Christmas Fate

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The Christmas season was approaching and Elias and Sophie knew that it was going to be a busy due to the winter snow that was due to arrive in a few weeks. They owned a quaint bed and breakfast in Connecticut. Along with owning this lovely inn came the high demand sleigh rides that they offered.
A month before their season was due to kick off Sophie approached Elias about two foreign exchange college students from Switzerland. She explained to him to that it would be brilliant to have these young adults in their home. The plus to all of this was that they were from the innkeeper’s homeland. She often told Elias how she wanted to return home, but they both knew that the business was too good here in America.
“Sophie, if this is what makes you happy then we will welcome the young ones into our home with open arms.” Elias said to her.
“Oh Elias, this will mean the world to me!” She said.
He knew the saying very well, happy wife means long life. He could see the glow on her face and he loved her more and more each day. She has certainly made him a happy man. Their children were grown up and moving on with their lives. It seemed like they didn’t have time to spend it at the inn with their Mutter and Vater. Elias knew that these visitors will make Sophie feel motherly again.
“What are their names?” He asked.
“Leandro and Fiona.” She replied.
“Are they related?” He asked.
“No, they are from different schools. This will be very interesting to see how they get along.” She replied.
“Well we will do what we can to make sure that their stay here is a pleasant one.” He said to her.
“I am sure that it will be fine.” She said
With that she went back to getting everything prepared. She knew that it was going to be very busy because now she was not only going to have her regular house guests, but she was also going to have foreign exchange students. Around this time of year she always felt a bit overwhelmed, but she knew it would subside once things started to fall into place. That reminded her she needed to remind Elias about cutting down a tree so that they could decorate the inn for Christmas. He had a way of picking out the most perfect tree for their abode. He was her lumberjack.
Leandro was in an obsessed state over his trip to America. He thought to himself that this could be the beginning of his future. What better way to start his life, but in a country that is well loved and respected. Several weeks prior to him leaving he read everything he could about Connecticut. He was told from his instructor that he would be staying at a bed and breakfast. He recalled seeing them in the movies.
Fiona was your average woman that had long, brown hair, green eyes, beautiful curves, and her breasts were a stunning C cup. Her headmistress at school informed that they had a spot in the foreign exchange program for college students. She was told that she would be traveling with another student whom was from a different university. They would be staying with a Swiss couple whom were innkeepers at a bed and breakfast. She jumped on the opportunity.
“I have always wanted to travel to the USA.” She said.
“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Her headmistress replied.
Fiona had so many things to get prepared. Good thing she had her passport ready to go because it looks as though she was going to finally get to use it. Traveling has been one of her many dreams and now it was coming true. She wondered who was going to make this journey with her. Her curiosity was just going to have to control itself until she stepped onto that airplane.
For the next several weeks Leandro and Fiona got everything sorted in order for them to make the trip. The night before their journey they decided that they were going to go out one last time and spend time with their friends. Leandro liked going to a local pub that was a well known meeting place for all the youth.
As for Fiona she just wanted to spend a few hours with her friends. After dinner her friends talked her into going to a local pub that was known to have some pretty, delicious men. Fiona agreed that she would go and check out the scene for a few hours, but she would have to be going home so that she could get ready for her flight.
Fiona was bored out of her skull until she eyed a man that was medium height, short brown hair and hazel eyes. He was the most stunning man she had ever seen. She felt the need to go over and talk to him, and that is exactly what she did.
“Hello, my name is Fiona.” She said.
“Hey there I’m Leandro.” He replied.
“It’s nice to meet you, Leandro.” She said.
“Fiona would you like to have a drink?” He asked.
“I would love too as long as you will join me.” She responded.
“You can count me in.” He joked.
They walk over to the bar and ordered a drink. Drinking alcohol was always a way for Fiona to loosen up and relax. She couldn’t help but wonder what Leandro looked like with no clothes on. She wanted to run her fingers up and down his body and through his thick brown hair. She knew what she was capable of and if this man didn’t watch out he was going to be in loads of trouble. She was going to tear him up in the bedroom.
It seemed like the night was flying by and Leandro knew that it was going to be a busy morning. He just didn’t want to leave Fiona; in fact he wanted to take her back to his house to dip into her mound of sweetness. She was so beautiful and he couldn’t help notice the way her skin glowed from the lights in the bar. He had to be forward if he wanted this woman.
