Aroused, Kara can’t resist him

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Kara arrived at his house at dusk, the time of day when her hormones were at their peak, and flashes of seeing him naked in the dark of the bedroom from their last encounter refused to leave her head. Not this time though, she tried to convince herself. This was simply two friends hanging out. The door opened, startling her in her thoughts. “Hi,” he said and with one look she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him. “Hi.” she responded quietly. “Come on in, do you want anything to drink?” That wouldn’t help anything, she thought to herself. “Water is fine.” As she stepped in side, her left hand accidentally brushed by his muscular stomach, sending a shiver through her whole body. “Are you alright?” “Yeah I’m fine.” She responded with a gulp. “I’ll go get that glass of water for you.”

She tried to calm herself as he walked past her in that way he had of walking that made her think of every edge of every muscle along his body. She dropped her purse and followed him into the kitchen. “I was getting it,” he said. She was eying his tight ass, and couldn’t help herself as she slid up behind him at the sink, pressing her taught breasts against the hard muscles of his back. Before he could oppose, she slid her fingertips down his sides and gently pressed just inside his hips. He opened his mouth and let out a ragged breath. He set the water glass down in the sink and turned to face Kara. “Are you sure?” he asked, staring with those big green-blue eyes. She responded by jumping on him into a passionate kiss, which he returned by placing his hand on her neck, in such a way that sent pleasure waves down her back. They stopped their kissing just long enough for her to pull his shirt off so she could see his wonderful physique and he deftly pulled her top off and unclipped her bra in his next motion, it sliding to the floor with a clink.

With one glance he knew exactly what she wanted, and with that swept her off her feet and carried her up to the bedroom. As they walked through the doorway, she was kissing his neck, leaving red marks of passion. He quickly set her on the bed, and climbed on top of her. She could feel his hardness through his pants, it felt like a bone, and was as large as she remembered. This got her even wetter than she already as he started to kiss her neck, she arched her back, and he slowly worked his way down to her breasts, breathing on each nipple to sensitize them before he began to gently kiss her nipples. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her hair was splayed across the bed, and she looked as though there was a dire passion in her eyes as he kissed his way down to her hips, and slowly pulled her skirt down to her ankles to reveal her tiny lace thong. He grabbed it deftly just below her bellybutton and pulled it off as well. He spread her legs as far as he could, stretching her skin on her thighs, making them especially sensitive. He kissed her down the inside of her thighs, making her beg for more. When he finally got to her wetness, it was dripping onto the bed. “Excited aren’t we?”

He placed one finger inside her, resulting in a gasp, followed by another finger which easily fit due to the amount of wetness. He then bent his head to lick her most sensitive spot, pulling the skin back to reveal her clit, and sensing that she was rather close, quickly removed his pants and boxers. She had a look of desperation on her face when he joined her back on the bed, so he didn’t keep her waiting. He deftly plunged himself deep inside her, making her arch her entire body and cry out in pleasure. Her sensitized body couldn’t take much more. He pulled himself out and thrust as far as he could, rubbing her g-spot and causing her to hit her orgasm. He continued to thrust through the entire thing, causing Kara to scream in pleasure. This was enough to drive him crazy. He thrust faster and deeper, with a wild desire, and in several minutes watched her face as she approached her second orgasm. He was sweating with effort and took to more fast thrusts before shooting his entire load into her soaked pussy, causing her to explode into orgasm once more. After their shaking had finished he pulled out slowly causing Kara to shake with pleasure once more and laid beside her. They both laid there until they fell into an exhausted sleep.

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