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I shivered at the cold intensity of the water as it lapped around me. I wanted to shrink back onto the hot concrete and huddle myself in my towel on the lawn chair that rested only a few feet away from me. I glanced at Zac as he happily crouched down so that the water covered his shoulders. The tips of his golden hair spread out from his head, making him look almost angelic, but I knew better. Zac may be considered a lot of things, but an angel is not one of them. The thought brought a smile to my face. Zac’s face scrunched a bit in confusion before returning the smile, still unaware of it’s origins. He straightened back to his full frame and waded over to me, towering a good 5 inches over me. I watched him as he moved, so fluidly, all his muscles working at once. He stared down at me as a goofy grin began to spread itself across his face. I arched an eyebrow questioningly before his hands sprung up, pelting me with sprays of water. I gasped from the cold droplets falling against my skin before beginning to splash him back.
“You jerk!” I squealed, unable to keep my laughter in as we continued our splashing war.
“Wimp!” he quipped back, grabbing me by the waist and plunging my body under the cold waves. I flailed uncontrollably, beating my fists against his chest and kicking into the water as he held me under. I gasped for air when he finally let me up before pounding on his chest angrily. He only laughed in response, my punches not even causing him to flinch. “Is that supposed to hurt?” He asked humorously, a sly smirk playing on his pouty lips.
I glared and continued to punch him, “You’re a jerk! You didn’t even give me a chance to take a breath! I could have drowned! I could have died! You could have killed me! You arse!” I exclaimed, my fists pounding harder with each word.
Finally he grew tired of my pounding and took a hold of my wrists, holding me still and staring into my eyes, “I wouldn’t have let you drown, silly. Then I’d have no one to pick on.”
His words infuriated me and I struggled to break free of his gorilla-like grip. He only grinned and held tighter to me. Suddenly my wrists began to hurt and I pulled harder. “Let go, you’re hurting me..” I said, my voice more of a whisper than actual words.
His body seemed to soften and his grip loosened a bit. He leaned over and kissed my cheek sweetly as he dropped my wrists under the water with his own. “Sorry, baby. Want me to kiss them and make them better?” He whispered into my ear, his hot breath on my neck sending shivers down my spine.
“No thank you. My wrists are fine.” I responded, pulling away from his grasp and wadding over to the pool steps. I traveled up them until my feet hit the pavement and went straight for my towel, wrapping it around my shivering body.
Zac made his way over to the edge and set his chin on his arms as they rested on the pavement, staring up at me in wonder. “I thought you said you’d stay in the water with me.” He spoke gently, his entire demeanor changing drastically from playful bully to thoughtful boyfriend.
I glanced down at him, taking notice of the visible pout emanating from his soulful brown eyes. I sat on the edge of the lounge chair and held my towel tight around my shoulders, looking down at him from my raised position. “It’s too cold to swim. I’m gonna go in the sauna for a while, ok?”
He glanced at the wooden door containing the sauna and then back at me before nodding and licking his dry and brittle lips. I made a mental note to pick up a new tube of Blistex for him, knowing he’d probably already lost the last one I had bought him. I stood and made my way towards the soft, wooden door that was practically begging for me to slip inside. I ran my fingers lightly over the moistened wood before opening it and slipping into the steam of the room. It seemed that no one else had gotten the idea of taking a rest in the heated room. I was glad, the less people the better. I spread my towel out and slipped onto the top bench, the heat of the wood scorching my chilled skin even through my thick towel. I leaned my back against the wall and closed my eyes, relaxing as the heat infiltrated every pore of my body. The tension in my muscles eased under the heat, making me smile slightly.
I sat quietly for several moments before the sound of the door opening took me out of my blissful state of mind. I opened my eyes to see Zac stepping into the steam, his body glistening with water droplets from the pool he had just left. He smiled up at me and slid onto the bench below mine, cringing a bit at the burning feel of the wood under his long board shorts. He leaned back against my legs and closed his eyes, not saying a word. I smiled and slipped my fingers through his short skater-punk hair. He sighed in contentment as I reached down and began to massage his tense shoulders. I hadn’t given him a back rub in months and I knew with all the stress from the tour that he needed one desperately.
