Jacuzzi Fantasy

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The room is dark… dimly lit by candlelight… the floors are rosewood, and the walls clad in mahogany. In the centre of the room, surrounded by scented candles is a Jacuzzi, bubbling warmly in anticipation…

I lead you inside and remove your clothes tenderly, taking great care not to touch your skin… I’m teasing you as I strip off, standing a few inches away and kissing you softly, not letting you touch me in any other way… I get into the Jacuzzi with you and lay you against a padded side… I kiss you softly and slide down your body, kissing between your breasts, then around them, finally playing my tongue and teeth over your nipples… I carry on moving down, kissing your stomach and squeezing your hips gently, I lift your hips out of the water slightly and move my head to between your legs.

I run my tongue around your lower lips, darting in and out of you, teasing your clit and feeling your body quiver as my tongue works over you… I slide a finger inside you and play with your clit with it, rubbing gently and hearing you moan… I keep going, teasing you by pulling out occasionally and kissing your thighs… I move my head back down and suck on your clit slowly, feeling your body start to shake as I bring you to a crashing orgasm… holding you close to me and leaning back with you in my arms.

I kiss you softly and slowly, massaging your tongue with mine and turning you around to straddle me in the water… I slide my cock smoothly inside you, feeding you the whole length… I feel your pussy squeeze my shaft and let out a low moan, kissing your breasts softly and squeezing you in the place you like the most… I feel your body respond as you start to ride me, getting faster and faster… I feel my balls tighten up underwater along with my stomach muscles and I start to cum inside you, groaning as my cock spurts long streams of hot cum deep inside you…

I hope you enjoyed your bath…

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