cunt. Pinching and sucking on Selena’s nipples, the lesbian hubby went on with her speed and tempo. The fucking fever rose to peak between them. Their canals began to brim up with the hot cum under building lust. Dagmar’s strap-on was pressed hard into her own pussy as she groaned, making the mightiest fucking push.

Screaming in unison, the couple came almost simultaneously. Dagmar’s cock was coated all over into Selena’s cream, as it spilled out on the bed sheet like an erupted lava. The chief bore deep down the hilt of her wife, when her own cum oozed out under the strap-on.

To revive their lost vitality, they lay on their bed into each other’s arms for some time. Then, Dagmar kissed and licked her wife’s voluptuous body from head to toe. She heated up Selena by licking her deep ass crack, sucking her sensitive nipples and eating her twitching pussy. After going through the steaming hot fuck for twice more, they fell asleep spent and terribly tired.

Night passed silently over the Islands. At sunrise, the totabuese women rose from their slumber and went on with their routine.

Selena lived with them in Femelandia as the most contented woman, who remained oblivious of the loss she once had. Being the wife of their chief, she was greatly honoured by them.

But the thing which mattered most to Selena, was Dagmar’s sincere regard and infatuation for her. She cared for her too. Because she knew love begets love.

And so they lived a happy married life, proving that together.

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