Enjoying nature alone or possibly not

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After a long and arduous walk from the carpark through the rainforest, I look forward to resting in the peace and tranquility of my favourite waterfall.

As it’s mid week I expect the swimming hole to be empty so that I can have the place to myself and enjoy a long cool refreshing swim. Just letting the water run over my naked skin and trickle gently off my aroused nipples is a sensation that I’m longing for.

So, as you can imagine I’m very happy to see that there is indeed no one around when I finally arrive. Not wanting to spoil my enjoyment, I remove my shoes and socks and dangle my feet in the water – it’s lovely and cool and gives me goosebumps. A small taste of my upcoming swim is enough to spur me on to expelling the rest of my clothing. Each piece is removed carefully so as to indulge in the ultimate pleasure of standing naked on the edge of this glorious mountain pool with the dappled sunlight highlighting every curve and valley of my body.

I dive in and the rush of cool water takes my breath away for a moment but then I adjust and start swimming around totally carefree, diving and rising as the mood takes me. The feel of the water rushing between my legs and tantalizing my clit like a long wet tongue as I dive and frolic allows me to enjoy the sensation even more.

After a time, I rise from the water a little more slowly so that I can enjoy the sensation of the water dripping gently from my body – if only there was someone to help remove the drops with his tongue – never mind, I’ll just lay on the rocks and let the sun caress me instead – but one day hhhhmmmmmm.

I drift off into a place of semi-alertness and just lavish in the sun caressing me so skilfully. I open my legs to allow the sun to touch me intimately and wish that there was someone with me once again to wrap ourselves in the pure nature of the setting and this moment.
The sun is doing a marvellous job of sliding up and down my body in rhythm with my breathing but I am suddenly feeling a more pressurised touch and when I open my eyes, I am mesmerized by the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

While I was so taken with the moment, I had been joined by another lone traveller. The pressure of his fingers rubbing my clit increases but not a word has been spoken by either of us as we are taken further and further into this one moment in time. I move so that he can rest beside me and we slowly begin to explore each other – nothing like this has ever happened to me before, so I’m quite shocked at my reaction to the situation.

Wanting to feel more and more of this wonderful attention, I roll on top of him and keeping my weight on my arms, I lower my mouth to his temple and kiss him very softly. I rain soft kisses over his eyes and the tip of his nose and finally give in to the temptation to taste his lips. As I expected, he is lucious to touch AND taste and I’m reluctant to leave his mouth or to move my attention from those eyes. His body is not only perfect – it is incredibly beautiful – I want to ravish every inch of him.

I can’t take it any longer – his shaft is dancing up and down, pulsating and urging me onward to what I know is another wonderfully delicate inspection. The sun is glinting off the one speck of dew balancing on the edge of his shield, so using the tip of my tongue, I lick it away for it only to be replaced by another. Obviously, I’m doing something right, so I take the whole shield in my mouth and his shaft shifts uncontrollably as if it has a mind of it’s own and is urging me on to allow it to delve deeper into my mouth and rub against the roughness of my tongue. I don’t want him to climax too soon so after tasting and sucking and once again licking his shaft, I move onto his scrotum. Hmmm nice – not too hairy either and just right for – whatever the hell I want and I want to take his flesh into my mouth and just suck until he can’t take it anymore allowing each side to roll back and forth in my mouth. While I’m going with this moment and enjoying every bit of it, I’m also caressing the back of his knees with feather light touches and this seems to excite him even more which makes me feel very hot and moist myself.

He must have read my mind because he moves my attention away from him by softly rubbing the nub of my left nipple – now that feels really good – just the motion of the fingers going back and forth over my nipple is good but is soon replaced with his tongue and WOW that REALLY feels good. He’s suckling me like a baby, first my left side and now my right, I’m so wet I can’t believe this. I urge him lower by moving my hips suggestively under him and he takes the queue to venture lower and while doing so he caresses my legs and thighs with his free hand until he needs it to gently open my folds to present my clit for his inspection. He smiles at me and winks before dipping his head and allowing his tongue to trail teasingly over my clit and down to my vagina where he moves it in and out mimmicky what we both know is yet to come. He licks me and suckles me and with his teeth gently pulls at the folds before once again sending me to the stars by touching me intimately on my clit. His mouth and tongue work their magic – yes magic, no other way to explain it I’m afraid and soon I feel this tremendous overwhelming rush and my whole body just pulsates in a magnificent climax. Still pulsating with pleasure I encourage him to enter me and we start moving in unison. My vagina takes to him and holds him firmly while I use my muscles to mimmick the spasms again so that he can feel a small part of what I just had. We move together and I use his eyes as guidance so that I can see and feel the sensations sweeping over us until we climax together and spasm after spasm our juices mingle to blend as one sincere outpouring of pure passion.

After we cool down, I suggest that we do literally cool down and we both dive into the pool and swim over to the waterfall where we wash eachother and truly indulge in the pleasure of eachothers’ body. This doesn’t end there, why would you let it do that in such a setting.

Never has a man been able to generate such pleasure for me while treating me so delicately and with such great care. Never found out his name either.

This whole situation is something you could only ever fantasise about………or is it?

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