A week at the cabin

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We were on the 3rd day of our wonderful week in Mike’s cabin in Wisconsin. I was very nervous about spending an entire week together, not sure if either of us would survive it. We have an insatiable hunger for each other that grows more everytime we are together. We have managed to balance everything very well so far, although walking today could be a challenge.

It is early in the morning, the full moon is still glowing in the window, the stars are starting to give in to the dawn. I was awake before Mike and watching him sleep. I wanted to wake him but we had been up most of the night making love. We both needed our sleep, but I was eagerly waiting for him to open his eyes. I got out of bed and put some more wood on the fire, the light from the fireplace was dancing on the walls. It was too perfect not to share. I started kissing him on his neck, he stirred a little. I continued kissing his neck and rubbing his back, he was smiling as he moaned a little. I knew that he wanted me to continue touching him. He looked at me and I looked at him and we both got this warm felling through our bodies. We are both thinking about the past couple of days, they have been beyond anything we both had imagined……..

“I can’t believe I’m here” I said to Mike as we were getting settled in the cabin. “Believe it!” Mike said. “This is going to be a great week.” He grinned at me. We had already had a sample of upcoming events when we stopped at the rest area on Highway 13. I could still taste him when I licked my lips. We were unpacking our things, both trying to act like we had been here one hundred times before, so it didn’t seem weird. I caught Mike looking over at me a couple of times and wondered if he was happy I was here. I really knew the answer deep down, but I needed to hear him say it.