I continued to rub his shoulder and neck as I leaned down and pressed light kisses to his upper back and neck. I felt him relax under my movements and continued them happily. He reached back with one hand and rubbed the back of my neck, his eyes tightly shut and his lips slightly parted. I kissed the line of his jaw, his cheek, his eyelid, his forehead. He sighed and turned his face slightly, capturing my mouth in his own. I kissed his back slowly, making sure my movements were languid and controlled, not wanting him to have too much at once. His tongue found it’s way to the outside of my lips and he ran it across my bottom one, drawing a deep moan from inside my throat. I pulled away, not allowing his tongue entry into my mouth and began to kiss his heated skin. He leaned his head back on my knee and let a soft moan escape his lips. I ran my hands down the tight muscles of his chest and abdomen, feeling their strength under my fingertips. I loved the feel of him, his body so thick with muscle and fierce strength. To be near him, around him, and completely surrounded by him made me feel like I was in the safest place in the world. I glanced down the front of his body, past the rounded squares of his pectorals, past the rippling six-pack he had developed, to the large tent that had sprung up in his shorts. I smiled to myself, I was surprised every time at what my touch could do to him.
I leaned over him, my hand sliding inconspicuously under the edge of his shorts and to the fluffy hairs that surrounded his erection. His face turned towards me and his lips found the soft skin of my neck. He began an assault of my skin, kissing, licking, and nibbling as he sought fit. His breathing had become heavier in my ear, hot and sensuous against the sensitive area behind it. I whispered out a moan and wrapped my fingers around his hot member, running my fingers up and down it slowly. He shifted and sat up slightly, his breathing increasing considerably with every down stroke of my hand.
He shifted away from me and his hand knocked down the latch to the door, preventing anyone from entering in on our sexual play. I sat up and watched as he turned on his knees to face me, slipping his arms around my waist and kissing me passionately. I was suddenly out of control of the situation and could do nothing more than follow his actions. His tongue slid past my lips and into my awaiting mouth. My hands found his waist and pulled him closer to me as our kisses deepened. I felt the bulge of him against my thigh and felt a tingle of pleasure shoot through my body. His lips slid down towards my neck as he pulled at the elastic of my bikini bottoms, tugging them down. I lifted my hips so that he could tug them off and soon they dropped to the bench he was leaning on. He pulled me tighter to his body, his lips reconnecting with mine in a sultry kiss. My hands fumbled with the strings that held his board shorts together before finally managing to untie them and slip them down his hips. His penis sprung out and rubbed against me, making us both release deep-throated moans. I took a hold of h
im and rubbed his head against
my opening. He didn’t hesitate before plunging into me, nearly crushing my hand in the process. His groan filled the air as his body sunk all the way into mine. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my hands, moving my hips along with his. He began a slow and torturous movement in and out of me, his hand holding tightly to my hips. My head dropped back as I released a loud moan when his pace began to quicken to a state of almost vibration.
My voice quivered as I called out his name, moving with him as best I could. He felt wonderful inside my body, sliding in and out effortlessly. I began to suck in the hot air as my body shuttered, orgasm close at hand. He began a line of low obscenities as I felt him pulse and explode inside me, sending me into my own frenzied climax. I moaned as he pulled in and out of me slowly, depositing every last drop into my body.
I looked up into his lust-filled eyes before pulling his face down to mine and devouring his mouth. His body was still connected to mine as we pulled away, both panting and sweating (and not just because we were in a sauna). I sighed and smiled slyly up at him as I leaned up and ran my tongue along one damp cheek, licking the moisture from his skin. His eyes closed momentarily. He released the breath he had been holding and ran his fingers lightly up and down my side. I laid light kisses on his chin, his cheeks, his lips, his nose, his eyelids, and his forehead before pulling him into a hug. He buried his face in my neck and inhaled my skin, sighing in contentment.
