The Dance

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Candy had chosen the petticoats she wore under her amazing dancing skirt carefully. They were bright white and of the sort of silky, flimsy nylon which she knew drove him mad. She’d worn such delicate lacy lingerie – knickers, suspenders and stocking tops – so that she knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off her. He loved everything girly about her, her bouncing pony tail, her stilettos and the way these made her transparent polka-dot skirts and petticoats dance. Most of all he loved how she wore silky, sheer, very feminine, pretty nylon, lacy petticoats, which she selected for their sexiness. She knew he loved all these evenings of swirling petticoats – all the pretty girls jiving and rock-and-rolling; each of them always paid so much attention to their petticoats – to the silkiest shiniest nylon and the prettiest lace. There was an atmosphere of such sexual yearning.
She could see him watching a beautiful girl, her pretty lacy bra so tempting under the liquid silkiness of her sheer white blouse, the lace of her petticoats, which flew up to reveal the matching lace of knickers, mesmerized Candy too; she couldn’t resist thinking how those petticoats must feeling sliding over sheer silken knickers, the lavish lace over her glossy stockings. Her eyes followed his: another girl stood at the bar, her satin skirt so crowded with petticoats; the flick of pink lace as she moved to the music so erotic. Candy felt so warm and aroused towards him and, as she sat down next to him, put his hand on the chiffon layers of very full skirt, so that he could feel and enjoy the slippery love of so many silken layers, and the brush of the lace under her skirt. Another girl had sat close to them, and was showing her petticoats to her girlfriend. He was mesmerized by her too: there was a white petticoat of perhaps four layers of very silky shining chiffon with lace bands; over it, the pretty girl wore a petticoat of two layers of completely sheer baby blue, ending in cascades of lace. The effect of the white frothy lace showing through the sheer blue nylon was amazing. The girl was telling her friend: “My white chiffon and lace feels lovely on these fabulous silky nylons. And I know the blue chiffon and lace makes Tony desperate for me. I love having a boyfriend who wants me to wear romantic silky nylon for him, and who’s so turned on by lace. He gave me two very pretty completely sheer lacy nylon vintage full slips to wear in bed, one shorter than the other, so its four inches of lace showed through the longer one. I wore them because the silkiness was sensational. I kept my French knickers on when we made love and he fucked me up all that lace and nylon …”

Candy was turned on by the girl’s talk and knew he was too. His hand was under her chiffon skirts, fondling handfuls of the lace at the hem of each of her silky petticoat layers. Under her own sheer nylon blouse with its lacy collar and puff sleeves, her growing nipples pushed at her silky and lacy camisole. She loved how she felt and, imagining the big cock under his shorts, thought of the sex that was to come. Turned towards her, so no-one could see, he was rubbing one layer of silky petticoat over the lacy top of her nylons, the suspender clip and then the lavish lace of her silky loose French knickers.

She kissed him sexily and then whispered, “When we go to our room, I’ll keep my petticoats and knickers on under my nylon nightie.”

His hand had reached inside her knickers and as he fingered her and they kissed again, she shuddered with a first orgasm.

“I want to take you to my girly heaven,” she whispered as they headed for the lift to their room.

To be continued.

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