Barn Sex Is The Best Part 2

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Barn Sex Is Best: Part 2

It been at least a couple of weeks since Bonz and Molly pulled out, and she is with foal, so Bonz sent me the rest of the cash so that deal is complete. I was cleaning out one of the stalls and listening to some tunes, seem to soothe the horse as well as me, when I got the urge to go up and check my email, something was strongly tugging at my chest. I hung the pitch fork out side the stall, and went into my office, I went to my email, opened it and sure enough, there was an email from Warrior Ranch (aka Bonz), Said
Hey there, I did something stupid, I am laid up for at least a month or two. I wanted to let you know why I have not called you. I sent you money as soon as I found out from the vet that Molly was pregnant, I was so happy, I wasn’t using enough caution I went to help with some of the chores and to give Molly some extra feed and instead of going down one ladder and then back up the other one, I went to go over to the other hay mow, over a big beam and lost my footing, I weaved, when I should have bobbed. I managed to hit the other haymow but on the way down, I hit my knee, and spent two days in the er, waiting for x-rays, they had me on so much medication, I was flying. I wanted to write and tell you what a good time I had at your ranch, and invite you over to mine. But now I am laid up for a while, I wanted to make sure, that you knew why I hadn’t called or wrote. I just had it operated on, and I feel like I am in traction. I am going stir crazy, and wondered if you could pay me a visit. I am a bit behind on paper work, too, so if that is an incentive, I would really love to see you Darlene, and you can bring the children if you like. I have lots of room, and my Housekeeper and Cook love children. So what do you say?, Oh yes, everytime I think of you, I get a hardon, that just won’t go away. You spoiled me, now I think and want you all the time. You made me feel like a teenager again, and even now my cock is peaking up over my boxing shorts, mmm even with all these drugs. I will anxiously await for your reply
Your Friend
Bonz xoxoxoxo

OMG by the time I was done reading that note, my clit was throbbing, remembering all that we had done and experienced brought back so many good memories. Bonz was such a sexy man, his strong arms and hands, could man handle me anytime. Bonz’s lips were soft, and that cute little mustache that encircled his lips and chin, salt n’ pepper colour, and his chest, soooooo smooth and solid. Nice firm ass, easy to grab and hold. And he made me feel like a real woman, in every form of the word. As I sat there daydreaming about Night time things, I forgot all about writing him back. When I wrote I asked him to give me today I would be there tomorrow by Noonish. I told him how much I had missed him too, and would be nice to see that Million dollar smile, I would talk more when I got there. I said good bye, be there soon. I felt so bad, all I was thinking about is sex, and poor Bonz is in so much pain. I rushed in side the house to let mom know what was going on, She said Hon, I can take care of the kids. Bonz wants to see them might cheer him up a bit, he needs some life around him, plus they can help me out with Jaden a little. “Hey mom if you get bored you can come over too.” I laughed as I was throwing clothes into my suitcase, I told Amber and Christopher to get their things ready, I was filling Jaden’s bag, too, with toys, clothes, food, some clean bottles, stroller, and playpen. We got her all loaded, and ready to go first thing in the morning, it is a long drive, I want to be out here by at least 5 am. That Way the kids will still be some what sleepy, I made sure the kids brought some movies with them to watch in the car. We have the car loaded, and ready to go, we went to bed early.

