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Feeling the strong hand run up her thigh, Jennifer turns and moans. “Mmm, honey, again?”

“You don’t love it?” Darin asks, grinning, as his finger runs up between her still wet lips.

Jennifer flashes that mischievous smile at Darin and climbs on top of him. His hard cock glides easily between her lips that are still soaking wet from their previous lovemaking. Darin closes his eyes and breathes in deeply taking the smell of his beautiful wife into him.

Shifting her weight, Jennifer leans forward and lets Darin’s hard cock rub against her. Leaning down, her breasts fall against his chest, her lips reach his ear. Running her tongue along his jaw line and nibbling sweetly on Darin’s ear. “Fuck me, my darling” she whispers. Feeling his cock swell against her she manipulates him with more words. “Do you feel me, Darin?” Jennifer asks breathlessly. “Do you feel my love for you, Darin?”

A slight moan escapes him and his hips begin to thrust with a little more excitement. His hands are finding every inch of her body.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you, lover.”

“You want so bad to fuck me, Darin, but you have to wait.”

“I’m not ready to be fucked, Darin… I haven’t had your cock on my lips.” she whispers as she rises up from him.

She looks down at her beautiful lover and smiles, catching the sparkle in his eyes. Slowly, her lips find his nipple. Her mouth open wide, she tastes him and slowly closes her lips around his erect nipple and then biting just a bit. Running her fingernails along his chest Jennifer sweetly kisses down Darin’s belly. Moans escape her as the flesh of her lover tickles her tongue. Darin’s strong hands find her hair… then her cheeks… her neck… her shoulders. He holds her as she sinks lower and lower down his body.

He feels her just above his cock and his excitement increases. He can feel his cock swelling against her. He can feel her. Every touch familiar and loving, but new and exciting just the same. He can’t speak. She feels so good. He watches her. Darin has seen Jennifer make love to his cock like this a million times, but it’s always different. He wonders what she’ll do. Will she be sweet and tender? Will she be rough and hungry for him? He watches her.

Jennifer looks up at Darin and smiles. Her eyes hold his. He can’t look away. Still staring into him her tongue slips out of her lips and grazes the head of his cock. He shivers and twitches. Her hands roam. He feels her everywhere. His thighs are on fire and he watches as his cock swells. He closes his eyes to savor her. The tingling in his toes, the ache in his cock, the swell of his nipples its all almost too much to handle. Too much feeling at once. With his eyes closed he thinks of her. He remembers their times together. He feels her. How he feels her.

Suddenly, he feels exciting pressure. Darin’s eyes open to find Jennifer with her hand wrapped tightly around his cock, stroking him. It’s almost as if he’s never felt it before. Her stroke is different this time. Her grip tighter. He feels the head of his cock swell as she pulls her hand tightly upward. Her fingers slip over and suddenly the pressure is relieved to the shaft has she squeezes her hand around the head, pressing it into her palm. She kisses tenderly down the shaft until her lips find his soft balls.

“I love what you do for me, Darin.,” she says between nibbles. “I love the taste of your skin, the sweetness of your flesh,” she says as she continues to lick him…her hand getting tighter on his cock.

It almost hurts, he thinks to himself. Almost. Damn it feels so good all at the same time, though. All of his emotions are going crazy. He feels her. He loves her. He wants her. Darin begins to thrust his hips just a bit more making a sweet rhythm with his lover’s hand.

Jennifer notices his excitement and smiles to herself. Nothing makes her happier than this. Nothing excites her more than to see him excited. His balls begin to tighten and lift to his body. She caresses them. Jennifer removes her hand from her lover’s cock and massages his balls back to looseness.

“Darin,” Jennifer moans. “You are so beautiful. Honey, your cock is so beautiful, your body is so beautiful. I want to spend my life making love to you. Worshiping you.”

Without saying another word Jennifer wraps her lips around the head of Darin’s cock. She sucks him like never before. She has a whole new enthusiasm for him. An entirely different hunger. She wants him. She has to have him. She takes him into her and pauses, savoring him. The heat of his cock is sweet on her tongue. The stiffness is refreshing in her mouth. Her fingers loosely linger over Darin’s balls and thighs while she lets his cock slip into her mouth.

