I Love Coming Home

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I walk into our apartment to find it dimly lit by candles, the sweet smell of vanilla meets my nostrils. I walk in kicking off my shoes and navigate my way into the bedroom where he is waiting for me. His handsome smile meets greets me as I step into view. His chest is lit by the candle light for my hungry eyes to feast on, the silk sheets outlining his solid erection. I feel my pussy begin to drip from the anticipation. The need to feel him inside of me was stronger than I could handle. He beckons to me and I join him, slowly stripping for his pleasure. My nipples peak as the cool air meets my pale skin and goose bumps cover my skin as his hands caress my breasts, taking one into his mouth and sucking it before lightly nipping at the other. His thumbs trace circles slowly and softly over my sensitive nipples, causing me to moan in his ear. His mouth meets mine, his tongue sliding over my lips, diving deep into my mouth.
“Baby I want you inside of me,” I moan and he smiles, shaking his head.
“When I’m ready,” he teased in a soft voice. He slides a warm hand down to my pussy, rubbing the lips of my vagina, driving me crazy as he starts playing with my clit. Taking my lips with his he suppressed my moans of pleasure. My liquids are pouring out of me, I’m wetter than I’ve ever been and my man knows it.
“Do you want me inside of you baby girl?” he whispers in my ear. I nod my head, moaning as his fingers trail around my opening. He slides a finger into me and begins sliding it in and out very slowly. I beg him to finger me faster. He slides another finger into me and begins to finger me faster and harder, playing with my clit with his thumb as he sucks on my nipples. I moan, holding back my fast coming orgasm. He removes his fingers and lowers his head between my legs, licking my clit and letting his tongue dive deep into me. I cry out, not able to contain myself anymore. He continues to lick my pussy, groping my breasts. I pull him up.
“Please baby,” I begged. Again he shook his head. He kissed me again but I couldn’t wait anymore. I rolled on him onto his back and straddled my man, taking him into me all the way. I begin to ride him slowly, trying to build his anticipation to match mine. His hands rest on my hips, trying to entice me to ride him fasted. I smile at him and shake my head,
“Not until I’m ready sweetheart,” I say enjoying myself. He begs me, pleading between moans. I ride him harder and faster, our pleasure and passion climbing to its peak. Just as he is about to climax he rolls me over and shoots hot cum all over my chest. We smile at each other before he collapses next to me.
“I’m glad you’re home honey, I missed you,” he says. I roll onto him, smearing his cum all over him.
“I missed you too,” I said jumping out of bed and heading for a hot shower, knowing it won’t be long until he joins me.

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