Fred Ames

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Fred Ames

It was one of those old, third-world countries, part of the former Soviet Union, and a Feudal domain for many centuries before that. It’s history was old and it’s culture had remained old long after the rest of the world had become modern. Then scarcely a hundred years ago things began to change. The Communists came and forced changes as people either conformed to the new social order or died at the hands of the government. The Communists brought neither peace nor prosperity and the people lived, without modern convenience as they always had.

Then, the Soviet Union simply imploded and the small country found itself a free country with none of the elements necessary to govern themselves. Chaos prevailed until the organized elements of society, i.e., corruption, organized crime, old military types, and ex-government official, etc., could form a government.

Of course, during those first years, police and fire protections was sporadic; property could not be bought or sold and recorded; deaths were not recorded; Marriage licenses were unavailable and commerce was at a stand-still as farmers crops remained in the fields for lack of transport.

It was during this time that Leona was born. She was a planned for child, born to loving and caring parents and, in spite of the times she was given a proper education at home. Her parents worked their farm as their ancestors had worked theirs for at least ten generations. Lacking plumbing, electricity or telephone, life remained primitive as it always had been and her parents had worked to educate her and get her away from the hard life and into the big world around them.

During her early years Lee was charged with learning reading, writing and arithmetic and later with history, economics, physics, chemistry and computer while her parents worked extra hours in their fields. Lee was aware of the effort her parents were making for her and worked doubly hard at her studies to please them.

For her first eighteen years governments regularly overcame their predecessors and then fell to a new faction. Some made efforts to improve the lot of the people. . .most sought to exploit them.

Then a new government came to power that was stronger and more capable than any before. Several of the top officials were proficient at administration and sought to improve the country’s infrastructure and the lot of the people. They built roads and electric power distribution systems as they drilled wells and encouraged investments in their needed industries.

Foreign aid flowed into the country freely along with a host of engineers, accountants, agricultural advisors, etc. The country was being transformed rapidly as the small farms were amalgamated into big, corporate farms that could be more economically farmed. People were moved from their former holdings to new homes in the new villages where they enjoyed modern plumbing and electricity and solid homes.

Among the first of those foreign advisors to arrive in Leona’s village was a young Engineer by the name of Fred Ames. Fred was a Civil Engineer with expertise in dam building and irrigation that came to the village to construct a dam across their small river and divert water for irrigation of several hundred acres of previously arid land as well as the new corporate farms.

New to the country and culture, Fred needed an interpreter – someone to help him learn the local language and interpret the words back and forth to the local workers! N hopes of finding the best and most competent, he offered pay far exceeding any other salary in the area.

Leona, competent in English, was one of several job applicants. As Fred interviewed, he sought first an older man and on close inspection found him to be unskilled in the social arts but smelled like a goat. Then, he interviewed a fat older woman who seemed to offer much more than her interpretive skills. . .not a pleasant thought to Fred! The third person to be interviewed was Leona; young, fresh and clean, she had worked to make her best appearance for the job interview.

After only a couple of minutes, Fred had assured himself that Leona was the person for the job. With more stylish clothing, she would make a good impression on the many visiting dignitaries that would be coming to his office.

When she returned, for a second visit, Fred explained her job to her and the need for a good personal appearance. When she accepted the job she would be given a generous clothing allowance to purchase suitable clothing and accessories. She would be expected to be on call at all times to interpret for him and she must conduct herself in a manner that gave a good impression of the company she worked for.

As she left her second visit Lee had already noted Fred’s healthy body, good nature and sexy ways. Should she let down her guard, she would surely fall victim to his charms. She would be on guard!

The following Monday, Leona reported for work and for the first time Fred saw what some decent lingerie and tailored clothes could do. Lee stood before him a beautiful, confident, sophisticated woman. As Fred explained her duties, he sensed a growing lust. . . This, he had not anticipated!

A week passed and the two became familiar as they learned to control their passions.

Later, Fred began to hire the unskilled workers to construct the Dam and diversion canals and assist the skilled equipment operators, surveyors, carpenters, etc. Soon Leona became not only his interpreter but his advisor on many of the local hires. Then, as the organization grew, Lee became his office manager

It was a hectic time as the local people were still adjusting to their moves into the new village homes and becoming regular wage earners as the roar of powerful engines on the big earth moving equipment disturbed the normally tranquil scene.

It was also a time of tensions among the local people whose lives were being so greatly modified. Husbands and wives sometimes grew distant and infidelity seemed to be everywhere as the villagers forgot their old moral system and had not yet found the new system that was attuned to their new lives.

