Black Sand

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Now that school is out, this is our first vacation in a while. We’ve been planning this since last year in December, while she has anyway. Now, it’s finally going to happen. We have enough money to stay at a nice hotel and even take a cruise to Jamaica. If it were up to me, we would have just stayed home and maybe went to the beach, or shoreline. Now that I think about it, this could be fun. Who knows what trouble we get into?
It’s finally time for us to leave. I run through the house looking for anything that was out of place and to see if we were leaving anything. The cab pulls up in front of the house and I load our suitcases in the trunk. It took about 20-30 min. for us to get to the cruise line. Once there, I unloaded and paid the driver. We hurried on the ship to find our room. While walking, she turned and caught me smiling and looking down. So she popped her butt a little and giggled as we continued walking. I just looked at her and shook my head in a “you silly” way.
We finally made it to the room and I reached for the handle. I slid the keycard in slowly and twisted the handle. I stopped and smiled. She looked confused and asked why I was smiling. I told her, “You’ll see. I hope you like it”. I pushed the door and let it swing open. Turned on the lights and walked in. She followed closely like a little child. She looked around and let out a small yelp. “This is beautiful papa. Thank you”.
After exploring the ship some, we went back to the room to relax. I turned on the TV and she sat next to me. We watched TV for a while and then started to get tired. So, she gets up first and takes her shower and then I take mine after hers. Once both of us are fully clean, I peel back the covers and I hop in. As I lay there, I watch her finish preparing for bed. She catches me yet again watching, smiles and asks, “What? See something you like”, in a sexy voice. And I reply with a quick nod. Soon she finishes and turns off the lights. As I lay on my back, she gets in and scoots next to me. She asks if she could lay on me and I say yes.
She moves on top of my chest and I instantly start to grow with excitement, but this time, I control it before it gets me in trouble. We lay there in the dark and just talk. Then it gets quiet. So I close my eyes and drift off. Soon, I hear her whispering, “are you sleep yet papa?” I hear her but don’t answer. She asks a couple more times, then she lays on top of me.
Then out of nowhere, I feel her go in my underwear. I just lay there and do nothing. It starts to grow and she feels it. She then pulls it out and pulls my underwear all the way down. By this time, I’m fully erect. She then moves her hand up and down slowly and gradually picks up speed. She stops and mounts me. To my surprise, her underwear weren’t on. I lay there, thinking whether or not she took them off before she got in the bed or just now. But her sliding down my dick soon interrupts my thoughts.
She lets out a small moan and starts moving up and down. Speeding up and bouncing a little harder. She keeps moving and makes me cum. But she doesn’t stop; she rides me until my dick has become limp. She then dismounts and goes to sleep.
We arrive in Jamaica while sleeping. We get up, wash, and get dressed. When we step off the boat, the sun strikes us in the face. I quickly spot a nice shady area and run toward it. She follows behind me.
After I cool down, we start to walk around and view the scenery. We stop at a Jamaican restaurant and eat. We stay there until the sun starts to set. Then we stroll around to find a nice place to sit and look at the sunset. We just so happen to wonder on a beach that has black sand.
We sit down and watch the setting sun and the waves crash against the ebony sand. I lean in, give her a soft peck on the cheek, and tell her I love her. She smiles and does the same. Then, without warning, she pushes me back and starts taking my clothes off. I don’t fight it, partially because I’m tired and I’m enjoying it. I lay there and let her have fun. She takes off her clothes and I sit up, kissing her nipples, and using my tongue to play with them. She moves back and forth from the pleasure. I slowly lay her back and lick from her breast to the top of her pussy. I retrace my steps and find her nipples again.
After sucking on her breast for a while, I spread her legs further so I could get to what I wanted. I carefully took aim and then pushed my way into her. As she let out a cry of pleasure, I became more excited. Once I got into her, I moved back and forth. Feeling the tightness and wetness of her pussy against my dick. I picked up speed, causing her body to jerk against the dark canvass that she lies on. I flipped her over and then went in again.
As we laid there on the black sands of Jamaica and the water running up our bodies, we both came. Laying there in pure bliss, I can guarantee that this will be a vacation that we’ll both remember.

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