A week at the cabin Part II

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What a beginning. The bar had been raised, expectations had been surpassed. I’m sure that we broke some kind of orgasm record this morning…….. I may have to look that up in Ripley’s record book. Anyway, we had decided to go out for a drive. I wanted to show Julie around. I loved how she was willing to go along with anything I wanted. Anything. There I go, getting sidetracked again. Well we set out on our drive, I had bet her that we would see a bear while we were here. She didn’t believe me. The stakes were high. She doesn’t want to lose this bet. We drove around for hours, she was so fascinated by the beauty of the north woods. We had dinner at Wannigans, which Julie had decided to adopt the name as our vacation theme…. Wanna Again?

We pull into the drive as the sun is starting to set. She started to tease me that no bears had been seen yet. Taunting me with the possibility that I will lose the bet. I’m confident that nature will not let me down. There is still a little bit of daylight left, and the shadows from the woods are starting to lengthen. “This has been a great day Mike!” she said. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it up here, but I think it’s very beautiful and relaxing.” “I’m glad you like it” I told her. Meaning that more than she knew. I was putting some more wood on the fire, thinking of the evening and what pleasures we would experience tonight, when Julie screamed. “Jesus Christ!!” she yells. Jumping up I run to her. She is standing by the window pointing outside. I go to the window and start laughing out loud. It took me a second to figure out what was looking back at me through the window. Standing on the bench outside the window is a young bear, who was just looking in to see how we were. I waited until the bear lost interest in us and ran off into the woods before I started teasing her. I shouldn’t have, she was scared, but she was so damn cute when she knew she had been beat. She tried to wiggle her way out of it by saying that the bear saw her not the other way around. But finally conceded defeat. She accepted that tomorrow morning she would have to pay her debt.

I walked over to the counter to make both of us a drink, she’s a lightweight. I love her when she’s tipsy. I took her drink over to where she was sitting, I could tell that she was already thinking of how we were going to top our performance this morning. She had started to read a book on the bed, I knew it wasn’t holding her interest. She kept shifting positions, and watching my every move. She was driving me crazy.
I reached down to caress her. I lifted her shirt off and felt her smooth skin clear up her back and down to her thighs . I reached up and slid my fingers between her thighs and into her folds . She was already very moist. We didn’t waste any time taking our clothes off, as she grabbed my cock and jerked it as she kissed my head . She held it up and started to flick the underside of my shaft with her tongue. Then she started sucking and slurping her way back up. She moves up and positions herself on top of me, leaning over just far enough for her tits to be in my face. I can feel her pussy so close to my throbbing cock. She lowers herself onto my cock and begins to slide her clit and swollen lips up and down my shaft. Her tits are bouncing as I move my face between them, licking, biting, and sucking. She really begins to grind and I can feel her swollen clit gliding up and down my shaft. Her pace quickens, her head rolls back and her eyes close as she gets closer to orgasm. Right now, the woods could be burning down around us and neither one of us would know. We’re so wrapped up in the experience that we’re completely unaware of our surroundings. Her breathing gets heavier and heavier as the soft moans and sighs are turning into urgent groans of ecstasy. I reach up to fondle her swollen breasts and find that her nipples are rock hard. I move my hands around to her back and scratch hard with both hands up and down and that pushes her over the edge. My cock plunges in and out of the warm smooth wetness of her quivering pussy. She tilts her hips back to grind and she’s now completely absorbed in the pleasure. She collapses on to her arms and I begin thrusting from below. I thrust as hard and deep as I can and each time I’m rewarded with another groan. Her pussy is tight around my cock and I can feel her juices pouring down my shaft and over my balls. Watching her move takes my level of excitement to the next plane. Up and down, up and down, around and around, up and down, I can feel my climax building. I can feel the semen move from my balls up into my cock. Her tits are shaking and the bed is rocking as she pounds my cock in and out of her throbbing hole. “Come to me”, she says, “I want it now! I want to feel that warm wet cum fill my pussy!” She begins frantically kissing me. “Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!” I can feel her breasts on my chest and her breath on my face. Her tongue plunges into my ear as it wanders down my neck. “OK, are you ready?” “Yes, give it to me now!” Those words send me over the edge, past the point of no return. My cock quivers as it prepares to explode. This is a blissful moment, anticipation before the first contraction. A few seconds later I explode inside of her as she pounds on my cock. I moan loudly and my entire body shudders as the contractions come one right after the other in rapid succession. It seems like the orgasm goes on forever, one contraction followed by another and another. It’s like electricity from my cock through my balls and down my legs to my toes. The pleasure is incredible.

Moments later we come back to reality. The candle still flickers but we haven’t noticed in a while. We know that eventually we will have to separate but we stay joined for just a few more minutes. No other woman has rocked my world like this one. We’ll sleep now and I’ll wake up tomorrow next to her.

I woke up this morning and reached for her, she was gone. I sat up, looking for her. I don’t see her, but I have an envelope on her pillow with my name on it. I open it. At the top it says RULES. My God, what was she up to now, I thought, grinning. I continue reading the rules….

You must stay in the chair, with your hands at your sides unless directed to do otherwise by me.
You can turn your head, but your back must stay against the chair back.
You are not allowed to touch me unless I tell you to, and you are not allowed to talk.
Good Luck!