“You still think it’s too cold to swim?”
I felt the smirk in his words and smacked his arm, laughing lightly, “Only if you promise not to try to drown me again.”
He laughed and pulled back, watching me. His eyes sparkled as he laughed, putting his entire being into it. That’s one of the things I love about him. When he laughs, he puts his whole heart into it and you know he means it. “I love you, and I promise I will never drown you.”
“Okay then… But you’d better keep to your promise this time,” I reached for my bottoms as Zac tucked himself back into his shorts and laced them up. We were both dressed and looking unfrazzled in a matter of moments. I grabbed my towel and slipped out of the small room, letting the steam escape behind me. I dropped my towel back on my chair while Zac took a running leap into the pool, scaring the innocent bystanders while their children giggled. I laughed at his ridiculous behavior before taking a breath and ascending down the steps and into the cold water. However, this time, instead of shivering, the water felt surprisingly refreshing against my hot and sweaty skin. I glanced around for Zac to find he had disappeared. I furrowed my brow, confused momentarily before I felt his arms wrapped tightly around my stomach and squealed as my head was plunged under the water once again. I pounded on his arms for a long moment before he finally let me back up. “You jerk!” I shouted, punching him in the chest once again. “You promised!”
He bit his lip and feigned innocence, “Oops..”
“That’s it!, you’re going down Zachary Walker!” I taunted as I lunged at him with all my might. He laughed at my fruitless attempts to push his head under and tackle him then he picked me up and fell backwards with me screaming all the way. Underwater I escaped his grasp and climbed out, pulling my towel around me and watched him swim for a while. When I was bored of that I sat down in one of the beach chairs and closed my eyes. Not long after, I felt cool water being dripped on my face and arms. I squinted one eye open, seeing what I already knew I would see. Zac was standing above me, his short hair in a twirl, a look of reflection upon his face.
“Hey, did I wake you?” he asked quietly.
“Nah, I was just closing my eyes,” I replied with a smile. I could hear splashes and the delighted giggles of small children and the soft sound of the scattered parents talking with one another.
“Good. I was thinking about going back to the room, taking a shower, and then taking you out to dinner and quite possibly renting a movie, or you know,” a sly smile playing upon his lips, “Whatever happens, happens.”
“Oh you think so, Mr. Hanson?” I teased, “I don’t know about that whatever part, after all, you DID try to drown me even after you said you wouldn’t.” My eyes were fully open now, and I could see that one of the kids in the back, to much dismay of his mother, was trying to reenact Zac’s stunt. “Besides,” I added, “it looks to me like you are a bad example.” I gestured in the direction of the little boy.
Zac’s eyes lit up as he looked over. Little things like this make me love him even more, I love how sweet he is to kids. “He’s a bit of a threat to those little girls over there,” he turned, then winked at me, giving his full attention to the matter at hand, “So what do you think? You, me, dinner at seven, somewhere moderately nice. You know, the kind where the food doesn’t come wrapped in paper?”
“Shucks, mister, you’re talkin’ all sorts o’ fancy,” I joked. I rose and picked-up his towel and tossed it at him. We started walking back to the room, which wasn’t too far from the pool, hand-in-hand, sometimes stopping for a quick witty observation about the hotel or a kiss.
Back in the room, he waddled out of his trunks and snagged the shower. I picked up around the room a bit, then after a half hour, stripped down and hopped in the shower with him.
“Oh hey. Was I taking too long?” he asked innocently.
“Just long enough to rid the hotel of their hot water supply, so before they call again, will you kindly hand me the soap?” Obediently, he handed me the loofa with some shower gel on it. “Thanks, babe,” I said, kissing his shoulder.
“No problem. So what are you going to wear? That new dress you bought or the one I bought you as a birthday gift?” he questioned as exited the shower so I could have access to the hot water.