When it was discovered that her father had been shagging a neighbor, Lee had expected that he would be shunned and driven out of the village as had been the tradition; then, instead, her mother had forgiven him and life went on as if there had been no breech of the moral code.

Amid all this confusion, she began to develop dreams. . .wild erotic dreams filled with sexual activities and always involving a faceless man with all the attributes of Fred Ames. At first the dreams came only in her deep sleep; then more vividly during her REM sleep. When she found her mind entertaining those dreams while she was at work, she fought them. Then, she began to actually consider giving her virginity to Fred and letting him make a woman of her.

Meanwhile, Fred was very busy working 14 to 16 hours a day to get his project underway. His whole life seemed attuned to his work. . . except for his late night dreams. It was then that he enjoyed an incredible intimacy with Lee and the aura of sex was foremost in every dream! With daylight, he suppressed those dreams completely.

With the hiring of the large work force, it became necessary to hire more office staff to handle the administrative detail and Lee became the office manager. In addition, two more interpreters were hired. . . Soon, Lee was working long days with little time for thought other than work. To facilitate her working the long hours, she moved into a worker’s ‘hootch’ and took her meals on site. Still, her dreams continued. . .

Each day, the heavy equipment moved from daylight until dark at the construction site as the new dam went into place and summer turned to fall. The rains would come in October and the site must be prepared to pass the storm waters through the project area before shutting down for the winter rainy months.

By October, the diversion construction was complete and the big equipment parked as the foreign equipment operators and maintainers departed to return in the spring. The local work force began working short hours and four day weeks. Life at the site moved at a crawl.

The rains came. The storm waters passed through the diversion as planned and
it was decided to celebrate the traditional harvest festival in the village. The site maintenance shop was cleared and decorated and every family in the village supplemented the company chef’s food offerings as cases of the local liquor [some said it was like vodka] brought in.

On the appointed night, the Oompha band played as the villagers danced. Then, while resting, they ate from the abundance of buffet food and drank the liquor.

The Harvest Festival was always an occasion for much revelry and more than a little drunkenness . . . this one was about to exceed all others as they danced the traditional dances and ate the food. It was the drink that added the life to the party.

There was a shout and everyone joined the unknown reveler in a traditional toast to the Almighty God who had bless them. Then, a toast to their country and freedom and the entire assembly raised their glasses again. It was after the sixth, or maybe it was the tenth, toast, Fred felt his knees go wobbly – his mind grow fuzzy.

Then, he felt strong arms grasp him and support him as they half-carried him to his ‘hootch’ where Lee sat him on his bed and proceeded to remove his shoes and trousers in preparations for putting him down in bed.

Now, Fred was away from the crowd and in the quiet hootch where he fell into a playful mood. His inhibitions fell away as he attempted to kiss Lee and feel of her breasts. His moves, which she had often craved in her dreams, were crude and unwelcome. She pushed him away. . .

“One kiss on the lips, that’s all!” he said as he smiled a big enticing smile. Lee thought for a moment; then, she moved to him and kissed him squarely on the lips. “Now, Go to sleep!”

So the jousting began as Fred’s drunken moves were countered by Lee. After a few minutes, Fred’s eyelids grew heavy and he grew serious, “Lee, I want you. I want to be with you. I want to make love to you. . . .”

To this statement Lee gave serious consideration. Fred was drunk but she was pretty sure he wasn’t just looking for a quick little act. . . she perceived that he wanted much more and was tempted. “Go to sleep you pig. When you get up in the morning, wash your mouth out and shower; then, come and we’ll talk.

Then with Fred safely in bed, sleeping off his drunken stupor, she sat watching him. He was a better man than the sot that lay on the bed before her and she hoped he’d learned a hard lesson. Contemplating the man further, she hoped he’d come to her and talk when he was recovered. Much later, she returned to her ‘hootch’.

Next morning was Sunday and the village was exceptionally quiet as the villagers slept off their hangovers. Lee slept late before leisurely preparing for the day and taking breakfast at the company dining hall. Then, she went to her office to work on some problems that needed her attention. It was late afternoon when she realized that she hadn’t seen Fred all day. She wondered if he was all right. . . .

Monday dawned bright and clear as the weather turned cloudy and a cold wind began to blow. Lee reported for work and found several absentees from her staff – probably still recovering from their drunk over the weekend. Then, noting that Fred was also absent, she became concerned.

It was past eight thirty when she went to his hootch and knocked; then receiving no answer entered. Fred wasn’t there. Seeing him gone she reasoned that he may be at breakfast and she went to the dining hall where she didn’t find him either. Her concern grew. She checked the various shops and work areas on the site.