“Say Fiona, would you like to leave this place and go back to my pad?” He asked.
“I guess I could go back for a few.” She replied.
Fiona knew this was one the oldest pick up lines for sex. Well, she was totally in for a few hours of kinky sex. She could taste his beauty in her mouth. She needed to remain calm because she didn’t want him to see her eagerness. But she couldn’t help thinking that tonight would be an early night due to the fact that she needed to catch an early flight in the morning. She was determined to not let this bother her; she didn’t know when she would ever see him again.
Fiona followed Leandro back his place. She was not going to let her drive because she had no intentions of staying the whole evening and he was well aware of her thoughts. As they walked into the door Leandro turned to Fiona and kissed her ever so passionately. If she wasn’t leaning against the doorway she would have probably melted to the ground. She could feel her legs becoming jelly like. As soon as he stopped she turned to him with a blank stare on her face.
“What was that for Leandro?” She finally asked.
“I have wanted to do that since we first started talking.” He replied.
“Oh I was not aware and don’t get me wrong it was very hot and erotic.” She said.
“Well I am glad that you liked it, and I would be more than happy to do it again.” He said.
“I can’t wait.” She told him.
“Well then why don’t you come and sit down so we can get to know each other a little better?” He asked.
“Sure show me the way.” She said.
As the two of them sat on the couch they looked deeply into each other’s eyes. He slow started rubbing her leg. This sent chills up her spine. She just wanted to pin him down onto the couch and rip his clothes off one by one and fuck his manly cock. He ran his hand up her leg right up her skirt. He felt his cock get extra hard. He knew that she was wearing sexy, thong panties. Something about her drove his dick into overdrive. As he was ready to remove her panties, she stopped him.
“You cannot take them off unless I get to help you.” She said.
“Gorgeous you can do whatever you want.” He replied.
She entwined her fingers with his and they pulled her panties down to her ankles. He could see her tasteful, sweet muff. He wanted to run his tongue all through it. He couldn’t help but imagine how sweet she tasted and now he was so close. He felt every inch of her pussy. He took his finger and outlined her clit. Her juices were starting to excrete and as he was exploring his finger became moist. Fiona took his hand and licked her wetness off his pleasure pointer.
He could not believe that she had done that and he had to admit to himself that it was a mighty turn on. He wanted to take her at that very moment. Fiona leaned over to kiss him. He reciprocated and let his tongue dive deep into her mouth. He wanted to taste every inch of her. Both of their tongues were getting to know each other and feel each other’s passion towards one another.
Fiona unbuttoned Leandro’s pants. She moved her hand slowly down the front. She was able to stroke his thick, pulsating cock. With every stroke she could feel him becoming more excited. He pulled his pants down so that she could have better access to his dick. As the pants were coming down she wrapped her lips around his handle and began sucking him off. He would not allow her to bring him pleasure when she had not any at that moment. So with this thought he maneuvered himself in a way that he could get his tongue into her pussy. The more aggressive he got with her the harder she sucked him. The passion they were experiencing between each other was magnetic.
Her body was overcome with eroticism. Fiona wanted him to fuck her. She needed to have his broad cock deep inside her.
“Leandro, I need you to fuck me now.” She said.
“Oh, Fiona it would be my pleasure.” He replied.
He sat up and brought Fiona on top of him. She slid his dick into her wet pussy. She was grinding on his cock and with every bit of movement she moaned. Before they knew it she was fucking him harder and harder. They could hear his balls smacking into her asshole. He felt helpless as she was draining him of all his energy.
He had worked up enough energy to shoot his cum all over her. His dick had not released that much of a load in a long time. After he unloaded he gazed into Fiona’s eyes.
“Damn, girl you are so fucking hot.” He said
“I am happy that I could be of service to your every male need.” She said.
They cleaned themselves up and went their separate ways. Little did each of them know that they were soon going to be having a lot more naughty nights. The next day was about to bring them a big surprise.
When Fiona got home she took a shower and tucked herself in for the night. She had a hard time falling asleep because she was not only excited about her trip to America, but she had just had the most amazing sex with an appetizing man.
