Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 13

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“There you go, Jennifer. All done,” Dr. Ellison said.

“Thank you, Doctor,” She said.

Jennifer had gone in to City Center Clinic on Friday, right after Thanksgiving, to get her blood test and for her yearly checkup. Dr. Ellison had also wanted to make sure she did not suffer any residual damage from her ordeal.

“I want to see you back here in 6 months, OK?” He said to her.

“OK,” she answered.

“Are you still using your birth control patches?”


“Good. Keep using them until you are ready to have a baby. You are still young, so you shouldn’t have any residual effects from it. I’ll write out your prescription for a fresh set of patches.”

“Thank you.”

Dr. Ellison wrote out the prescription.

“Here you go,” he said. “Now, off with you, and remember to tell me when the wedding is.”

“I will, doctor,” she said, taking the script. “Thanks. See you in six months.”

Once Jennifer left, Dr. Ellison finished his notes on his examination of her. She was a picture of health, and he was immensely relieved when she showed no lasting effects of being tied and almost tortured a week or so earlier.

He had intended to take the Thanksgiving week off, but when he heard about Jennifer’s kidnapping, and ultimate release, he contacted her and told her to see him at the center before she went back to college. He wanted to make sure personally that she was all right.

The last time he saw her was right after her rape by her father. He found his notes on that examination and read them again. He still felt revulsion at what her father had put her through, but she came through it.

Dr. Ellison thought on Jennifer. She was one fine figure of a woman, enough to drive any man to distraction. Oh, if he weren’t her doctor…

“Excuse me, Dr. Ellison?”

He looked over at the door, and saw Nurse Teerfa.

“Yes, Gretchen?”

“Jennifer Holston was your last appointment today. Will you need me any more this evening?”

“No. I think you can knock off. Thanks for coming in.”

Gretchen smiled. “Anytime, Doctor.”

“Bob. Call me Bob,” Dr. Ellison said.

“Bob,” Gretchen said, nodding.

Bob looked at Gretchen. She was a beautiful woman. She stood about five and a half feet tall, natural white hair, and green eyes. Her ample chest threatened to split the zipper seam of her uniform, and it also accentuated her exagerated hourglass figure. She moved sensuously, and he was amazed that none of his male patients have tried to make a pass at her.

Gretchen closed the door behind her. Bob put his thoughts of Gretchen to the side as he completed his notes. When he finished, he put her chart and file in the bin for filing and billing, grabbed his coat, and left his office.

He always liked to walk the halls of the clinic area at closing time. He was usually the last to leave, and the halls echoed his footsteps. He found it relaxing to walk the hall, reminiscing about his intern days 6 years ago. He was so in love with the medical profession back then, and he found he still loved it as strong now.

When he got to the front desk, he found Gretchen on the phone.

“What’s wrong, Gretchen?” Bob asked.

“Oh, my car is dead, and the motor club put me on hold,” she said.

Bob thought fast. “Um, if you like, I can take you home, and you can get your car tomorrow.”

“Uh, I live in the valley,” Gretchen said. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Bob said instantly. “I have nothing to do. I think it would be nice to take a drive to the valley and back.”

“Then I accept. Thank you.”

“OK, then. Get your coat, and let’s go.”

As Gretchen got her coat, Bob took the opportunity appraise her obvious charms again. He felt himself getting a hardon at the sight, and was glad his coat concealed it.

Soon, they were off. Bob pulled out onto the road and headed south towards the valley, 23 miles distant. For a while, they rode in silence, music from the radio the only sound..Every now and then, Bob would sneak a look at the gorgeous nurse sitting next to him. Each time, she would look at him and smile.

As they crested the hill and dropped into the valley, Gretchen grabbed her stomach. Bob saw it.

“Gretchen, what’s wrong?” He asked soliticously.

“Oh, nothing,” she said. “My stomach rumbled. I haven’t eaten since this morning, and I am famished.”

“Well, do you want to stop and get something to eat?”

