episode 18

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She was in the kitchen wearing her PJs. The morning sun was streaking through the window, and through the PJ, making her body fully visible. I silently pulled my cock out, walked from behind and hugged her. My hands were around her waist and my cock was pressing against her lower back. She gave a smile. I caressed her boobs and nipples one at a time from the outside of her PJ. Then I caressed her vagina from the outside of her PJ. I ran my cock over her butt. She moaned. She turned around. She started caressing my cock. My hands were around her waist and caressing her butt. We held tight and my cock was pressed against her abdomen. It was a great feeling. We went to the room and hopped on the bed. She laid down on her back and instinctively bent her knees and stretched her legs wide. I pulled out her PJ pant, then her PJ shirt. I unhooked her bra and pulled away her panty. I undressed. Her vagina was dripping wet and my cock head was wet with pre-cum. Her nipples were hard and erect from the massage. I hopped on her and sucked her nipples. After some minutes of licking them with my tongue I gave each of them a long hard suck. She moaned. I kneeled down and rubbed her lips with my cock. Instinctively she took my cock in her mouth and sucked. I almost ejaculated but managed to hold it. I got into a position ready to insert. I inserted my cock in her vagina. She moaned in complete ecstasy. I started thrusting. As she started moaning louder my thrusting got quicker. Eventually she reached her orgasm and I ejaculated. The warmth of her vagina around my cock felt great. My cock went soft. We laid in that position with my soft cock inside her vagina for quite some time as we chit-chatted. After some time my cock started to grow inside her. She started moaning. She liked the cock growing inside her vagina. When it got hard I started thrusting. After many minutes of thrusting she reached her orgasm and I ejaculated. We stayed in that position for a long time.

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