Hes so beautiful.. but more than he seems.. Pt 3

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Her mind raced over so many things but she couldnt stop him not now not ever. She had made up her mind, she Kasey Woods, was going to become a vampire. Jakes lips were soft on her neck and he let his tounge sliter across her flesh getting her ready. His teeth slid out of theyre sheaths scareing her more and more. “I love you jake” she whispered to him through tight lips. “I love you kasey” he said in a hoarse tone, but he meant every word to the fullest. His teeth poked her skin and passed through starting her new life. She let out a small shreik of pain but he held her body close to his and stroked her arm calming her down as much as he could.He closed his eyes from the pleasure in his body. Drawing blood for vampires was more than changeing or feeding, it was like sex in its own way. He felt his body tense as hers did and she let out a low moan. He could tell she wasnt in pain any more. Kasey pressed hard on his head making him keep sucking her blood. “Oh god oh it feels so good dont stop” she groaned and squirmed around but he quickly held her still. She trembled uncontrollably as she moaned and screamed pressing the back of his neck and head harder and harder. Jake could barely take it his body was warm and he felt electricity shoot through him. He pulled away eventully gasping for air. Kasey tryed to breath but it was hard and her eyes fluttered open slowly. “Omg that was amazing…”. “Well im glad you liked it but were not done yet..”. She gave him a questioning look. “For it to be official and all you have to bite me or drink my blood. Ill make a cut for you.. you dont have fangs yet.” “Oh.. uhm it wont hurt for you will it?” “Hell no its gonna feel great but your going to have to take the taste of blood at first. Youll start to like it in about a minute.””Alright then lets get started”. Kasey was confident. She really wanted this no lie. He took a small dagger out of his pants and made a slice on the base of his neck. He pulled her forward until her lips hit the cut and she started sucking hard. Ewww.. she thought. She hated blood already. But she had to keep going she wanted to be with jake more than ever. “Damn keep sucking god that feels so good uhh” jake was in pure pleasure. He was used to getting bitten sometimes so it felt real real nice. She sucked harder now hearing that he enjoyed it. She was really starting to like the tase of blood. She felt warm and fuzzy yet it felt good in a sexual way. Jake pressed hard on the back of her neck urgeing her to suck harder, while he had his eyes closed and his head tossed back. “Oh jesus christ dont stop uhh oh god i think im gonna cum” he let out a low scream and he splattered his cum on his stomach and on her breasts and neck. She stopped sucking breathing hard. Her whole body hurt now and she passed out within a minute. Kasey stirred to find she was laying against jake whos breathing was slow and shallow. She instantly remembered what happened and she felt something sharp on her tounge. She hopped out of bed as quiet as possible and ran to the bathroom. She flashed a smile and saw her fangs. “WOOO” she screamed as quiet as possible in joy. YEAH!! finally im like jake and we can be together. She screamed in the next second. “Omg you fucking scared me” kasey said shakeing. Jake was right behind her. “Sorry i just wanted to see too”. “Its ok”kasey flashed a big smile as did he. He wrapped his strong arms around her from behind, cradling her. “So jake.. does this mean were going to be together.. for well a long time?” kasey sounded hopeful as she spoke. “Yeah it does.. thats only if you want to be with me because i know for sure i wanna be with you.” “Of course you dork why do u think i did this” kasey grinned excited beyond reasons. “Haha yeah sorry forgot for a second”. He leaned over as she tilted her head to the side and he kissed her soft and sweet. The kind of kiss youd want to never end because your so deep in love. Kasey sighed happily.” Well im still sleepy whata yah say we go take a little nap hot stuff?” kasey said happily. “Yeah sounds good im wooped.. damn girl you know how to wear someone out!” “Thanks” she flashed a beautiful smile as she led him to her bed. They layed down snuggled in the soft mound of covers and holding eachother tightly. “I love you” kasey said softly nuzzling her nose against his neck. “I love you too” he said as he planted a kiss on her forehead. With that they dozed off.. both with smiles on theyre faces. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

To be continued..

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