Gretchen looked hard at bob, and made a decision. “Yes. About two miles from here is a little restaurant. If you want, we can stop there. They have the greatest french dip in the whole area. It’s called Aldo’s.”

“Aldo’s it is, then” Bob said. Gretchen smiled.

A couple of minutes later, Bob saw it. Aldo’s was indeed a small restaurant. Funny, he never paid much attention to it before, when he drove through the valley. He pulled in and stopped the car. There were two other vehicles in the parking lot.

The restaurant was cozy. All the booths were somewhat private and separated from each other; no one booth looked into another. Bob and Gretchen took the booth at the back corner. There was a large candle with three wicks on the table, the flickering light casting interesting shadows in the booth.

“I love this restaurant,” Gretchen said. “It has a somewhat romantic atmosphere about it.”

“It certainly does,” Bob said, once again looking at her body, now wondering just what lay under that uniform…

The waiter came over and took their order for drinks and food. He said hello to Gretchen, who smiled back. He returned in a few minutes with the wine they ordered.

“So, how long have you been a nurse, Gretchen?” Bob asked conversationally.

“About ten years,” she said. “I started at St. Joseph’s in Chicago before coming here.”

“What made you decide to come to City Center?”

“Well, My ex boyfriend was from Cetnerville. He wanted to move back, and so I followed. We broke up shortly after that, and I was stranded here, so I made the best of it. Now, I love the valley area, and City Center is a great place to work. All the doctors are kind, and very professional, and my head nurse is a real card. We have fun together when we do the rounds.”

Bob found himself warming up to Gretchen. As she talked, he just could not keep his eyes off her luscious lips and gigantic tits. He only heard half of what she said, but heard enough to give nocommital grunts to show he was interested in what she said.

Soon the food came. French Dip sandwiches with a delicious au jus. Gretchen was right. The French Dip was to die for.

While eating, Bob almost dropped his sandwich when Gretchen rubbed the inside of his leg with her foot. He looked over at her. Gretchen had a very sly, sexy smile on her face, and her eyes twinkled with mischief. Bob smiled back.

Gretchen took one of the long breadsticks and started to slowly suck on it, pulling the breadstick in and out of her mouth, all the while staring at him. Bob gulped, catching the meaning of what she was doing.

Bob attacked his sandwich with renewed hunger while Gretchen continued to rub his thigh with her foot. No words were said.

“Whew! It’s getting hot in here!” Gretchen remarked. While Bob looked on, she unzipped her uniform down to the bottom of her rib cage.

Bob’s eyes popped. Her skin was very tan, and she wore a lacy half-cup bra. He could see her cleavage, and the hint of an areola on each of those massive globes. He couldn’t care less that her statement was a cliché; it still got his blood boiling. In answer, he reached under the table and placed his hand on her thigh, revelling in the feel of her leg in hosiery.

“You are one beautiful woman,” Bob heard himself saying.
r />“And I find you attractive, Bob,” Gretchen said. “I have wanted to get you alone for almost a year! When you offered me a ride home, I couldn’t believe my luck! While we were driving, I was wondering how I was going to tell you that. Now
that I have, my lust has stirred in me. I want you.”

For the second time in a half hour, Bob gulped. He had never had a girl come on to him like this!

“Finish your meal,” Gretchen said, fanning herself. “We’ll have dessert at my house.”

Bob quickly fininshed his food, then paid the bill. Gretchen zipped up before they left. Soon, they were back on the road, Bob follwing her directions to her house.

While he was paying attention to the signs, trying to find Maple Street, Gretchen slipped her hand into his lap and cupped his cock and balls, rubbing lightly. “I am going to keep you at peak operating temperature, Doctor, until we get to my place. Here,” she said, unzipping her uniform, “play with my tits while you drive.”

Amused at her audacity, Bob reached over and grabbed her left tit. It was firm, and warm, and the nipple seemed huge, larger than a normal nipple. He rolled it between his fingers through the lacy fabric, causing Gretchen to moan with need. The more active he played with her tits, the more active her hands got on his cock. His hard on ached with need. He had to use his iron will to keep his mind on the road.

