Hes so beautiful.. but more than he seems.. Pt 2

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As he took her hand he led her up the stairs and towards her room. He pushed the door open and knew it was her room who else would have it pink? His want was bubbling up in his body and he wanted to lose it but kept himself as calm as possible. Wow.. i want him so bad but i dont know if he’ll hurt me or not..GODD! what should i do? Kasey screamed in her head but she couldnt find out the answer. “So your sure your ok with this.. i mean im not like you of course but it wouldnt change anything..” his voice startled her away from her thinking. “Yeah im sure” she had found her answer without thinking. He turned around and faced her and she tilted her face up and look at him through glazed eyes. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed him hard. He grinded his body against hers as his heat level was about to burst. He moved his hands down onto her breasts and gently kneaded them and squeezed them. She moaned and pulled away panting for air. He slowly took off his own shirt and she sucked in air. His body was nothing less than perfection. She followed his lead and took of her shirt and even her jeans. She was standing in nothing but her under garments and he was already breathless. He ripped his jeans off and his boxers all in one. She gasped hard and shivered. He was HUGE. His 11″ cock was rock hard and ready for her. “I uhm..i..” she stammered. “You havent done this before, right?” he knew by the way she acted. “Uhm no i havent..” she blushed. He flashed her a smile like a devil and she felt so much better. He looked at her exspectantly and she slowly unhooked her bra from the front and her 34c breasts tumbled out. Next she ripped her thong strait off exsposeing her perfectly smooth shaved pussy. He closed his eyes and opened them looking at her through heavy lids. He had to have her NOW! “Come here” he spoke in a deep lusty voice. She walked forward looking at him innocently and he picked her up and set her down on the bed. He moved on top of her quick and swift. Omg .. hes so gorgeous.. i cant beleive im doing this! Kaseys mind was about to blow she kept thinking so much. He leaned forward and brought her lips to his and his tounge found its way into her mouth. Whoa.. that made all her thoughts scatter for sure..He broke the kiss hastily.. he needed her right now before he burst. “Im warning you now its going to hurt probably a lot at first. Ill go slow at first.. until you get used to it and it feels good ok?”. “Ok.. i think i can handle it..”. In one swift motion he was all the way inside her and she screamed tears falling from her beautiful eyes. “Im sorry its ok” he spoke in a soothing voice as he started to rock ever so slightly.”Are you ok?” he asked in a worried tone. “Ye.. yeah im fine” she stammered from pain. In a couple of minutes her pain vanished entirely. She moaned loud. “Harder.. faster.. oh godddd” she barely could breath. He did as told and fastened his pace slamming against her. “Oh fuck your tight oh my god uhhh” he could barely take it. She felt so good. “Oh damnit your tight pussy feels so good wrapped around my dick oh jesus christ”. “Oh baby harder harder please dont stop” she was now screaming. She dug her nails hard into his back and her legs were wrapped around his waste. He lifted her all the way off the bed till they were against eachother and he stayed in the same position with his hands on the bed rocking back and forth slamming into her. She dug her nails harder until he was bleeding. “Oh yeah fuck god it feels awesome you hurt me so good baby” he groaned and closed his eyes tight. Beleive it or not if your a vampire hurting eachother during sex feels amazing. He pounded harder and she trembled hard reaching her climax. Her pussy tightened around his dick and he groaned. “Oh god oh shit im gonna cum please cum inside me oh jesus OH FUCK IM CUMMING!” she screamed harder than ever it felt like it made the walls tremble and shatter. He screamed loud “Oh fucking hell im cumming oh god” he came deep inside her belly. Six or seven streams of hot sticky cum shot out of his rod. He fell down on top of her hard gasping for air. She breathed in pain filling her because lack of air. “oh.. my.. god” she gasped out. “Jesus you were the best person ive ever ever been with kasey” jake spoke soft holding her tight in his arms. “jake..” she spoke in a worryed voice.. “whats going to happen you know after this we arent just gonna stop seeing eachother are we??” He looked deep into her beautiful eyes. “I wouldnt ever stop seeing you unless someone killed me” he was so sure of his answer he didnt even ponder it. “I.. i was well wondering.. would you ever concider turning me into a vampire at all?” His eyes widened in shock. Her.. she the most perfect girl on earth was asking this. “I dont know.. i couldnt ruin you like that youve got way to much going on..”.”Well what if i want you to?” she asked determined to get a yes. She knew she loved him and whatever it took she would be just like him.”Well.. if you really wanted to i couldnt say no but you dont do you?” he kind of wanted her to change.. they could be together forever.. “Yeah actully i do.. please please do this for me” her eyes brimmed with tears as she begged. “I uhm.. i guess i cant say no to you”. He pulled her closer breathing gently on her neck his fangs bareing. He could smell her scent and he almost lost control of his human side. “This may pinch a little at first but i promise itll feel extremely good after” he spoke barely a whisper he wanted it so much. “Alright but please be gentle” she was trembling she was frightened to death. He kissed her neck softly reassureing her. His lips touched her neck….. and she knew her life would be changed forever.. but she couldnt stop him……

To be continued..

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