It was at the dam site that she found him standing on the incompleted work and facing into a stiff, cold wind. He wore only a light, summer shirt and trousers and would be subject to hypothermia in minutes in his exposed position. As she approached him, she spoke, “Fred, Are you all right?”

“I’m not all right. I’m a stupid ass who embarrassed himself in front of the whole village.”

“You and about half the other men in the village. It’s nothing.”

“Hopefully, this weather will restore my soul and get me moving again.”

“Most likely, it’ll get you sick and a burden. Come with me and we’ll get you started on your recovery.” she said. Then, she took his hand and led him back to his ‘hootch’ as he began to shiver in the advancing stages of hypothermia.

Back in the warmth of his living quarters, Lee made up the covers on his bed and insisted he get in bed as she called the dining hall and instructed them to bring a thermos of hot coffee and a hot breakfast. Only then did she engage Fred in conversation.

“What you did was dumb, Fred!”

“You mean, “Getting Drunk?”

“No, I mean going out and trying to freeze yourself to death.”

“Yeh! That was kinda stupid wasn’t it?”

“It’s not like you Fred. . . You’re not the type to do such stupid things.”

“Yeh! And I owe you an apology for coming on to you when you brought me back from the party.”

“Did you mean those things that you said?”

Suddenly, Fred stopped and grew silent. He was considering an answer. Then, he spoke, “You’re a beautiful woman Lee. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t control those strong feelings I have for you. Please don’t let those words ruin our working relationship. I’ll keep my passions under control in the future.”

Lee responded immediately, “Suppose I told you I have similar feelings. . . that I often think of you taking my virginity and making a woman of me.”

“WOW!” Are you sure? I mean, you’ll have to be sure.”

“I’m sure. It doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment as I know that you’ll be gone from here in another year or two”

“When I leave, would you come with me? It’d be an exciting life moving about the world”

“Of course.”

Then, the coffee and food came.

Over Fred’s breakfast, they discussed their developing relationship. It was decided that they would begin with a dinner date that evening. Then, they would let it develop as it might and when the time was right, they’d be together. It was a grand plan and seemed to bring renewed confidence and energy to the ailing Fred.

It was after ten o’clock in the morning when Lee returned to her office and more than a few noted the absence and the time she’d spent at Fred’s Hootch. She proceeded to work as best she could as her mind kept returning to her new relationship. She was excited and a little afraid of the new feelings that she was experiencing and she could hardly suppress her excitement.

With the lunch break, she went to the dining hall with some of her coworkers rather that Fred. . .It seemed appropriate somehow! Then, as they ate their lunch and talked, it became apparent that her relationship with Fred had been noticed – she speculated silently on how much they thought they knew. “Oh well! What difference did the open knowledge of their relationship matter anyway?”he thought.

Then, with the close of the workday, Lee went to her hootch and showered and cleaned herself thoroughly. Then, on inspection, she decided to trim her rather thick bush in preparation for what might happen some time in the future. She worked carefully until it had been trimmed to a thin strip running upwards over her mound before stopping to admire her work. Then, she decided that it went well with her virgin status.

Next, she donned her black lingerie and stockings; then her scarlet dress with the black belt and trim. She adjusted her hair and applied just a hint of makeup. Then, she waited. . .

After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only ten minutes, there was a knock at the door and Lee answered to admit Fred. Then, as she turned to get the snack she had prepared for the occasion, she felt a rush of lust like never before. . .her body grew tense and excited as she felt her nipples grow sensitive and her vestibule moist. The shear intensity of her new feelings were overpowering as she struggled for control.

As she proceeded to offer the finger food to Fred, her mind was struggling; then, suddenly, this is what she really wanted. . . Her mind calmed and her power of reason returned as she set out to seduce Fred at this very moment. She looked him in the eye. . .

It was when their eyes met that Fred realized that the time had come to lay with Lee. Her eyes spoke it all and he was ready. Of course it was happening sooner than he’d expected but he was ready. He felt his cock swell in his trousers. . . Perhaps, after dinner and a few drinks. . .

Then, as Fred finished his finger food, Lee approached him and he saw her needs in here eyes. . . she was horny! With the realization, he felt himself embraced and kissed on the lips. . .

He returned the kiss as tenderly as he could and they experimented with tgheir lips for a few moments. Lee backed away from their embrace looking hurt and embarrassed as she spoke, “I’m not very good at kissing, am I? It was my first time, you know!”

Fred smiled as he acknowledged her inexperience and said simply, “We’ll get better.” Then, he moved to sit Lee on to her sofa bed with himself next to her where they might experiment and learn the art of making love.