Bob soon found Maple Street and turned. He pulled up next to her house and shut off the car. He disengaged her hand from his crotch and got out, going around to open the car door for her.

Gretchen stepped out and stretched. She didn’t bother zipping up, and that stretch popped her tits out of their lacy confines. Bob’s hardon on lurched at the sight, for her tits were now in full view, for all to see. He quickly put his arms around her and brought her in for a kiss, mashing those tits against his chest.

Gretchen melted right into him as they kissed, grinding her crotch against his cock. They continued this for almost five minutes before Gretchen pulled back. Wordlessly, she grabbed Bob’s hand and led him up the walkway to her home. While walking up the stairs, she swayed her luscious hips in such a suggestive manner that Bob missed a step and staggered.

“Careful, now,” She said, sexily. “I wouldn’t want you to fall and get hurt!”

Bob just grunted.

At the top of the landing, Gretchen let go and opened the front door. She walked in just enough to let Bob in, then turned around. She clasped her hands behind her back and rolled her shoulders, jutting her 37DD’s at him.

“Now, doctor,” she whispered lustily, “I want to sample some of that bedside manner you are famous for.”

Bob gulped. He then approached Gretchen, grabbed her hips, and planted his lips on her right tit, sucking in the large nipple. He rolled it on his tongue, then nibbled it lightly. Gretchen moaned. He licked and kissed her tit thoroughly, then repeated it on the other tit. Gretchen kept her hands behind her back, leaned her head back and moaned.

“Ooh, Bob, your mouth feels so good on my tits!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t had a man in ages. Oh, am I going to love this!”

Gretchen reached around and gently took Bob’s mouth off her left tit. She brought his face up and kissed him lustily, her tongue finding his. She started to rub him up and down with her whold body.

Bob reached behind him and closed the door. He then grabbed Gretchen’s ass and lifted. Gretchen wrapped her arms and legs around him, rubbing her hot pussy against him, still kissing. Bob looked around her and staggered his way down the hall to the living room.

Bob walked around the large, deep couch, and laid Gretchen down on it. He was still kissing her. She released her legs, and he adjusted himself on top of her. He started using his hands, thoroughly massaging her tits until she purred.

All of a sudden, Gretchen pushed Bob off of her and got up. Wordlessly, She faced him. Her tits were proudly displayed. She started to gyrate her hips. She reached down and pulled the zipper all the way down. Slowly, she peeled the uniform off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She then reached between her massive tits and undid the hook. She then flew her arms out while holding the ends of the bra, and put her head back. She then let the bra drop, and she brought her head forward again. He eyes wer aflame with so pure of a lust that Bob’s cock lurched, and he swallowed hard.

Bob had tears in his eyes. She was absolutely the most gorgeous woman he had ever known! She wore a pure white garter snapped to nude hose covering her legs. Her lace panties were completely soaked. Even her white shoes looked sexy on her!

“This body is all for you, Doctor,” Gretchen said.

Bob got down on his knees. He placed his hands on her hips, hooking his fingers under the straps of her panties, and pulled them slowly down. Her musky smell smell filled his nostrils, and he licked his lips in anticipation. He had her lift her feet to get her panties off. He then brought them up to his nose and inhaled deeply. Gretchen spread her legs a little wider.

Bob threw the panties to the side. He then took off his shirt. He looked at Gretchen in the eye.

“Oh, yes, Bob!” she moaned.

Bob moved forward. He could see the moisture on Gretchen’s pussy. He snaked his tongue out and licked her snatch one end to the other, ending at her clit. Gretchen shuddered.

He started to vigorously lick and nibble her clit and pussy lips, darting the tongue in her hole occasionally. Gretchen moaned and held on to his head for balance. Her knees were getting weak. Bob then grabbed her around her legs, lifted her up, twisted, and plopped her on the couch, his mouth still attacking her pussy. He then repositioned himself between her widely spread legs, and brought up his hand. He placed two fingers inside of her cunt while he nibbled on her clit.

“Ooh, ooh!” Gretchen moaned.

