Hes so beautiful..but more than he seems..Pt 1

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He was gorgeous beyond her wildest dreams. Kasey had been walking down the hall.. another boreing day at green hope high. She didnt pay attention stareing at everyone like she always did and saying hey to a lot of people, her friends. She accidently bumped into someone and she looked slightly up into the most gorgeous face she had ever seen. He was tall dark and handsome standing at 6’2, 215 lbs all muscle, deep hazel eyes and short black hair that was slightly shaggy. She could see him look her over, hey what could she say she wasnt bad looking herself. Standing at 5’8, 110 lbs, long brown/blonde hair and big innocent green eyes. She was stunned he was so hot. “Sorry” she mumbled in embarresment of stareing. “No problem” he answered. WHOA! she almost hit the floor. He had the sexiest voice she had ever heard EVER. He flashed her a smile and she melted. Hmm.. she thought he must be a senior.. too hot for other grades, her being a junior herself. They passed eachother but he didnt forget her at all. He thought she was beautiful. Any right minded guy would see that she liked him by stareing but he ignored it. She was too perfect.. and he was well not. He could never be normal. As hard as to beleive as it was, there was a thing as vampires. He would know him being one. It was true that they had issues with holy water and stuff, but not sunlight and such. He couldnt ever get her but he knew instantly he loved her, he didnt know how but he knew. Kasey had to take her chances she couldnt let a guy like that go. He made her heart race with just a small glance. She turned around and jetted after him and reached him breathless. He gave her a quizical look while thinking about how pretty she was. “Hi im kasey, i just thought itd be better we got aquanted dontchya think?”Yeah” he spoke with a smile.”Im jake”. Jake.. she let the name roam her head sweetly. “Well jake yeah i gotta get to class but hey i know i dont know you but any chance you wanna go get sumin to eat after school?” it was friday and she had PLENTY of time to waste on this guy. “Yeah sure why not thatd be cool” he smiled again. “Well ill seeyah then…..Jake…”.”Bye kasey” he said with a hint of sadness of parting with her. Little did he know he probably would have her sometime..more than he knew..
“Alright jake if your rideing in my car your going to have to chill a bit”. He laughed a slick laugh. “Sorry im just a little tired or something i guess”. “Well alright but wake up!!So anyways we could go get some wendys or something and bring it to my place n watch movies. My parents are out for the weekend i could use the company for a couple hours”. He felt his heart leap but then reminded himself of what he was..”Yeah sounds cool” he tryed to hide the joy in his voice. They pulled up to Kaseys house with theyre food gone, hey they were hungry..For more than food in this case. She walked inside with a bounce in her step and he walked behind her slow and lanky like. She brought him into the living room and popped in a movie and sat pretty close to him. He could feel her heat and it drived him wild with want but he stayed still. Please oh please let him like me, kasey prayed in her head. She could practically feel him all over her and she wanted him so badly in every way. She schooched closer and closer till her face was inches from his and he could feel her breath on his face. He put on a questioning look and she made her move. She leaned forward and kissed him gently. He was suprised hardly breathing but he pulled her closer. All of a sudden he remembered.. im not even like her. He pushed her away gently and she looked crestfallen. “Wh..whatd i do im sorry” she stammered tears welling up in her eyes. “No its not you..its just.. oh never mind you wouldnt understand. Her tears and sorrow were quickly replaced with anger. “Yeah right whatever you just dont like me” she spoke hard with sarcasm. “You wouldnt be able to understand im not even like you or any kid at green hope”. “OH YEAH? well i dont beleive that”. His anger also was riseing in his body. “Whatever you couldnt even possibly imagine whats going on with me”. “Well you wont let me try mr. know it all” she was standing and he stood towering over her. “YEAH well you have it all easy at least your NORMAL!” he shouted not noticeing he was hurting her. “OH im sorry ur the only one who ruffs it what makes u so not normal mr special” she shouted back. “you wouldnt beleive me” his voice quieted down. She felt horrible. “Just try and tell me please?” she gave him such a look he blurted out before he even thought. “Im a vampire, ok its not bullshit its real”. Her face skrewed up..” yeah now im mariah cary hunn”. “NO really” he said. “Oh so scared prove it then”. He thought a moment and brought her closer forceing her with a hand on her arm. She looked a bit afraid. He flashed his teeth fully and let his fangs come out of theyre sheaths. She gasped and screamed and tryed to run. “See i knew youd do this” he hissed and held onto her arm tight. “Im sorry im sorry please dont hurt me please”. He softened and pulled her closer her trembling hard. He whispered to her “i wouldnt dream of hurting you.. ever..” without a second thought he met his lips with hers in a soft gentle kiss. Theyre tounges entwined and she moaned not trying to get loose any more. His hands ran all over her back as he pressed his body against hers and he knew she could feel how hard he was, but he didnt care at all. She felt his rock hard dick against her tummy and she grinded her clothed body against it as they kissed. They broke the kiss and he looked deep at her. “You sure you wanna go any further with this?.. im not normal like i said”. “I dont care” she said. It was an answer she knew she meant.” I want you so bad and i want u now!!!” she said in a lusty voice. He took her hand and knew tonight was going to be diffrent from all others, as did she..

To be continued..

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