Morning came quickly I had snacks packed for them to munch on, along the way. It seem like for ever, I just punched his address into the GPS, I hate getting lost. I was nervous all I could think of was how he was, and how sexy he was, the kids were being really good, they were helping keep Jaden busy and giving him a drink when he wanted, something for him to play with, We got to watch the sun rise, it was so beautiful. I have not seen that in a long time. About 200 songs and three movies later, we arrived at Warrior Ranch, It was a big winding drive way, I was even early; I think I was speeding in a couple of spots. Bonz has a beautiful ranch, his fields are so nice neat. I looked ahead and saw his house, it was so nice and huge, big front porch deck. There must be like three houses in one, all attached. I saw the barn up ahead. But as I was pulling up to the house, a couple of older ladies came out to greet us, they were so nice, they welcoming us before we got out of the car, open up Amber’s door, and help her out, Chris is independent, He just undid his booster seat and out he got, shaking hands as he went. Stretching and Yawning as he went. Welcome Miss Darlene, Welcome, Mr. Bonz is waiting for you in his bedroom. She said, wanting me to follow her. The other Lady had Jaden, he was happy as could be. “Lunch is ready my little ones,” She said, ushering them into her kitchen, “My name is Marion and my friend over there is Abbey,”
“After you young ones finish your lunch we have a treat for you.” Marion Said in a whisper. I will be right back, “she said as she turned toward me and said “Lets go to see Mr. Bonz, he has been so excited, this morning, and Now I see why,” She said as we headed for his room. All I could think of to say was “thank you”, and followed her. I will bring in yours and Mr. Bonz lunch just as soon as I can.” she said as we enter his room. “We moved the TV and his computer into this room,” said quickly “so that Mr. Bonz only has to ask for things he needs. As soon as I went in, he was all smiles, and his million dollar smile almost melted me, I went right to his side, asked him how he was feeling. His leg was up in the air. All he could do is hug, but mmmm even his hugs were nice. I was getting all excited just to smell him again, I leaned right in and gave him a big kiss, mmm he said he liked that and was licking his lips,, I put my hand up under his t-shirt, his chest was still hard, and smooth, he moaned when I started to play with his nipples, drives me nuts, I love doing it. LOL. Bonz was telling how stupid he felt for doing this, I just said, look hon shit happens, and it sometimes happens to good people, Then I told him how mad I was at him for not telling me sooner, and he wanted to know more before he called me and got me all worked up, I was kissing him, making it really hard for him to talk. Just as I was getting all sweaty, Marion knocked on the door, so I sat up and Bonz said for her to come in. She had lunch, all my favorites, some pancakes, strawberries, we had a great time, talking and eating. When we were finished, just on cue, in comes Abbey to take the trays away, she said that Miss Marion would be back with your Med with Mr. Bonz. I said good then you can have a nap, and I will make my self aquainted with everyone and check on the kids I said with a yawn. Oh no Miss Darlene, you stay with Mr. Bonz have a nap with him, the children are fine, Miss Amber showed me where the play pen and high chair is, so we are all set, you rest easy Miss. She said, “I will be back in a Jiff with the Mr.s Meds.” She nodded as she left. You know he said, I would feel better, if you rested with me. He grinned. Yes but will you get any rest, I said to him, starting to kiss him again. Just touching those lips, turns me on I told him, mmm he said, he likes to hear that. Not me I said, I just want to rip off your clothes, He just laughed and said “well when you do, please let me know so I can bring my leg down.” lOL As we were laughing a knock came at the door, it was Abbey back with Bonz’s Pain Pills, Here sir she said, He said “I will take them later”, “You know what the doctor said, about taking them on time to make them work properly”, she nicely reminded him, “Ok Ok,” he said, took his water and popped the pills in his mouth and swallowed, Chased after them with some water. Abbey nodded and left with out saying a word. Bonz said, how quick can you be, I will be asleep in about 15 mins at the latest, he said laughing a bit. I winked at him, let see, I wasn’t long taking out that nice hard cock, almost seems like he was waiting for me to return. Bonz was playing with my hair, that was just turn on for me. (one of my weak points). I could tell he was in quite a bit of pain, so I tried not make him move to much,, I started to stroke that awesome shaft of his, and kiss that nice wet head, kiss and sucked at it, he was just a moaning,, I wanted him to explode fast so he could get some sleep, so I started to suck it in and out really fast, he was filling up that shaft fast the vein were bulging, mmmm and so I took him in nice and deep, wanted to make sure, he felt as good as I could, mmmmm he seems to like it when I gag on it bit. Mmm swallowing hard on it, and then his body stiffened a bit,, and I felt all that nice hot juice hit the back of my throat, I just kept sucking on it so hard until he started to get jumpy, and I had to stop even though it is my favorite part, love to see a man squirm. I know he likes that part too, but I was too scared of hurting his knee. We have to get it on the mend first. I kissed my way up his body, and he had his arms open for me to crawl into. Oh God I felt so nice, safe and laying on his chest, I could hear his heart beat, he was kissing me on my fore head, as he was drifting off to sleep, and I was not far behind him. Just felt so nice, I made sure, that he was tucked in, and I laid as close to him as I possible could. I felt asleep with my arm around him, just felt so right.

I awoke to the feeling of having my pussy played with, at first I jumped, kind of forgot where I was, then Bonz started to kiss me, was telling me how beautiful I was, and how good I felt, I told him, how close I was, mmmm baby cum for me, cum all over my fingers, as he was dipping and sliding them up and down my very wet slit, stopping only to play with my poor swollen clit. OMG he did feel good, I just moaned as he was kissing me so deeply, I could feel his tongue searching I think for my tonsils, he felt so good, I body started to feel so good, he sensed that and entered me so fast with his fast fingers. All he said was OMG, that feels sooo good to feel you squeezing my fingers with that tight pussy of yours, makes may cock instant hard. “Oh baby your are soo hot.” And he started to kiss me so hard again, I came again all over his awesome searching fingers, wheeewwww,, my nipples were so hard, I had not fed Jaden all day he had premade bottles for the trip. I moaned when he rubbed up against them, mmmm baby take your top and bra off, I will make them feel better in no time. I sat right up on my knees and slowly peel my top off and undid my bra slowly, and my bra was soaking wet, he rubbed my bra all over his face and soaked in all that good aroma, then I lean over him and dangled my nice big breast over him, mmm the Milk was oozing out of them, he was just moaning, he just popped one nipple in and he was sucking so hard, my clit, was throbbing, and felt sooo good,, I was the one moaning and groaning this time, and if things couldn’t feel any better,, he started to massage my breast as he sucked, OMG, that did, I put my finger down and started to play with my clit, and just as he was about to switch breasts, I came so hard moaning his name, he was sucking so hard, mmmmm, I was ready to go again, mmmm just a couple of taps to the clit and I was off in a shot, I was full of my cum. I took some for him to taste, “mmm” he said “dessert,” He pulled me right in, and started to kiss me and said “you know you are exactly what the doctored ordered.” Kissed me sooo seductively, I said almost out of breath “all I could think of all the way up here, was how in the hell am I going to be able to stay away from you.” Oh Baby he said smirking I won’t break, I said half in tears, “you might.” I laid back down on his chest, he held me so tight, stroking my hair as I laid there in the safest place I have ever been.

Hey folks keep an Eye out for Maybe a Part 3. Thanks For Reading!!!

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