Darin closes his eyes and groans. Then he watches her. She’s beautiful. She loves him with her mouth and it’s driving him crazy. The feeling is incredible…like she’s touching him everywhere at once. He feels her teeth pressing him through her lips her mouth hard on him.

Jennifer leans up quickly and presses her mouth to his. Her mouth is hot and wet. Her kiss is beautiful and sweet. Darin’s hands move quickly all over her body… her face, her breasts, her ass. They can’t stop kissing. Jennifer falls to the side, bringing Darin with her. They lay side by side and taste each other hungrily. Jennifer lifts a leg over Darin and lets him slip between her. His cock is hot against her lips and she is hungry to have him inside of her.

“Darin, baby” Jennifer says between kisses, “I want you inside me.”

“Make love to me, Darin, make love to me.”

Taking his thick shaft into his hand he guides it to her. He feels her just as the head passes her lips. My god, she’s so wet he thinks to himself. Her sweet pussy takes him slowly and sweetly until he can’t handle it. He needs more. He thrusts into her. Hard and forceful. He holds her hips as he pushes into her. His entire cock rams into her at once. He thrusts. Harder. Faster. Deeper.

He can hear her. Her sounds drive him wild. He can hear her enjoyment. He can hear how much she loves to have him fuck her. He fucks her harder. Harder. Fucking. Harder.

“Darin.” Jennifer says, her words jagged because of his thrusts. “You are such a wonderful lover.”

He continues to enter her quickly and deeply. Slowing down ever few thrusts and then getting back into it even harder until Jennifer brings her leg down from his and closes her legs. She’s gripping him so tight now. Her pussy so slippery and tight.

She pulls from him and stares at him. His wet cock falls from her and rests against her. So swollen and purple. So ready to cum. Her mouth finds his and she kisses him sensitively. Then she turns around.

She turns so she can drink herself from his hard cock while he drinks from her. She closes her eyes and sweetly beings to suckle the head of her love’s cock. She licks him, rubbing his cock all over her lips.

Darin spreads her thighs sweetly, bends one knee, and gently lays his head on the inside of Jennifer’s thigh as he begins to enjoy her. He tastes her and slips his tongue into her. He can feel her reaction on his cock. He can feel her excitement in her hunger. He teases her clit. He tongues her hole.

Jennifer knows Darin’s ready to explode and she’s ready to taste him. She’s sucking him harder and harder as he tongues her sweet pussy. She grinds her hips into his face as she swallows his cock. Their hands roam each other until their fingers meet. Darin and Jennifer lace the fingers of one of their hands with the others’ as they pleasure one another.

With his other hand Darin begins to tenderly massage the hole of his lover’s ass. Jennifer’s pussy tightens on his tongue as he penetrates her anus. The free hand of his lover digs into his own buttocks as she devours his cock. He can feel himself in her throat.

She can smell her pussy on his skin. It makes her hungrier. She can taste her pussy on his cock. It makes her hotter.

He frantically begins to tongue her with his finger darting quickly in and out of her ass. He can feel her gripping his tongue. He loves the control she has with her pussy. She’s squeezing him. Squeezing.

Jennifer feels his cock swell in her throat she knows he’s ready… she’s so ready. Her own orgasm begins to come to her. She feels his cum rushing through his cock. She opens her throat and begins to swallow him. She tastes him.

He feels her rushing over his tongue. He tastes her. She’s so sweet… musky. He closes his eyes and buries his face in her. Covering himself in her delicious pussy juice as he blows his own cum into her mouth.

She lets his cock become flaccid in her mouth and then slowly roll out. He closes her eyes and lays her head down, feeling him tenderly kiss her pussy lips. She smiles and turns herself back in line with her husband.

Jennifer leans into Darin and kisses him. Their tongues dance and she tastes her pussy… wondering if he can taste his cum in her throat.

He pulls her close and holds her tight. Her soft naked body completely touches his. Their eyelids fall and their breathing becomes one.

“Darin?” Jennifer says.

“Yes, honey.” he responds.

“Happy Birthday.”

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