Kitchen Play

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I stood in the kitchen watching him finish the dishes, as I dried my hands. I decided I wanted to be playful, so I twisted the towel up and snapped his hot, sexy ass. He jumped, and turned and looked at me with a rather awkward smile on his face.
“So you want to play like that?” he said, as he took his hands out of the dish water and flicked water at me. Then he started walking towards me. “What ya going to do now missy?” he said with a big cheesy grin on his sexy face.
“Bring it buddy!” I said as I started backing up from him.
He was looking straight into my soul with those big blue eyes. God they made my heart skip a beat every time he looked at me like that. And he knew it that’s why he teased me with them. I could feel myself becoming wet with anticipation. I was hoping that he was in the mood.
He leaned into me, kind of testing the waters. But I leaned in towards him too. I placed my arms around his neck as his lips met mine, and we kissed passionately. Our bodies moving closer together as his hands stroked up and down my back. We continued to kiss, than he lightly bit my bottom lip.
He moved his hands down to my ass and pulled me tightly into him. He acted like I was going to run from him. But I loved him and wanted to show him that every day. He started to kiss my neck and I quivered in pleasure. Then he stopped and pushed me back. I thought that was it, what had I done wrong?
He reached for my hand and led me to the kitchen table. At the side of the table we now stood. Staring into one other’s eyes, both smiling and wanting what was about to happen. Jared placed his hands around my neck and pulled me into him. We kissed again, very lightly, very passionately. I placed my hands on his sides moving them slowly up his tee shirt until I could feel his shoulder blades, then moving them back down. I loved the feel of his soft flesh underneath my fingertips. He quickly pulled his shirt off then went for mine. We resumed our kissing, and I could tell his excitement was building as I could feel his fully erected cock, trying to make its way out of his jeans.
We pulled each other closer so that our flesh met, his hand moved to my back to unclasp my bra. He pulled it off to reveal my small perky breasts. He looked at them for a second, and then moved his head down to lick and kiss my right breast. He circled my nipple with his cold wet tongue and it grew hard. Then he moved slowly to my left breast giving it the same attention. I loved it but couldn’t take the pleasure so I pulled his head up and kissed him passionately. We were probing each other’s mouths with our tongues, and he once again bit my lower lip.
I pulled at the front of his jean until I got the button undone. Then I thrust my hand down until I find his balls and squeeze. He gasped as I moved my hand upward and took hold of his dick at the base. I stroked it slowly, as he gasped again in pleasure, but stopped me. He pulled the remainder of his clothing off, and started kissing me as he guided my hand back to his manhood. My breathing was getting heavier as I continued to stroke his long hard cock. How I wanted to feel him thrusting inside of me. I licked my lips as I could almost taste his sweet, salty cum on my tongue.
I felt him unbutton my jeans and slip his hand down to my very wet pussy. His finger found its way easily between my lips. The smile on his face showed how excited he was to be playing down there. He moved his finger very lightly up and down my lips from the entrance of my vagina to my clit. Up and down, down and up, with a little rub to my clit, over and over again. He could tell I loved it, and I knew he was too. We were now stroking each other in a rhythm getting a little faster with each stroke.
He pulled my hand off his cock and looked at me as he moved my hands to my sides. He lowered himself down, kissing my neck, breast, and tummy and then descended down to my waist line. He tugged at my jeans as he kissed and licked around the top in a teasing motion. He slowly pulled the remainder of my clothing off, than gave me a little push to sit on the table. He continued his kissing and nibbling around the top of my thighs. He laid me back and opened my legs, as he probed and licked gently up and down my wet pussy, with an occasional light flicker to my clit. My breathing got noticeably louder as he moved up and down with his tongue, catching my clit more and more with each stroke.
I pulled on his hair as he parted my pussy lips with his finger. He was now toying around the entrance to my vagina with his fingers. He pressed two fingers into my vagina as he sped up the licking to my clit. I could feel my orgasm coming on as I arched my back, and my legs began to tremble. I dug my fingernails into his scalp as I squirted my juices on his tongue.
“Thank you, that was amazing!” I said as I pulled him up and kissed him.
I wanted more though, so I pulled his dick towards my very wet pussy. He pushed just the head of his hard cock into me, moving in slowly. Teasing me, then he slammed the rest of his manhood into me. He thrusts a little faster with each stroke. He pushed my legs back towards my head so that my ass was raised slightly off the table. He continued his thrusts faster, harder, and deeper. I felt my vagina tighten around his dick and my juices began to flow. He continued to penetrate me harder and harder. He started to jerk, so I knew he was close too.
I pushed him off of me and slammed him into the wall next to us. I dropped to my knees, my tongue finds the bottom of his balls and ever so slowly I lick up his shaft. As I near the top I began to trace the tip of his shaft, around and around my tongue wetting a ring just under the tip. Then in one quick movement I consume Jared’s shaft all the way down to the base and ever so slowly release it, all the while letting my tongue flick along the bottom on its way out. He allows me to do that two more times before he begin to face fuck me, thrusting in and out of me. Then all of Jared’s muscles in his body seize as his load bursts into my mouth and down my throat as I hungrily lap up the rest.
“Now that was a great desert.” I said as he pulled me up and began to kiss me passionately

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