It was apparent that Lee was eager to get on with the seduction and after they had developed some proficiency in kissing and soul kissing, Fred placed his hand on her clothed breast.

As Lee felt her breast fondled for the first time, she stiffened and resisted but only for a split second as she willed herself to permit that new feeling. She lay back on the sofa and permitted Fred to play with her upper body as he might – she trusted that he wouldn’t hurt her! A few minutes later, her red dress was lying on the end of the bed and her bra hung open to give Fred full access to her small but perfectly formed breasts. Lee’s breathing was deep and fast! She was excited beyond any past experience as she reveled in discovering the unkown.

With access, he carefully fondled and caressed her tits as he watched her for approval; moving slowly to give her time to adjust and enjoy the sensations he was creating. When he bent to apply his lips to her nipples Fred was reasonably sure that they’d miss dinner.

Fred was a good lover and teacher as Lee was an apt learner and in only a few minutes Freds hands had passed up the smooth black hose on her legs to the soft flesh of her inner thighs and on to her virgin cuny. Again, he moved slowly, allowing time for Lee to become familiar and adjust.

With each new move by Fred, Lee experienced a new sensation unlike any she’d ever known before. With the new sensation came more excitement and a growing lust which she could no longer control.

Underlying all the sensations and excitement lay a fear – a fear of the unknown! Had she had the time to consider her situation, she might have responded to that fear but with the new sensations and the excitement the situation was constantly changing and she clung to the knowledge that she wanted all this to happen. . . She wanted Fred to take her virginity and make her a woman!

As she felt her lover’s thumbs part her labia and expose the soft, inner flesh of her vestibule, she heard herself cry out in some wild animal cry. . . Then, came the indescribable pleasure of his tongue licking and caressing that sensitive area as it sought out her clit. . .

Fred moved more swiftly now. . . his own feelings were beginning to impel him more swiftly towards coitus. . . his own needs pressing him onwards! Still very aware of his responsibility to his inexperienced and vulnerable lover, he continued to play to her needs.

Suddenly, Lee was aware of Fred’s needs and desires and of his struggle to serve her feelings first. She was aware that his heightened feelings had been the result of her and she felt the power. She had brought him to this point. It was then that she began to take an active part in their play and address his feelings with her actions.

Seconds later, Lee was pulling Fred over her and saying, “Put it in me Fred! Do me and make me a woman! :Plleeaaase!”

Then, with Fred over her, between her splayed knees and adjusting his cock for the initial entry into Lee’s virgin vagina he looked down to here eyes for approval. There he found a strange mixture of lust, fear, and need. The muscles in her neck were taut as she steeled herself for what was to come. “Do it to me!” she said.

With that Fred slipped the crown of his man-meat into the mouth of her love canal and waited for a reaction. Lee’s eyes were shut and she was tense all over as she prepared for the unknown – the pain and discomfort! He pushed forward and his cock slid further into her well lubricated vagina.

As Fred’s cock slid into her he felt only the tight, velvety smooth, inner walls of her vagina – no resistance from a hymen! As his tool progressed deeper into her belly, Fred looked to Lee’s eyes which were tightly shut and her face and neck tense as they anticipated the worst.

Then, he felt it. . .Fred’s cock had connected with Lee’s cervix and he was fully embedded into her. He grew motionless.

Then, Lee realized that she had taken all of Fred’s tool into her and there had been no pain and no blood and no mess. She was a woman! She had taken Fred all the way into her and she was proud! With her confidence restored and her fears resolved, she was proud!

In a few seconds, Fred began to withdraw and thrust back into her and she, no longer fearful of the unknown and confident, began to mee his thrusts in the rhythm of love. They kissed.

A minute later, it was over as Fred felt the spurts of sperm eject from his cock into her waiting belly. It was too soon. . . the couple had been so close to something and it was over.

They lay close in a lovers embrace as Fred’s rapidly deflating cock remained embedded in lee’s belly. They kissed and fondled as their frustration abated. Fred spoke first, “It’ll get better as we get more experience. . . you were great!”

“Really,” Lee spoke with pride.

“Really, you were a wonderful lover – the best!”

“When can we do it again ?”

“How about dinner first?”

“Do we have to?” Lee spoke as she moved away from their embrace, “Then, let’s get some dinner so we can get back to bed again.”

The lovers quickly showered and redressed themselves. They looked elegant as they dined at the mess hall and no one seemed to note how quickly they ate their dessert and left.

Back at Lee’s hootch, the lovers quickly returned to the bed and proceeded to make love for a second time that night. This time the foreplay was largely ignored as the couple moved to fuck. . .

