A week at the cabin Part III

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It was dawn at the cabin. I have been trying to wake Mike up for the last 15 minutes. He opens his eyes briefly, smiles at me, then goes back to sleep. I get up and start lighting the candles we have placed around the bed. The moonlight, the glowing fire and the candles. It was a beautiful scene. I walk around the cabin, thinking about the man laying there sleeping. The man that I wake up every morning wanting more than I did the day before.
I sit down in the chair by the bed, pull my knees up to my chest and hug them tightly, watching him sleep. I think about this week. What we have learned about each other, the memories we will take home with us…. I don’t want it to end. I shake my head to get the end of the week thoughts out of my mind. I get up from the chair and reach into my bag. “I know how to wake him up” I said softly.

I move back over to the bed and pull my nightgown off and lay down. My heart was racing as I lay naked beside him, I stretched out on the bed with a silly grin on my face. I let my hands begin to wander, first teasing my nipples, making them hard, then moving down my stomach. As his laugh echoes in my mind, I let my fingers find my wet lips. I couldn’t believe how wet I was, just from the power of him laying next to me. God that man is sexy.
I closed my eyes and pictured him lying between my legs with a grin on his face. I ran my finger over my swollen clit and felt my body quiver. I began to make light circles around my clit, making sure to tease my opening with my middle finger. I moaned again, hearing his smooth voice in my head telling me he wants to hear me cum. I quickened the pace with my fingers, changing between rubbing my clit and slipping my middle finger into my pussy and squeezing against it. My breathing began to quicken and my moans came more often, almost with each breath.

I felt the familiar stirring deep within my body as I started to lose myself. As I played with my breasts, I squirmed on the bed, making the bedspread wrinkle. I closed my eyes and pictured his hands on me. My hands moved up to my nipples, still hard from the attention I gave them earlier; I began to roll my nipples between my fingers as I massaged my breasts. My body was covered in tingles, I wanted to cum for him so badly. I smiled softly as I slid my hand out of my pussy and reached for my vibrator. This was for him, I knew he would love this. I traced the vibrator around my breasts, rolling over my nipples; I was so horny my hips were already squirming against the bed. I could feel my pussy almost dripping, aching for the familiar touch of Mikes hands. I continued to trace with the vibrator to my clit. His voice purred through my mind again as I slipped the vibrator between my lips. Feeling the vibrator graze my engorged clit I moaned loudly and grabbed my breast with my free hand. I let the vibrator slide up and down the length of my lips, pleasing my clit and teasing my opening. I slipped the vibrator into my pussy and moaned again, long and soft. I gripped the vibrator tightly with my pussy as I pushed it further in, almost the entire length. I knew that Mike was awake now and watching very closely. Slowly I began to pull it back out, the vibration still stimulating my hard clit. Back in went the vibrator. I began to quicken the pace, in and out, my free hand massaging my breast and tweaking my nipples. He is starting to squirm next to me. I smile, delighted that he is enjoying my new toy too.

My moans came almost with each breath. I began to rock my hips against my hand and vibrator, pumping harder and faster. I could feel my climax begin to build as I squeezed tightly around the plastic cock. My moans were almost continuous, my hand almost a blur, forcing the vibrator to fuck me. My body began to tense and I held my breath, my climax peeked. I was moaning his name as I worked the plastic vibrating cock in and out of my pussy coaxing my climax through the peak. I felt myself cum and the juices trickle down as Mike reaches over and places his fingers in my sopping pussy. He takes his fingers up to his mouth and traces his lips with my wetness. I can see it glistening as he moves towards me and kisses me gently. I can taste my sweetness on his lips. I hungrily kiss him harder, wanting more. Meanwhile, he takes the vibrator, and slows the strokes a bit to make them longer as another wave of orgasm was flooding down.

We continue to kiss passionately, our bodies moving together, touching, seemingly to further excite one another. You pull me closer, my chest resting on you and my legs splitting yours. My lips take each ear lobe into my mouth and you can feel and hear my hot breath in your ear… it’s almost hypnotizing. My lips slowly trace their way down your neck to your chest. I place a hand at the base of your cock and I look up at you and lick my lips seductively. I slide my index finger of my free hand into my mouth slowly, erotically sucking it. It has the desired effect and makes your cock swell even more. I remove my finger from my mouth and then slowly and sensually slide it down the underside of your dick and then bringing it back up again. I do this over and over, on the underside, the sides and on top, sucking it back into my mouth when it dries.