Leandro finished packing and got himself showered and decided that he would make it a night. His mind was full of thoughts and most of the thoughts were about Fiona. He was sad at one point because he didn’t want to leave her. But he knew that this was his only chance for success and he was going to take advantage of it. He thought to himself that he could write to Fiona and they could still have that lifeline together.
In each of their own beds Fiona and Leandro drifted off to sleep. Back in Connecticut, it started to snow and the inn was welcoming Old Man Winter. The snow was beginning to accumulate and at first, Sophie and Elias were worried if their guests would be able to get to the inn. Since Elias didn’t know when the snow was going to subside he told Sophie that he wanted to do something extraordinary and not of normal tradition. He decided that he would pick their guests up by sleigh. He prepared the sleigh horses for their pick up tomorrow. He wanted to start their journey off with something they probably have never experienced before. As soon as the horses were prepared and ready he brought out his Victorian sleigh. Every year the guests at the inn enjoyed the winter sleigh rides that they offered.
With it being a week before Christmas the airports were busy with preoccupied travelers. Leandro and Fiona arrived at the airport at different times. They missed each other at check in. As they got onto the plane, destined for America, they were a few rows apart from each other. Still at this point they had not seen each other. The flight had been long and each of them was ready to get off the plane and begin their journey.
As they went to get off the plane they ran into each other. The looks on their faces were one that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.
“Fiona what are you doing on this flight?” Leandro asked.
“Leandro, I should be asking you the same thing.” She said.
“I am here as a foreign exchange student.” He said.
“Oh my goodness, so am I. I was accepted into the program and will be staying with a couple that owns a bed and breakfast.” She told him.
“Is that so?” He asked
“Yes, why did you say it like that?” Fiona asked him.
“I am staying with the same couple.” He said.
“This is going to be absolutely wonderful!” She exclaimed.
They finally were able to get off the plane and go through customs. As they were going to collect their luggage they noticed a man that was holding sign. They both knew that the man must be Elias. Leandro and Fiona walked up to Elias after collecting their luggage.
“You must be Elias?” Leandro asked him.
“Yes, I am.” Elias answered.
“Hi Elias, I am Fiona and this gentlemen here is Leandro.” She said.
“It is so nice to finally meet both of you. Sophie has been preparing the house for your stay.” He said.
“We want to thank you for opening up your home and allowing us to endure this opportunity.” Leandro said.
“I see that you have your entire luggage and you are both bundled up. Since we just had a snow storm move through town and it is still snowing outside we are going to be going back to the inn by sleigh.” Elias said.
“Sweet!” Fiona and Leandro said in unison.
As they walked out of the airport they were in total shock of seeing the horses attached to this beautiful Victorian sleigh. Fiona went to look up into the sky and a single snowflake landed right on her face. She felt that everything was so perfect. As they got up into the sleigh Fiona snuggled up against Leandro. He wrapped his arms around her. Even though it was the most unique, romantic situation they couldn’t help the fact that it was extremely cold. Being close to Fiona made Leandro warm all over. The thoughts started running through his mind of how marvelous it would be to surprise her with a sleigh ride under the night moon.
The ride back to the inn was so beautiful. The whole way back they couldn’t help notice that the snow drifted ever so lightly to the ground. Fiona and Leandro had been so busy enjoying the scenery and the ride that they didn’t realize that Elias was pulling into the inn. As the horses stopped at the front door, Sophie was standing there waiting for their arrival. The look on her face was pure excitement. She welcomed them with open arms.
Fiona and Leandro walked into the beautiful home with their hands together. They had made the decision that there future from here on out was going to be together. Sophie showed them to their rooms.
“Dinner will be at five o’clock down in the dining room.” She informed them.
“Thank you.” They said back to her.
After Fiona and Leandro cleaned themselves up and changed for dinner they walked down to the dining room together. Fiona could not help but admire all of the beautiful furniture and antiques that were in the house. She always loved to look at photos that were from an older era. On the way to the dining room they passed the living room. There stood the most beautiful, dainty Christmas tree they had ever seen. The elegance of the tree gave the room the peace and serene look that it needed.
Dinner was absolutely delicious and Sophie served up a mouth watering dessert that was all homemade. Leandro knew that if he kept eating Sophie’s cooking that he was going to gain a mess load of weight. None of that mattered because he was here with his love, Fiona. As soon as Fiona finished her dinner Leandro asked Elias if they could take the sleigh out for a ride at night.