As I was unpacking my things, my attention began to wander in his direction, and I watched him intently as he was stacking wood by the fire. He glanced up from his work just in time to catch me staring. I nibbled on the corner of my bottom lip and coyly smiled at him. Now, based on my expression, he had become totally aware of my intentions, he responded by stopping his chores, reclining in his chair, and deviously smiling back at me. He reached down and grabbed his already stiffening dick through the fabric of his jeans and tugged on it slightly as he awaited my response. I slowly unbuttoned my jeans, slid my hand underneath them, and began softly stroking my pussy. I smiled at him as I petted my moistening crotch, awaiting his next move. Mike slowly unzipped his jeans and released his hard cock. He cupped his erection in his hand and began slowly and rhythmically jerking himself off. The sight of his hard dick sliding slowly in and out of his grasp made me twitch, and without a moment’s hesitation, I slid out of my jeans and pushed them aside on the floor. I propped both legs onto the arms of my chair to give Mike a full view of me sliding my fingers up and down between my now soaked pussy lips. I used one hand to massage my swollen clit in a slow and firm circular motion, and the other to push one or two alternating digits into my dripping hole. I could barely contain myself as I watched his dick get harder as he began to pump faster at the sight of me bringing myself to orgasm. I took one of my hands and reached underneath my shirt to squeeze my tits and pinch my hard nipples. My moans echoed through the empty cabin as I rode my hand harder and harder. At last he reached a breaking point, and sprung from his seat. Directing me to bend over the arm of my chair. He dragged his index finger along my slit, parting it enough to rest the swollen head of his cock just outside my eager lips. He pushed down on my shoulders for leverage, and then thrust his entire length deep inside me. He moved in and out of me with ease and my pussy gripped tightly around his cock with each and every thrust. Although my moans were muffled by the chair’s cushions, they were becoming more frequent and vocal as Mike brought me closer to orgasm. Soon the walls of my cunt began to tighten and my pussy shuddered when I finally came all over his rigid cock. He wasn’t ready to cum yet, he wanted more of me.
He pulled out and took me over to the bed and spread my legs. He said he couldn’t wait any longer to taste me and dove for my clit. As the warmth of his tongue reached my dripping pussy he dove 2 fingers into me. A cry came from within me as the pleasure was almost too much. He used his fingers and tongue to fuck me hard and fast. I felt pleasure floating up as my body convulsed to his will. I felt the muscles in my pussy grip and hold on to his fingers as wave after wave escaped me. When I could finally catch my breath, you look up at me and we lock eyes for a brief second then we slowly move into each others arms for a long kiss. As we are locked I pull you closer and the kissing gets hotter. Then you start to move your hand up to the back of my head and run your fingers into my hair. You kiss, lick and suck my neck and up to my ear. You are whispering in my ear what you are going to be doing to me all week. I am getting so wet and really wanting you inside me. Slowly you let loose of my hair and it falls down my back. You continue kissing my body, and I am about to say something and you kiss me hard on the mouth and I forget what I was going to say, so I get lost and kiss you back. Now we are so hot, and laughing that we could have spent all week in the cabin without starting a fire by just our own body heat.
You take off my shirt one button at a time kissing me all the way down until my shirt is open and it falls to the floor. You then slide your hands up to my face holding it as you are kissing me. I am kissing you hard while going to work on your shirt. I pull it over your head but then stop when it gets to your arms and keep it there so you can’t move. I tell you it’s my turn, and I start kissing your body all over. You are moving your body with mine, getting harder with every kiss that gets closer to your cock. You freed your hands and then took mine and tied them to each side of the headboard. You start teasing me by kissing me all over. Then from nowhere, you slide a blindfold over my head to cover my eyes. I can’t see anything. You finnish taking off all of my clothes, whispering to me the entire time. You get up and walk over to the end of the bed and I feel you tying up my right leg and then my left. I trust you completely, and am totally turned on by this new addition to your assault on my senses. I still have the blindfold on and you grab something and start to trace my body with it then you bring it up to my nose so I can smell it. It’s a rose. You then take it and slide it down my mouth to my neck, barely touching me. You then slide the rose down to my very hard nipples. I am starting to get very jumpy, squirming with every touch. I start to moan as you are teasing me with the rose and your tongue. You slide the rose down my leg slowly, your tongue right behind it. Just as you are about to reach my very wet pussy, you switch to the other leg, driving me crazy and squirming to get free. You travel back up the other leg and stop one more time before reaching my pussy. You stop to kiss me on the lips. I bite your bottom lip and tell you that I am so horny and I want to fuck you so bad…. and you pull away. Heading back down to line my pussy with the flower. You tease my clit with the rose, I am moving to the motion and you replace the rose with your tongue. I am really starting to quiver now. “Mike…. I want you so bad!” I say from behind the blindfold. You don’t say a word but continue licking my clit. I can hardly think as I am twitching with the slightest touch. You know how close I am and how bad I want you inside of me that you take the blindfold off. You have managed to light some candles by the bed. The fireplace is glowing and crackling. The smell of the fire, the candles and sweet sex fills the room. My senses
are sharpened by a
ll you have done. You untie me slowly, we continue to explore each others bodies. Without warning, you slam your large very hard cock into my warm wet pussy then back out to rub my clit then back in again. You slide it in as fast and hard as you can again and again. I cum on your cock, but you continue pounding until I cum again. You take hold of my hips and continue sliding your cock in and out very deep until I cum yet again, but this time you slide your dick out knowing that I want you in my mouth. I reach down and beckon you to move up, “I want to suck your cock now!” I said. I licked the tip of the head softly which you love. Running my tongue up and down the sides making you moan. “I love doing this for you.” I giggle as my tongue darts out lightly flicking at the head of your cock. You are watching me, unable to speak. My lips and tongue caress your dick with a gentleness that has always mesmerized you. Your eyes are fixed on my every movement. Your heart is beating harder and louder in your chest. My lips cover the head of your cock and slide slowly but deliberately downward. You disappear into my mouth. I stop at the base holding my lips tight and still. As my head rises back up I look into your eyes. You start to moan. I increase the intensity of the strokes and the suction of the upstroke. I feel your whole body shaking. “Cmon Baby, C’mon, God, Suck it Baby” You say. The words begin to fade into meaningless drivel. You close your eyes and center on the explosion that overpowers you. I move up to the tip and take all of your cum down my throat working my tongue around your very sensative head. You moan and we are lost in the pleasure. We lay together on the bed holding each other when you say “Welcome to the cabin Julie, I very very happy you are here with me.”

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