I lathered, then spun around quickly, “You bought me a dress? Aw, honey, you didn’t have to–”
He poked his head in, “I know I didn’t have to, I wanted to. Just take it and wear it with the other present I got you. I’ll have them right outside the door by the time you’re finished,” then he grinned slyly, “Besides, part of it is for me anyways.”
“Oh yeah? How’s that?” I asked genuinely curious as I started to wash my hair.
He pulled back out and continued to brush his teeth, “I get to be on your arm and you are coming home with me… That’s MY present.” I could hear his smile in his voice.
When I finished, there it was. The dress was black satin with no sleeves. He had to have had help buying me it, and my immediate thoughts were to Clarke. Clarke had always known how to shop for me, how to make me smile, how to make me come close to ecstasy… But he hadn’t known how to love me like Zac does, and that was all in the past.
“Woah… You… look…. Well… amazing!” Zac managed to say as I stepped out from the bathroom ready to go. Already there was a bulge growing in his pants where there hadn’t been one before, and I smiled my smile I always had when I had this effect on him. He was wearing a white button-down shirt with some black dress pants, and he looked great.
“You look awesome too. I’d better look good enough for you to remember later…
You’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you?” I asked, turning around to give him the full effect.
“Yes… how’d you know?” he looked at her with a slightly confused expression.
“It’s easy enough to tell when you’re leaving by now. I’m not as simple-minded as you’d like me to be, Zac.”
“I don’t want you to be simple-mind
ed and I never said you were.”
I didn’t answer his sta
tement, “When will you be back?”
“I don’t know.. A few months, maybe longer.”
“Will you be with her?”
“How do you know about Brooke?”
“I read the tabloids. They usually tell the truth when it comes to you.”
“She’s just a friend. She’s Ike’s ex-girlfriend for Christ’s sake.”
“Since when has that ever mattered?”
“It doesn’t. I’m just saying that nothing’s going on between us.”
“Just like nothing was going on with that Italian girl?”
“What Italian girl?”
“Julie or whatever her name was..”
“Juliana? That was nothing. I was drunk. That was a long time ago.”
“That doesn’t mean that things have changed.”
“But they have.”
“How do I know that?”
“You just have to trust me like you always have.”
I eyed him then looked away, saying nothing.
“Can we just talk about this later? Its getting late.”
“Then let’s go, Mr. Hanson the liar.”
“That was cold,” he advanced towards me, his eyes never leaving mine.
“It’s fine, let’s just go.”
We walked downstairs to the limo… He had gone all out for this little date. I was feeling chilly, and he noticed right away. He encircled me in his warm embrace and rested his chin on my shoulder, glancing up at me. I tried to keep my back to him and continue to be angry, but sometimes its just too hard. He could feel me start to loosen-up, “I said I was sorry… How can I ever make it up to you?”
“Be real. That’s all I want. I can stand you being gone for weeks and months at a time, and I can stay faithful to you, but I need you to do the same for me and not run off with the first miniskirt who bats her eyes at you.”
“My tastes have changed.”
“Oh, so soon?”
“I’m not aloud to change my mind?”
“Change it all you like. Just let me know ahead of time, would you?”
“Come on, we’re here… Let’s go inside and have a nice dinner. How’s that sound?”
I closed my eyes, hoping to be able to ignore the advances his lips were making on my neck, “Sounds like a prelude to something a little hotter.”
“Is that all you ever think about?”
“No, just when I’m with you.” His hand brushed past my stomach lightly, sending sensation to my central core. He knew where to touch me to make me hot, there was no denying that. I turned and captured his lips with my own, intertwining our tongues passionately. Our bodies melted into one another as they found their way slowly to the floor of the limo. “Hey, uh, how about we postpone dinner for a hour?” he picked-up the reciever to talk to the driver. “Hi, we would like to drive around for a good hour and then come back… Thanks.” Grabbing his cell, he dialed the number of the restaurant while kissing my neck. “Hello. This is Zachary Hanson. I have a reservation for two at seven? Yes, I know it’s late to call, but it looks like we will be a bit late. Will you hold our table? That’s awesome, thanks so much. Good-bye.”
