Christmas Eve Night

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shelly’s sexy story 2

Detacated to:My convict………

(Short Story)

Christmas Eve Night

We both got home from work about the same time.It’s Christmas Eve and
we had our whole night planned weeks ago.One we had been needing, with all
the stress of the family and the holidays.So i go to hop in the shower after
sheading all my junk fromwork on the couch.And you put all the groceries away
i picked up at the store.You see i got a few of your favoritethings,strewberrys,
whip cream, and fugde.So now your excited and you smile a hidden smile cause
you know what it will be use with later.

In the shower i wash and shave cause you love my body soft and smooth like
silk.I wash my hair last and grab a towel andstep out to see you trying to
sneak in the bathroom and steal a peak at me so i chase you out.

While i was in the shower you got on fixing up our living room to makeing
it romantic,after putting the food away.You lightthe fire place and pull out
the huge fake bear skin rug we got at the Roseville aution in the spring.It was
softer then real hair so i wanted it and so you got it for me.It’s white and
full size so it was perfect.You light all the candles around the room.And turn
all the lights down low so the only, real light is from the candles and fire
glowing in the fireplace.You put the rug in front of the fire and pull out a few
throw pillows and a blanket from the hallway closet and set up the sene.You
go to the frig and getout the bottle of Taqeia we had in the freezer.Cut up some
limes and grab the salt and 2 shot glassesfrom the cabnet.Then you lock all the
doors and turn off the cell phones.

I’m in our room looking at all my sexy teddies thinking “shit i’m not gonna
really wear it too long” so i grab the one you bought me for our 6th wedding
annivarsy.The pink and black one with lace down the front and the wholes where
my nipples can stick out.I put it on and slip on my stockings with the cute little
pink bows on the back that match.Do my hair and getall froo froo, as yuou call it.
Feelin good and smellin even better.I listen to see if i can hear anythng and all i
hear is soft music playing and smell the fire you lit awhlie ago.

Sitting in the living room on the rug by the fire as i walk out,you in your pink
and black silk boxers you bought at thesame time you got mine.Funny we both picked
the same outfit not knowing what eachother was gonna wear.We notice it and start
to giggle.I walk slowly and sexy over to you and you lean up on your knees and take
my hand and help me to the floor to sit by you on the rug.I comment how soft the rug
is as you lean over and start to kiss on my neck taking little bites and nibbling

I tell you softly “yeah baby like that”.Then you back away and ask me if i want
a shot and i say “yes” so you pour us bothone.We put the salt on our wrists,you lick
my wrist,i lick your wrist and we shoot our shot and i place the lime in your mouth
as you place one in mine.Feeling the shot warm us both at the same time we both got
the chills.Then you lean in again and lay me back on the rug and slide my panties off
and begin the lick my pussy oh so gently.Circling me clit with your tongue as i start
to move you slide up fast and pin my hands to my side by my head and wisper in my ear
“don’t move”.So i smile and stay that way.So you move down again.Curessing my titties
as you go.You grab the little ribbon in the front with your teethand pull back so my
boobs fall out,you start to lick and bite on them and i giggle,then you look up at me
and say”ohh don’tmove baby”.You take your lips and slide them across my nipples cause
you know i love it.Then move down again.You pull open my legs and blow on my pussy
giving me chills up my spine.My goose bumps rise as it happens.Then you know i love it
when you fingure me,so you stick a fingure in and i arch my back and moan and your now
hard as a rock, moving up and slip into me deep,i jump alittle and we begin to grind
hard and heavy,thrust after thrust.Then all of a sudden you remember i got the strewberrys
and other goodies.So you hop up and run into the kitchen to get it all.You come running
back your dick all hard and slappingyour stomach as you run,with your arms full.I pull
out the whipped cream and start sqiurting it on my boobs for you to lick off.And you do.
Then we start to feed eachother the strewberrys.Both of us eating one, starts us up again.
Kissing with the berry so sweet and

You stop and look me in the eyes smile and place your forehead on mine and say “i
love you my woman”,then i say “i loveyou my man”.And we continue to move in perfect form.
Panting and touching eachother all over our bodies.After what seemsa short time we stop
to check the clock for a second, and realize how late it had become.So we finish as we
aways do in doggy style cause i love the way your scratch my ass when you pound me.Cause
you always bring it good.But i like to change it up to so i turn and throw you back and
hop gently on top of you and slide your cock in me and straddle you and start to ride
you.You reach up and rub my titties and nipples,sqeezing them softly.I start to give you
that feeling, your cock get solid as stone and you shoot your load inside of me and i
grind down to get all of you.I stand up over you and step away and head to the bathroom
to take a bath before bed..As i do every time.

You lay there for a minute cause i always steal you nut and run to the bath.As you lay
there the sound of the fire crackleingin the fireplace and think”dam that womans all mine”
then your eyes close and you fall alseep.

I’m in the bath and soaking and i think”dam i love that man of mine”.And how lucky to
have such a wonderful husband that i love with all my heart and soul.And who loves me in
return.When i get done and get dressed i walk out into the living room stilldark and lit
by candle light,i see you sleeping and i look at our home we made together.All our things
displayed throughout.The house all decorated in christmas cheer.And our tree that we
decorated a few weeks before.And take a deep breathe and smile frommy heart cause i have
the most perfect memory of one wonderful night.

I wake you up and we head to bed as to get ready for the family and in laws the next day..

Merry Christmas Everybody………

The End……

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