Bob continued to suck and nibble her pussy. It tasted so sweet to him! He moved his fingers in and out of her, making her squirm with the sensation of it. She stroked his head and played with her tits, pinching the nipples.

After 10 minutes, Bob got up. He removed the rest of his clothing, and then grabbed her hands.

“Your turn,” he said huskily.

Gretchen grabbed the base of Bob’s huge cock. Slowly, she started kissing and licking the tip, teasing the hole with her tongue. Bob groaned. Gretchen then sucked in the tip of his cock and then, looking up at him, inserted his cock into her mouth all the way.

Bob’b mind exploded. Her mouth felt so wonderful!

Gretchen kept even pressure on his cock as she went up and down. She felt her lips stretch with his size, and she knew that this thing would soon fuck her thoroughly. She wanted to make sure that Bob was so hot that he would fuck her for hours on end.

“Careful now, Gretchen,” she said to herself. “Don’t want him blowing his load just yet. Ease off just a little. There! That’s it!”

Bob’s knees started to shake. Gretchen was giving him a blowjob to end all blowjobs! He mouth kept a snug pressure, and her lips danced along the shaft in such a way that made him wonder if he would last. He also felt her rubbing her tits along his thighs as she sucked him. The double feeling was driving him to the edge!

“Hold it in, Bob,” he said to himself. “Gotta make this last. Gonna fuck this girl ’til she screams!”

After five minutes of an excrutionally slow blowjob, Bob gently pushed her away, gritting his teeth. He looked down at her with a look of pure animal lust, evincing a look of surprise from her.

“On your back,” He growled.

Gretchen laid down on the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her pussy lips opened, revealing the pink of her clit and the the inner lips around her hole.

Bob kneeled between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt. “Do you want this cock?” He asked her.

“Oh, God, yes!” she exclaimed. “Gimme that cock! Stuff my cunt with it!”

Bob pushed his cock in slowl
y. She was so tight! Gretchen held her legs open as Bob inched his cock into her.

“Ooh, you’re so tight!” Bob groaned through gritted teeth.

closed her eyes and moaned as his cock invaded her cunt. It stretched her pussy wide, and she could feel every inch of it as it went deeper.

Bob finally got all of his cock in her. Gretchen started to grind her hips against him. Bob reciprocated, also pulling in and out of her at a slow pace.

Bob fucked Gretchen slow for about 15 minutes. Gretchen moaned with each thrust. She started to play with her clit as well.

All of a sudden, Bob supported himself on his hands, reared back, and slammed his cock into her pussy. Gretchen screamed.

“Oh, fuck, YES!” she cried. “Slam my pussy! Rip me up! Fuck me, Bob! Fuck me!”

Bob slammed his cock into Gretchen as hard as he could. His hips made slapping noises against her. Her pussy felt so velvety and wet! He continued his assault. He then lowered his head and took her right nipple into his mouth, biting the nipple. Gretchen screamed again.

Bob pulled out. He turned Gretchen over and told her to ge on her hands and knees. He then knelt behind her and entered her from behind. Gretchen moaned in lust.

Bob slammed his cock into her hard, making her buck. He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him on each thrust. Her pussy was dripping now, and the floor started to get slippery.

After a few minutes, Gretchenreared up. “Bob, wait a minute!” she said, a little breathlessly. “Let’s go to my bed. I want to fuck you now!”

Bob nodded and got up, helping Gretchen up as well. She staggered a little.

“God, my body is buzzing,” she said to him.

“Mine, too,” he said.

Gretchen led him to the back of the house where her bedroom was. The room was sparsely furnished, with a dresser on one side and a California king bed in the center. She led him to that bed, then grabbed his hands and threw him on the bed. He landed on his back and she jumped on him.

“Now for your dessert, Doctor. I’m gonna ride you ’til you cum in me,” Gretchen said lustfully.

Gretchen grabbed his cock and rubbed it along her pussy. She rubbed her clit with the tip, purring at the sensation. She then put it into her hole, slowly lowering on his pole. She purposely tightened up her pussy muscles to squeeze him as his pole impaled her.