He hung-up and threw the phone onto the seat behind us. We began kissing again, our tounges in a patient but desperate dance. He broke the kiss to peal away my panties, giving me time to think. Visions of past scenes such as this one flashed in my mind in a whirlwind of sights and sounds that made me dizzy. I knew I should push him away, that this was wrong. I knew I had to stop giving in to his every sexual desire, yet I found myself helping him to push his pants out of the way. I stopped as soon as I felt him near entering me and pushed at his chest, “I’m supposed to be mad at you for trying to leave without telling me.” I said, lifting myself up on the seat and out of range from his ever-enlarging penis.
“I was going to tell you. I just was waiting for the right time.”
“Which would be as you’re walking out the door, just like last time.”
“No… I was going to tell you tonight, at dinner..”
“That’s what you said last time.”
“Eve, baby, I hate telling you I have to leave. It makes it more real. If I put it off, it’s like I’m not leaving and we can be together longer.”
“You not telling me doesn’t change anything. You’re still leaving and I’m still staying here, just like always.”
“I know, but it hurts less when I can put it in the back of my mind and not think about it until I absolutely have to.”
“But it hurts me more, Zac.”
“I know… I won’t do it anymore.”
“You promise?” I eyed him with much suspicion, trying to decide whether or not to believe him.
“Yes, of course I do. I’ll tell you two weeks in advanced next time, I swear it.”
“Well… alright… but if you don’t, I won’t be here when you come back next time.”
“I will, I promise.” He pulled me back down and kissed me ardently and moved swiftly into me. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his hips, helping to push him deeper with my feet. He moved fervidly, groaning with each upward thrust. Orgasm came fast and hard, sending us into a sea of sensations running faster than the current of the traffic we were surrounded by. We were still afterwards, both lost in our own thoughts as the rain trickled down on the windows. I entangled my fingers in the mass of hair that lay atop his head as he pressed his cheek to mine. He sighed and kissed my cheek, “I love you.”
“Let’s go inside.” I responded, staring up at the dark clouds. Zac sat-up and adjusted himself. He called the restaurant and talked to the driver again while I fixed my hair and clothing. He took another look at me and stared for a while and then canceled all the plans… He canceled everything including his trip to New York.
“I just want us to be alone for one night while I am here… Besides, I can’t have you going out like that! Someone will steal you away to their castle in Scotland and I will have to come save you,” he winked and smiled. He always is such a goof, that’s one of the things I love about him, and I smiled back.
When we got back to the hotel he stood up and scooped me into his arms. He picked up my purse and headed up to the house, not saying another word. I held loosely onto his neck and watched the people pass us. We stayed quiet as we neared their shared room. I opened the door for him and held onto his neck until he set me down gently on the bed. I sat up on my knees and pushed his pants off his hips and let them drop to the ground. I pulled his shirt over his head while he stepped out of them. We kissed again as Zac climbed onto the bed. He lifted every last meager piece of clothing over my head, leaving us both completely naked. We clung to each other, kisses desperate with lust. The second mating was slower and more deliberate, Zac’s movements more languid. Soft words of love filled the air as the we made slow, meaningful love together. He leaned down and kissed my neck lovingly. I arched my back in response. My hands smoothed down his back, resting on his sides as he moved. He let out a soft groan into my ear as he began to shake with orgasm. He came into me. The feel of him letting go inside me sent me over the edge and I screamed his name.
We were still once again. I combed her fingers through his hair as he laid his head on my bare chest. Zac broke the silence in a raspy voice, still fighting to calm his breathing, “You never answered.”
“Answered what?”
“I said I love you and you never said it back,” he looked up at me from his lowered position.
“I wonder sometimes…”
“Are you saying you don’t?” he sat up in alarm, looking down at me with a furrowed brow.
“No, no, no, I do..” I pulled him down closer and kissed his lips that were now as soft as rose petals, “Sometimes I just wonder why I love you.”
He relaxed and laid his head back on my chest, “Who else would you love?”
