Here Comes the Rain

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Naked, I lay face down across your bed feeling the cool breeze from the open window wash across my damp skin. It will rain soon and the breeze carries the scent of trees and far off lightning. I wait, eyes closed, for you to come to me. The air shifts and I know without looking that you are standing in the doorway watching me. I feel the heat of your eyes trace down my cheek…my shoulders….my back….my hips. I struggle not to squirm under the almost physical sensation of your gaze. I almost gasp aloud as you touch my calf. One finger only, lightly. You trace a trail of fire from the back of my ankle to the back of my knee. I breathe deeply and smell your scent. Clean, light and yet utterly male, unique.
The room is darkening with the coming storm. Slowly, your touch, still only one finger, moves from the back of my knee up my thigh and becomes the touch of your palm as you cup one buttock, squeezing lightly. The bed shifts and thunder grumbles in the distance as you bend over me to place the lightest of kisses at the base of my spine. I arch, unable to control my moan of pleasure. I can feel your smile of satisfaction against my skin. You place your hand at my waist and roll me onto my back. I open my eyes as lightning flashes and I see your face in the glow. Intent, burning, as wild as the storm that has begun around us. You press your body against mine, your hard sex pushing at my belly in need. I smile into your eyes and arch against it ever so slightly, drawing a moan from you.. Your mouth comes down to cover mine and our tongues meet. Wet velvet sliding together and apart, in and out, mimicking what is to come. I run my fingers through your hair, across your shoulders and down your back. Lightly, I scratch your buttocks with my nails and it is your turn to arch in pleasure. You shift to lay beside me and press me flat onto the bed. Your hand traces a path from the side of my face, down my neck and up the slope of one breast. You pause and look into my eyes, smiling. You know how much I am aching for your touch. As lightning flashes and thunder breaks above us, your fingers close on my nipple. It hardens instantly , sending a jolt of electricity down my body. I feel moisture pool between my thighs. You bend your head and capture my nipple with your mouth, sucking lightly. My breathing quickens and I moan as your tongue flicks against me, making me quiver. As your mouth continues on my breast, your hand travels further down my body, stopping for an instant to caress my belly button before sliding lower into the curly hair between my legs. Slowly your fingers part the folds of my sex to expose that most sensitive place. I arch and groan as you slide a single finger slowly inside me. Heat and need break over me like the thunder of the storm outside. I beg you for release, but you just smile and reaching out for my hand, guide it to the hard maleness between your legs.
The beauty of your sex distracts me for the moment from my own hunger. I marvel at the size and smoothness of the shaft as I wrap my hand around you, stroking. You shiver, and in the next flash of lightning, I see that your expression has changed from one of playfulness to a look of raw need.
Suddenly, without warning, you roll above me. Almost roughly, you spread my legs beneath you and press your naked heat against mine. The tip of you presses against that small, exqusitely sensitive spot and I cry out. Slowly, so slowly, you slide your shaft up and down between the lips of my sex, soaking yourself in my wetness. I crave you inside me and beg for an end to the torment. Your relent, and grasping my hips in both hands, you enter me, sliding all the way inside my body in one fluid motion. Thunder and lightning roll around us and we are lost in each other. You settle between my thighs and begin a sweet, slow rhythm. Each stroke of your sex inside mine bringing us closer to climax.
I arch my hips against you, grinding my sex against yours, trying to take you deeper. Frustrated, I roll, taking you with me until I straddle you. Sitting up, I arch backwards, my hips rocking against yours. Your hard sex sliding in and out of my body creates a delicious friction and I move faster, straining for release. Sweat covers both our bodies. Our moans mingle to become one voice.
I feel you tense beneath me and I know you are ready. Leaning forward, I press my lips to your ear and whisper,, “Now, my love. ” Your body spasms and I feel the hot spurt of you fill me, the sensation of your release triggers my own and I scream into the night as pleasure washes over me. As if controlled by our passion ,the storm outside breaks, rain washing in torrents across the windows of the room.
Later, I lay against your chest, our hearts beating slowly in the same rhythm. Your hands stroke my hair as I press a kiss to the side of your neck. Rain water drips from the roof outside our window. The storm has ended…for now.

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