“Unnngh!” Bob groaned. “Your pussy is so tight!”

“You have a gorgeous cock,” she said. “It’s so big! I wanna keep my cunt wrapped around it for a long time!”

Gretchen finally got Bob completely in her. His cock completely filled her to her cervix this way. Holding on to his hips, she started to move up and down, continuing the squeezing as she did so.

Bob saw stars. Never in his life has he ever had a pussy this tight! It felt like she would rip it right out by its roots.

After 5 minutes, Gretchen put her knees on the bed and leaned forward, rubbing her body up and down Bob’s while still fucking him.

“You like my tits?” She asked him.

“Oh, yes,” He grunted.

She continued to fuck him in this position. She laid her head on his chest as she felt her orgasm building. Bob gritted his teeth as he felt his own orgasm coming on.

All of a sudden, Bob grabbed Gretchen around the waist, stopping her movement, then started hammering his cock into her. She looked up in surprise.

“Oh, go for it, lover,” she gasped between moans with each thrust. “Make me cum!”

Bob could not hold out. Her pussy was too velvety and wet, driving him wild. The dam broke.



Both of them bucked against each other as their orgasms hit. Gretchen screamed, and Bob grunted, as streams of cum flooded her pussy. Bob’s hips were like a jackhammer as he fucked Gretchen through their orgasms, making her scream with each thrust.

After an incredible 6 minutes, they both collapsed. Gretchen rolled off Bob, out of breath, and turned around. She quickly grabbed Bob’s still pulsing cock and put it in her mouth, sucking out the last jets of cum. She then continued to suck him, keeping his cock stiff. Bob went crazy with passion.

Gretchen slowly raised and lowered her mouth on that gorgeous organ. She let her tongue wrap around the shaft, then slowly lick the head before plunging down again.

After a few minutes, she stopped. She then lay on her back, spitting in her hand and rubbing it between her globes.

“Fuck my tits, stud!” she said to him.

Bob got up and straddled her, laying hs cock in the cleavage between her gorgeous, gigantic tits. Gretchen then pushed them closed around him, holding them to create pressure on him. Bob then started a slow back and forth motion.

As his thrusts becam longer, Gretchen opened her mouth and licked the head of his cock with each forward thrust. Bob closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He was in heaven!

Bob reached behind him and started to rub and pinch her clit. Gretchen raised her hips to the sensation as she pushed on her tits and pinched her large nipples

Bob fucked her tits like this for about 10 minutes. All of a sudden, his orgasm hit him unexpectedly. With a grunt the only thing to announce the orgasm, Bob shot his load right into Gretchen’s mouth, making her gag on the first load. She greedily gobbled his spunk and let some cover her face.

His fingering of her clit became frenzied as he shot load after load of sperm into her mouth, on her face, and between her tits. Soon, with another scream, she also came, grinding her pussy into his hand as hard as she could.

Bob and Gretchen soon finished, and lay down next to each other, totally spent. He looked at Gretchen in a different way, now.

“You know, dear Gretchen,” Bob said, “this now changes the dynamic of our relationship.”

“How so?” she asked.

“Well my diagnosis is that you need to be fucked, repeatedly, and as frequently as possible. Now that I’ve had you at your home, I want to fuck you at mine, in a restaurant, under the stars, and I think I will need to give you certain pelvic exams at work…”

“So, Doctor, will I need to make an appointment?”

Bob thought. “I think you will have to make at least 3 to 5 recurring visits a week from now on. No sense in letting your condition become dormant again.”

“Oh, Doctor,” Gretchen cooed as she reached to stroke his cock to life once again…


So, Dr. Ellison and Nurse Teerfa (Bob and Gretchen) have found each other, and is seems they will be together for a while. He will no longer have to fantasize about Jennifer.

Jennifer has been checked and is now heading back to school. What new adventures await her? Find out in the next exciting, erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

If you liked this story, email me or leave a comment. I appreciate hearing from all my readers and fans!

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