“I could love Clarke.. I’m sure he’d have me back.”
“You don’t want him though. You want me and that’s who you’v
e got.”
“True, but if I find anything out about you and Brooke, I’m going back to him, I swear to God Almighty I w
“Then nothing will happen.”
“Good.” We laid in silence for a while, neither knowing what to say, and soon sleep overcame us and we drifted into slumber.
When I awoke in the morning, he was already dressed. He noticed I was up and kissed my forehead gently. “Come away with me.”
It seemed as if I was in a dream. Away? To where? Why? A thousand questions ran through my head and I was swimming in drowsiness still. This one question left me confused and disoriented. “Zac its too early to go anywhere… Let me sleep! It can’t be more than 8 AM, and its Saturday. Wake me tomorrow,” I groaned as I pulled the covers over my head. He grabbed a handful of the blanket and tugged it back down.
“Come on, sleepyhead! Its past noon already! I had lunch brought up and everything,” his voice that of a whiny child, and as I opened my eyes I noticed his little pout appearing upon his face, “and I want you to come away with me.”
“Come away where?”
“New York,” he said casually, like he had just asked me to go to the store to get some milk. I was stunned. New York?
He laughed, “No, not today. But maybe tomorrow or the next day. Let’s go. Let’s go to New York City. I am sick of leaving you and never being with you. I miss you.. and… I… Want to marry you.”
“Zac.. I…” and then the answer hit me like an anvil hits the Cyote on the Roadrunner cartoons, “Yes.. Yes I will.. I will go to New York and I love you. Let’s go. Let’s go tomorrow…. After I get some sleep!” I giggled as I snuggled back under and shut my eyes. Laughing, he laid on the bed and hugged me over the covers.
“You mean it? This will be amazing!”
“Okay, with you laughing and yelling I suppose I should just get up, eh?”
“Well, as long as its daylight, I don’t see why not. Besides, I had your favorite food brought up… Aren’t you hungry?”
And the truth was, I was hungry, and not just that, I was finally happy. I was finally home and I knew that I would always be home with him.
The next week, we were on a plane to NYC, and I was freaking because I had never been on a plane before. Zac was trying desperately to settle me down, and finally in his last attempt he asked, “Do you remember how we met?”
“Oh, I really wish I didn’t,” I giggled.
“Aw, it’s a sweet story! Let me think, you were at a party I was throwing because your friend…. Charlotte? Yeah, Charlotte is her name, anyways, she dragged you along because you had just moved and she felt you needed to meet new people, right?”
He smiled his sly little smile, “And I remember you were standing by the pool when I first saw you. You were laughing at one of Ike’s jokes that are always SO corny, and you were wearing a light green halter-dress with a baby pink swimsuit underneath, and you looked absolutely beautiful..”
“Mind you, you were drunk, Zachary… And you stepped-up to me and told me I was the prettiest girl you had ever seen, and I said that you were so full of shit your eyes were brown. If I remember correctly, the next time I saw you, you were puking in a garbage can by the street, and Clarke carried you back in?”
“Why do you call him Clarke all the time? To everyone else in the entire universe he is ‘Ike’, why so formal?” he asked suddenly curious.
“I dunno. I always have. I think even when he and I were dating he was Clarke, except that one time I called him Ikey-poo and you made fun of me about it for a month.”
He laughed and grabbed my hand, “It was only because I wished you would have called me Zaccy-poo… I had a thing for you, and you SO knew it.”
“Yeah, and I used it to my advantage,” I replied winking. Just then the stewardess came by and told us we would be landing soon. The ride dissappeared while we were talking, and I couldn’t believe it. As soon as we were safely on the ground and in the airport I gave Zac a hug.
“What was that for?”
I smiled, “For helping me on the plane… I would’ve fallen to pieces if it wasn’t for you.”
“Yeah well, you were disrupting the other passengers yelling about our chances of being part of the 18% of planes that crash with no survivors,” he teased, picking up my bag and leading me to a taxi that had pulled infront of us.

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