Dream Lover, Story 3

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I wake up, disoriented, and then, sitting up, realize – I’m at your house, in your sisters bedroom. The room isn’t completely dark – there’s a thin sliver of moonlight coming through a crack in the curtains, which illuminates half my face and body as I sit up in the bed. Impulsively I want nothing more than to feel that light over my whole body, and I reach over and pull the curtains open.

I lay down again – twist towards the window to catch more light, sliding my hands along my flanks to the insides of my thighs, feeling the slight soreness of the muscles where you’d spread me so roughly just a few hours ago. I moan under my breath, remembering how you’d been so gentle in the beginning, the first few times, and then had responded to my increasing abandon with a wild light in your eyes, finally taking me so hard I couldn’t catch my breath between strokes… I roll over onto my back, running my hands over my body as yours had, imagining larger, rougher fingers, and wanting you all over again.

As if you’d heard my thoughts I hear your door open, hear hesitant footfalls coming down the hallway, the door opening slowly, and then you come in, wearing a dark robe. Even in the dark I can feel your eyes burn me and I can’t stay still – I turn towards you, knowing what the moon’s light is showing you.

And then you’re next to the bed, climbing onto the mattress and pausing, obviously relishing how the moon has painted my body. I sit up and kneel before you, untie the belt of the robe and slide the material over your shoulders, shuddering at the feel of your thighs against mine and again as your hands slide lightly up the backs of my thighs. I press the rest of my body against yours, bending my head back to meet your eyes – impossibly hot for such a warm brown colour – and beg you to kiss me, so needing your lips against mine that I can barely think. Your mouth twists in a wicked little grin, I think enjoying the fact that you can make me beg – taking your sweet time to lower your head to mine – but as soon as you touch me I feel you lost as surely as I am.

I sway backwards and you take me down slowly, never breaking our kiss, until you have me on my back, sliding your hands up my sides, and under my shoulders, bringing my arms up over my head and pinning my wrists to the mattress. Your tongue slides over my lower lip, tasting me, teasing me – I strain upwards to get more but you hold me down and pull even further back, until the moonlight lights the space between us. The hungry light in your eyes fades, your lips relax from the grin and part slightly, and then you’re on me again but gently this time, your hands releasing my wrists and twining between my fingers, one hand sliding down to cup the side of my face as you kiss me more and more deeply. When we separate I turn my cheek into your palm, and feeling your thumb against my lips I turn further, taking it into my mouth, running my tongue along the inner curve and then sucking it in to the base of your palm – looking straight into your eyes, promising you without words. You growl deep in your chest and with a sudden twist move your hips between my thighs and grind against me.

You roll us then so I’m on top, straddling you. I nip along the edge of your ear, taste the skin of your throat with the roughness of stubble harsh against my lips, down and down your body until I reach the flesh I’m hungry for. I revel in tormenting you with lips and tongue, taking you into the back of my throat, pulling away to tease with light kisses, soft and then with teeth – until you’re shuddering and panting and it’s either bring you now or stop and bring you down so you can take me. I’m so eager to feel you in me that my choice is clear, and I stop and move quickly up your body, to your protests, which are stifled quickly when I move my hips against yours and take you into my body in one smooth stroke. We both stop breathing for an impossible moment, the sudden pleasure is so intense. I lean my head against your chest and listen to your heart pounding, run my tongue out and taste the sweat that has formed there, and we move together finally, hard and sweet and soft and damn, so good. You slide one hand between us and work me that way, bringing me so hard and fast that I scream against your neck, then turn me over onto my back in one motion, sliding my legs up around your neck and taking me so hard I can hardly get breath to cry again as you bring me the rest of the way and then you’re coming with me, groaning low in your throat against my ear, taking me and taking me until you’re shaking and we’re both drenched in sweat, almost singing our pleasure once you collapse heavy over me.

You roll us over to our sides and kiss me, soft again, and we fall asleep for a little while. When I wake up you’re gone and I would have thought it was a dream except for your robe still draped over the end of the bed.

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