I see the chair, so I go and sit down. I think I know what she is going to do. At least I hope so. Julie had lost the bet. The bet was that the loser has to carry the wood in the next time. No big deal, right? Well, the loser had to go get the wood totally naked. Oh ya, I was getting excited, the anticipation rising. I hear her coming up behind me. I obey the rules. I don’t move. But…. she is wearing her coat, scarf, hat and gloves. Confused, I figure that she is playing a trick on me. She then reaches over and turns on the CD player, and ‘Your body is a wonderland’ starts playing. Perfect I thought. She takes off her hat and gives it a toss. Her hair falls into her face and down around her shoulders. The scarf she unwraps from her body and wraps it around me, pulling it across me, back and forth. It too is then tossed aside. The gloves…. one finger at a time, all the while her body is moving to the music. I am trying hard to stay still in my seat. One by one she unbuttons her coat, revealing that she isn’t wearing much under it. I am instantly hard. I want to reach out to her, touch her breast, squeeze her nipples. Following my eyes, she slowly takes my right hand and gently places it inside her bra on her left breast. She moves my hand up to her mouth and starts sucking on my fingers, then places it back on her hard nipples. I want her so bad right now, I am starting to shake. She slips her coat off to show me that she is wearing a beautiful lace bra and
very sexy lace stockings. She pu
lls away from me, watching me watch her. I can tell that she is completely wet and turned on too. She takes another chair and places it right in front of me. She places her right foot on the chair, opening up her pussy for me to see. She reaches down and rubs her clit, she knows that makes me crazy. It is getting harder to obey the rules. The music is still playing softly in the background, not that I can tell you what the songs were. She continues rubbing her wet pussy, as I watch helplessly. She tells me to remove one of her stockings. I do as I’m told, slowly, watching her excitement also rise. She steps away again to remove the other as I watch, wishing I was touching her. Luckily, I’m not dressed because my hard cock is expanding out of my shorts. All she has on now is her bra. She pulls one strap off her shoulder, then the other. Moving towards me, she is totally naked. She tells me that I can get up now. I get up off the chair and move towards her. She is smiling, laughing. She then turns around, walks out the front door and pushes the wheelbarrow full of wood around to the front door and carries in a pile of wood. God that’s Hot!!
I wasn’t sure what to expect after that, but without missing a beat, Julie finished carrying the wood in and pushed me back down into the chair. “Have you ever had a lap dance Mike?” She asked. I know she really didn’t want to know the answer, so I didn’t give her one. I asked her if the same rules applied. She said yes. I put my hands to my sides and prepared myself for the show.

She started out behind me. I could feel her tits on the back of my neck. She circled my chair 2 or 3 times, each time she came around the front of me she was touching a different part of her body. moaning and calling my name. She stopped in front of me and sat down in the other chair facing me. She put her hands on her knees and spread her legs apart. I was twitching staring down at her pussy. She reached down and rubbed herself for several minutes while I watched. She then put her legs on either side of me, grinding down on me several times. I was getting harder and harder, my cock was starting to drip the pre-cum she loves. She leans her face down to mine, whispering in my ear, still grinding her wet pussy into me. She wraps her arms around my neck, her tits in my face. I continue to resist, the rules are starting to piss me off. She then tells me to suck on her tits. I take them in my mouth, one then the other. Licking, sucking, feeling the nipples grow and harden. She is moaning and starting to lose control. I know that the rules don’t apply anymore. I take her into my arms, we fall into bed and I kiss you hard as we melt together. After several minutes you say softly, “My pussy is throbbing”, and I move my hand from your left breast down to your swollen pussy lips. I gently work my finger into the cleft between your pussy lips, and find an abundance of moisture developing. I use this to lubricate my fingers before I start toying with your clit. You love the way that I always know just where to go. As I roll your clit between my thumb and finger-in the same way as I play with your nipples, except softer-the familiar feeling starts to build in your groin. I always know how to bring you to this wonderful place. I pull the covers up over my head and slide down the bed to put my head between your legs. I gently lick your entire pussy from bottom to top, and you moan, “Oh, my”. As I settle in to lick, suck, and gently nibble your clit, I place two fingers inside of you and slowly begin to work them in lazy circles. I reach up with the other hand to work your nipple between my fingers, just the way you like it. You have always thought I was great at eating pussy. Soon, you begin to make those familiar noises I have come to love so much. Your muscles begin to tighten around my fingers, and I know your orgasm is imminent. You confirm this by whispering, “I’m gonna cum”. I increase the pace of my tongue and lips on your clit and the constant probing of your pussy with my fingers. I begin to get just a bit rougher with the nipple I have in my other hand, and this sends you flying over the edge. Your pussy muscles contract to the point that I can barely keep my fingers inside as wave after wave of orgasm washes over you. This one just keeps going and going, and you wish it would never end. For a second, you wonder if maybe it’s not going to end. Finally it begins to subside, and I sense this. The frenzied sucking and nibbling is replaced by slow, soft licking and kissing as I bring you back to earth slowly. We lay together for a long time wondering what the day will bring when Julie asks me if I liked the show…… I told her that she sure as hell knew how to pay a debt. We laugh, and Julie gets up and walks over to her bag. “I have something to show you later, Mike.” She said, grinning wildly. “A surprise.” God I love surprises.

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