As Fred’s cock slid into her for the second time, Lee was eager! She felt her needs and desires without fear and reveled in the intense feelings emanating from her body. She began to move and cooperate with Fred in their act and in so doing felt her own excitement rise. She was learning!

It was her idea to actually begin the copulation and she pulled Fred into position over her with an obvious intent! He quickly perceived her intent and proceeded to put his man-meat into her love channel where it moved steadily until he was fully embedded. Carefully, he moved to embrace Lee more closely and kiss her; then, suddenly, he rolled them over with his tool still fully embedded.

There, on top, Fred instructed her, “Now, you fuck me. Do me good!”

Lee found herself a bit unsure as she raised her self part way off his cock and then, lowered herself in an experiment. The feeling was sensational and she did it again. With each additional thrust she felt the power she was exercising over Fred and it was exhilarating. Driven by instinct alone now, she fucked with vigor she didn’t know she had.

As Fred had hoped, this position would allow her more freedom of expression and it was showing as he saw her lust rapidly rising. . . her breathing more rapid and her skin flushed with excitement. She seemed to have a natural talent. . .

In less than a minute, Lee felt a new sensation building – more intensity and more passion that anything before. It took control over her as she cried out! “Ooohhhhh. . .”
And now guided her every move. There was no force on earth that could stop her. . .

Then, her orgasm struck with the force of a lightning bold! As it struck, she succumbed totally to the powerful feelings emanating from her entire body and continued to act by instinct alone.

Beneath her, with his cock fully embedded in her seething cauldron of a vagina, Fred lushed up to send his tool as far into her as possible and enhance her pleasure. . . He felt a measure of satisfaction at seeing Lee in her first orgasm with a man.

Eventually, Lee came off her orgasmic high and lay fatigued on his body with his hard cock still in her pussy. As she lay, she realized that Fred still hadn’t had his peak and moved to resume their coitus. She moved with renewed vigor at first and they enjoyed the faster rhythm of their act but it was not to last as she was forced to rest. . . she lay on his belly and kissed him. Fred sensed her exhaustion. . .

Fred, assuming the dominant condition again, hugged Lee tightly in an embrace and rolled again so that he was now on top. There, as she lay motionless, he began to fuck her with he vigor he had reserved when she was on top.

She lay helpless, unable to respond as Fred’s powerful cock impaled her with ever increasing intensity. Still, there were sensations. . . wild, erotic sensations. Lee, with no real alternative lay enjoying those sensations and quietly building her passions again.

Time passed; perhaps five minutes; maybe much longer! Still the wild fucking continued! Then, Lee sensed it. . .something in his steady staccato of thrusting had changed slightly. . . he was going to cum! With renewed strength she drove her pussy upwards to meet his downward strokes and she felt a renewed passion.

When she felt the first jerk as he shot his cum into her, Lee was fully prepared and she peaked again. . . They came together in a perfect ending!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Yes, Fred and Lee were fully compatible and yes they were in love. The following week, Fred was introduced to Lee’s family formally and the following week, the bans were published in the church. They were married in the manner of Leona’s country and returned to live in their hootches at the construction site.

Fred, after fifteen months of marriage, and seeing the end of his job there is sight, began to make plans. Seeing an evolving need for transport in the developing country, he bid on and purchased the six big eighteen wheelers with his savings from his time on the project. Then, he ordered them re-painted and several new trailers to suit his new company.

Now, the farmers would have a way to transport their crops to market and receive finished goods in return. With the new roads that had been recently developed, he could cover a large territory with his six trucks. Since the truck drivers had already been trained while working on the project, only some minor licensing problems would be involved. . . To manage his trucking firm, he hired Lee to manage the company and her father to do the marketing and sales.

As his trucking firm began to pay big profits, Fred bought a big piece of mountainside property, unfit for farming but suitable for a dairy, and fifty milk cows. Again, the dairy became immediately profitable.

When Fred retired just less than two years later, he owned a substantial portion of the business and commerce in that part of the country.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

As the rest of the new country was hampered in their growth by graft and corruption, Fred was careful to counter any semblance of it in his area. There, the weak Federal government refrained from bothering him with his substantial money and power.

Each month, his influence spread from it’s base at his village, further and further, as it developed the economy of another small, rural area. Then, foreign investment came and competition developed.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

With his investments in the hands of capable managers and still only thirty six years old, Fred retired from the development business and moved with his wife, Lee, to a large house on the shores of the lake he had created. Most any afternoon, he might be found at home, fucking his beautiful wife, or in the village among friends. He pays his taxes and abides by the laws of the land. Fred Ames is a happy man

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