“Elias, do you mind if Fiona and I go for sleigh ride?” He asked.
“I do not mind if you go for a ride tonight. Do you know how to control the sleigh and the horses?” He asked.
“I did some work when I was younger with sleighs. It should be like a riding a bicycle.” He told Elias.
“Well then the sleigh is yours and be careful.” He said.
Fiona and Leandro bundled themselves up and went out to the sleigh. The night was going to be perfect as there was a full moon. They started to follow the trail that Elias had left from earlier in the day. Good thing that the snow didn’t cover up the trail because they would not have been able to find their way through the woods. As they were going on and enjoying the snow shining from the moon light, they found a clearing that seemed to be a perfect place to stop.
Leandro took Fiona’s face into his hands and traced her lips with his thumbs. While doing this he gazed into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her ever so passionately. The kiss had been erotic that they both forgot just how cold it was outside. Fiona went under his jacket to feel all of his foreign goods. From the cold his nipples were erected. She massaged them between her fingers.
After Leandro let go of her face he stuck his hands in her jacket and cupped her breasts. He wanted them in his mouth. He unzipped her jacket and raised her sweater. He popped one breast out of her bra and his tongue went in a circular motion all the way around. He then proceeded to do the same thing to her other breast. He licked her all the way down until he reached her pants. He had a way with his teeth that he knew how to unbutton her pants with them. Fiona didn’t know about this talent. It was such a turn on for her. She had that feeling once again of being wet down there. This man knew how to bring the naughty side out of her.
She pulled her pants part way down so he could have an easier time getting to her gushing river. Instead of taking her panties down with her pants he pulled the crotch over to the side and tongued her as deep as he could get into her snowmuff. Just him touching her was making the cum overflow. The combination of him licking her and drilling his fingers into her pussy made her squirt all over his face. She was shocked at how far it went. She needed to keep him turned on so she brought his face up to hers and licked up all of her juices off. He could not believe that she would do that.
Just for making him hornier than he has ever been, he took her by her hair and put her mouth around his dick. He knew it wouldn’t be long because she sucked a mean cock. She sucked his dick with much aggression and vengeance. She had this way of thinking that men like women that sucked dick with a vengeance. It must be working because Leandro was moaning really loud just before he shot his load all of over her. Instead of licking it off she jumped off the sleigh and rolled around in the snow. She rubbed the snow all over her body. Putting the snow between her legs was so erotic; the way it sent a sudden chill through her pussy.
Once they were all bundled up they started to head back to the inn. They didn’t want to worry Elias and Sophie. On the way back they couldn’t help but talk about what this journey has brought for them. Fiona had explained that this opportunity couldn’t have brought a more perfect outcome.
The next morning, everyone was around the dining room table and Sophie and Elias were both sitting there with smiles on their faces.
“Did you two enjoy your sleigh ride last night?” Elias asked.
“It was pure pleasure.” Fiona answered.
“Elias and I wanted to tell you something and we think now is a perfect time.” Sophie jumped in.
“When Elias and I were both around your age we were in a similar situation.” Sophie said.
“What do you mean?” Leandro attentively asked.
“When we were your age living in Switzerland we were both given the opportunity to come over to America as foreign exchange students.” She said.
“Really?” Both Fiona and Leandro responded.
“Yes, and we were sent to Connecticut to stay with the old innkeepers of this house. Their names were Jan and Alina.” She said.
“You mean to tell us that the same situation occurred to Elias and yourself many years ago?” Leandro ”
“That is exactly what I am saying. I think it is brilliant that history can repeat itself in such a romantic way.” Sophie said.
Fiona and Leandro just sat there for a moment trying to take everything in. Fiona could not help but think that fate has brought everyone together. She truly believed that Christmas and fate worked hand in hand. She knew that Leandro was the man for her and she was not going to go anywhere as long as he was around.
“Sophie and I would like for you two to know that someday you will own this inn. We plan on handing it down to you as the old innkeepers handed it down to us.” Elias said.
“Well we thank you and it will be a high honor to accept this gift from you. This is the best Christmas gift that you could have ever given Fiona and me.” Leandro said.
And all simultaneously they wished each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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