He is driven wild by this slow, deliberate teasing. He is breathing heavily and moving his hips forward trying desperately to enter my mouth, but every time I move back with a playful grin. As I continue to tease, you become hotter and hotter, desperate to feel my warm, wet mouth on your cock. When I finally think that you have suffered enough I stick out my tongue and teasingly flicks the end of your throbbing cock. You let out a lustful sigh as you feel my warm tongue touch your dick, waiting for me to take you into my mouth. You feel my lips close around your swollen head and gently suck. I start to take more of your cock into my mouth, softly sucking on it. You look down at me, watching your cock sliding in and out. I start to move faster, as I continue to suck and lick your shaft. After a couple of minutes you feel the cum begin to churn in your balls. It isn’t going to be long until you are going to cover my face with your warm cum. This image pushes you even closer to the edge. Mmmmmmmmmmmm You taste so good. We lay together, catching our breath, when you start kissing me all over, your tongue seems to dart inside and out of my belly button… tickling and also exciting me. It continues its journey further downward… stopping at my inner thighs. I can feel your hot breath on my wet pussy. Your fingers start to stroke the inside of my thighs along with your tongue. I wish you were inside of me. Finally, your tongue starts to trace along my lips, slowly at first but increasing in pace… it begins to slide inward… inside my wet pussy… filling the shallowest portion of it. It’s a wild sensation only to become stronger as it’s replaced by a finger… sliding in… then turning upward putting pressure on the top of my pussy. Your tongue moves to my clit… it’s swollen… ready to be touched… the tip of your tongue dances, further driving me wild. Another finger slides in and starts to move in harmony with your tongue. You can feel my whole body come alive with energy… building within my stomach, fingers, and toes. You can tell I’m close to cumming so you slide upwards and begin to kiss my neck and lips. Your hard cock brushing against my already sensitive clit and lips. You take your cock and begin to move the head inside my pussy. It’s just enough to give me a taste and to wet the tip of your cock. The desire to have it deep inside me is almost overwhelming as you reach behind me and grab my ass. Your cock slides in deeper and I move my hips to take you in. You hesitate and move back. Staying shallow with your thrusts. You occasionally slide your cock out and move it across my clit to keep me close to the edge of orgasm. Your cock starts to slide slowly deeper and deeper with each gentle thrust. It moves smoothly an
d steadily… matching in
perfect rhythm with my hips. I can feel the head open me up with each thrust… going deeper and deeper… filling me with delight. My nails are starting to unconsciously scrape your back and you start to thrust harder and deeper. The orgasm that is ready to explode from your body has now built into a tidal wave of erotic energy and pleasure. Your whole body is tingling with energy and nervous shocks of pleasure seem to course through it. I tell you to harness those shocks and focus them into your already incredible orgasm waiting to explode from your body. Finally, in one breathtaking rush, our bodies erupt in passion. My hips rise and my back arches to meet your one, final thrust. My pussy contracts around your cock deep inside of me and waves of pleasure wash over us. My fingers grasp at the air and around the sheets as our bodies writhe in ecstasy. My toes curl under and legs tense as our bodies rock in this incredible orgasm. I can still feel your cock pulsate inside of me as we lay exhausted together. We look at each other and laugh, knowing that we need fluids. “Can you die from too much sex?” I ask. Mike laughs, knowing that we have to get out of this cabin today…. or we just might.

We both took showers and had some breakfast. Mike was going to take me to the Chequamagon National Forest today. It’s exhilarating views, beautiful nature preserves and Indian heritage was waiting for us to explore. We weren’t disappointed, the views were breathtaking. I took hundreds of pictures, even some of Mike when he wasn’t looking. It had warmed up enough that we even went horseback riding. Not that I didn’t have a hard enough time walking as it was, I was eager to add more ‘swagger’ to my step. We rode the trails in the forest for a couple of hours, it was great to spend time like this with Mike too, just being together. We leave the forest and head over to Brunet River Saloon for a couple of drinks, which turns into a couple of hours. We are enjoying ourselves though. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, we are excited to hang out together. We leave Brunets because I wanted to go to Julie’s Trailside for dinner. After a few drinks with the locals, they invited us to dinner over at Big Bear Lodge. We accepted, it sounded fun. Plus Mike was finally going to get a chance to tell my Bear bet story. We outlasted the locals and told them good night. We were staying for a nightcap. Plus, you were just drunk enough to let me talk you into dancing with me.

One night of dancing and drinking, we were consumed with lust. Something had sizzled in each of our eyes that night. We get back to the cabin, you came to me, eager. You could smell the arousal of my body. You reached for my hand. Touching it, feeling the softness of my flesh, imaging the softness of more intimate places of my body… you kissed me. Easing the clothes off my upper body, my breasts naturally perky stood at attention, and wanting you badly… I sighed. Bending slightly you brought your mouth, wet, to my nipple. You licked around it, nipped at the tip. My breath beneath the magic of your mouth quickened. I ran my fingers through his hair, gently tugging with need. I moved my hands to your shirt, undoing each of the buttons, needing your hard flesh pressed against me. My hands moved low, to your pants, undoing your belt. I smiled as I tugged at your erect penis. Completely aroused you pushed me down on the bed. You bent down in front of me, and pulled down the jeans that made up the only barrier between you and what was so desired. You looked down at my creamy flesh, and my secret place that was so moist you could see it. You bent down and licked at my pussy, tasting the sweetness. You smiled up at me, your eyes appraising me as I arched myself to you… You licked deeper, and sucked as you went the wetness that came to your mouth. I moaned and wriggled my hips in unison to your mouth. You licked deeper, brought your finger down, and worked one in as you ate me, as you drank me. Your fingers danced deep inside me, making me moan all the louder. Within minutes of the divine torture, I came ferociously with your hand and mouth.

Sleep came easy that night. We were both exhausted. The days and nights have all been so full. Our dreams were soft and alluring tonight, storing the events of the day and week in our minds to be cherished later. Every moment up at the cabin has been special, our love has grown so deep. What a wonderful magical trip. Someone couldn’t write a better love story.

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