I have fallen in love with a younger male

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I have fallen for a younger male who is my best friend!.
The names have been changed and ages left out for personal reasons.

I am Christine, 5’9, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, 150lbs, 38C, tongue piercing.
Matt is 5’9, 160lbs, short black hair, dark brown eyes, very sexy build, tongue pierced.

Matt shows up at my house with a suite case in hand. I ask him what’s wrong as he follows me into the house he says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. A few minutes later in the kitchen he asks “can I live with you?” His eyes were pleading for me to say yes. I have fallen in love with this youngling so I didn’t have the heart to turn him away. I told him yes and he literally jumped for joy, hugged me tightly, and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. I pushed him away and looked at him in shock. He just gave me the sexiest smile and said thank you. Now, I had invited some friends to live with me awhile back so all the rooms were taken by my female friends, Jenna, Kim, Jackie, and Janie while the couch was taken by my brother Gyno. I told him this, so he asked if he can sleep with me on my bed. We had slept in the same bed before at his house, we had adult supervision there so I never tried anything, out of respect. Yet, him sleeping in my bed with me now… that would be a little hard not to… but then I can’t trust my roomies either… so I said fine. Skipping ahead a couple of weeks.

Here we are two weeks later. I’ve been waking up with Matt’s arm around me and my leg over him. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom to take a bath. I was relaxing in the tub, I must have forgotten to lock the door or something because when I looked up, Matt was sitting on the counter watching me. I jumped. My upper body ended up out of the water. I saw his erection grow inside his pants at the sight of my boobs. With out a word, he jumped off the counter and walked out. When I got done taking a bath, I wrapped a towel around my body and went into the kitchen and grabbed my bottle of Jack Daniels and a can of coke. My female room mates thought he was hot as hell. They asked me how come I haven’t fucked him yet. Then they just smiled at me like they knew something I didn’t know.

As I headed back to my room I started thinking “why haven’t I made a move yet?” I went into my room, grabbed my lotion and started to rub it all over my body. Matt walked in and asked if I needed help putting some on my back. Forgetting what happed earlier, I said sure. I laid on my stomach on the bed with the towel covering my ass. I was tipsy from my liquor, but man his hands felt so good rubbing my back, shoulders and neck. He said he would give me a full body massage if I wanted. With out thinking I replied yes. He slowly rubs my legs like he was enjoying every second of it. He drank some of my drink. He proceeded to move up my thigh, which made me more wet. I tried closing my leg but he said not to. He pulled the towel off me and started to rub my ass. He asked me to turn over, surprisingly I did. He stared at my body with such love in his eyes. His eyes moved down to my nether region, a smile spread on his lips when he saw that I shaved my pussy, he said he thinks that is hot.

He massaged my chest and stomach, then massaged my feet slowly moving up my leg. His touch made me so wet that I was getting hornier by the second. I didn’t stop him while he progressed to my pussy. As he lightly ran his finger tip over my pussy lips, subconsciously I opened my legs father apart. Looking at me with his eyes full of love he asked if he could taste me. Looking at him I asked “Why are you doing this to me? I know you know that I am in love with you. So why torture me this way? I know you don’t feel that way about me.” He just looked at me and told me “If I didn’t love you so damn much I wouldn’t have gotten kicked out of my house.” What?! You got kicked out?” “Yes, I told them that I was in love with you and I wanted to them to know that I was going to ask you to be with me. They freaked out and said that if I wanted to continue living there that I couldn’t see or talk to you ever again.” I had this look of awe on my face. “You mean that you are in love with me?” he said “I have been for years, now I want to show you how much I love you! I want you to take my virginity.”

With out another word, he kissed me on my lips. Moving down to my nether spreading my pussy lips, he kissed and licked and sucked my clit so much I thought I was in heaven, especially with that tongue ring, oh my god. He stuck 2 fingers in me going slow and soft at first then hard and fast while licking my clit, I started screaming with a wild orgasm. With his fingers still in me and his thumb rubbing my clit he had to shove his tongue in my mouth, kissing me passionately to quiet the screams. Some how during this he ended up naked. For the first time I saw his dick. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how huge it was. It had to be at least 9 in a half inches long and 2 inches thick. There was hunger in both our eyes. I pushed him on his back kissing him deeply.

I moved my head down to his dick, teasing the tip with my tongue. I proceeded to stick his dick in my mouth wanting to taste his cream. I sucked him so good that he had to bite down on the edge of the pillow to not scream in pleasure. I sucked him dry. He kissed me with so much desire that I wanted to feel him in me. He gently laid me on my back. He said he wants to savor this moment so he was going to go slow. He pressed the tip into my love tunnel and slowly entered me. I wanted all of him in me, he was scared to do it though for he knew he was big. I told him to go all the way in, so on the count of 3 he shoved his dick in me with force. It hurt but it was pleasurable. He moved in and out slowly and softly. It felt so good but I wanted more. I scratched his back hard and he got the hint and started to thrust harder, deeper and faster. We were both moaning so loud and uncontrollably, moving in rhythm, our bodied fit together, in sync, like we were one. “Oh yessssssss Matt, god yes! Fuck me papi, fuck me! Oh god! Oh, oh, oooohhhhhhhhh!! I’m coming for you papi!” I started to orgasm. “Oh mami, yes, oh god I am coming, you’re so tight, oh god!!!” We both screamed in ecstasy. My vagina walls clamped on to him so tightly, making him come again inside me. He collapsed on top of me, still inside of me, still hard. I am still horny so I laid him on his back, got on top of him, stuck him in me. I pulled him all the way out and then slammed him right back him me with force. He grabbed my hips to help me slam hard. That was the best feeling. I began to ride him like no tomorrow, so hard and fast. We both reached our orgasm points at the same exact time. Both of us still horny we did it doggy style. He pulled out, slammed in and then ferociously fucked me doggy style until I screamed in pleasure. “OOOOOO YES MATT!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! Fuck me in my ass, fuck my ass good!” I screamed. He complied by pulling out of my pussy with a pop and shoving it in my ass with out warning. It hurt and burned but it was exciting and satisfying. I moved back to meet every thrust. He fucked me so hard and rubbed my clit until we both came again.

Afterwards, we laid next to each other on the bed, holding one another close, smoking a cigarette. “Christine, I am your man now right?” he asked. “You know what Matt, you are more than just my man, you are my lover, my other half.” I said. Matt said good. I put my robe on, he put his on, and we went to the kitchen to get some food and drinks. As we entered the kitchen, my roommates and brother all applauded and said “finally!” We just smiled and blushed. My brother told Matt that if he ever broke my heart he’d kill him, he meant it too. Matt said he won’t because he loved me too damn much, he meant that as well. We go back to my room and I ask him how he feels about the Dominatrix thing. He said he would try it… but that’s a different story stay tuned…

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