Long Day at Work

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Jack’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He had twenty minutes left of work so he decided to wait and check it later. After clocking out, he looked at the message on his phone:

“My house. After work. It’ll be worth it. ;)”

He smiled to himself and hurried to his car. On the drive to Diane’s house, he could not stop smiling. His imagination was running wild with possibilities that awaited him. He pictured his girlfriend’s tanned legs in her short shorts. Long and enticing, he imagined them wrapped around his body. He thought of her firm arms, warm and inviting him to her. A tiny tank did little to hide her perky breasts, or the fact she had not yet put on a bra for the day. He imagined running his tongue along her chest and her sighing as he ran his tongue along her erect nipples…

In the short drive to his girlfriend’s house, Jack had made himself quite hard. He shifted around, hoping she wouldn’t notice as he walked to the door. Not bothering to knock, Jack opened the door and let himself in. He looked around the lower level of her house. Not finding Diane anywhere, he ventured upstairs. The door to her bedroom was closed and he smiled as he opened the door, thinking to catch her off guard.

His jaw dropped open at what he saw. Diane was perched on the end of her bed. Her legs were spread just enough for him to catch a glimpse of her pussy. She smiled at him as she stood. The early morning sun streaming in the window caressed her body as she moved. He watched as his goddess walked towards him.

“How was work baby?” She asked as her hands run up and down his chest. He was too struck by her beauty to say more than “good.” She laughed as she loosened the tie from his neck and worked the buttons on his shirt. She stripped these off him and set to work on his pants. Regaining control after his shock, Jack helped wriggle out of his dress pants. So much for not letting her know I’m hard, he thought to himself. By now his hard dick was throbbing in anticipation.

Diane pushed him towards the bed. He lay down and she crawled up next to him. She kissed his lips and caressed his body with her hands. His muscles tensed from her light touch. He wrapped one arm around her bare waist and the other he buried in her hair. They kissed tenderly and passionately. Diane’s hand moved toward Jack’s dick.

She ran her hand up his length. Gripping it in her hand she began to stroke Jack. She loved feeling him grow harder from her touch. Without breaking the rhythm of her hand, Diane moved to swing her leg over Jack’s chest. His dick hardened in her hand as he got a gorgeous look at her ass, now positioned right in front of his face. He grabbed the hips that were rocking in front of him as Diane moved and pulled her towards him. With her body now lengthened, Diane bent her lips to Jack’s cock. She kissed him gently and he bucked up against her.

“Baby, you know what happens when you misbehave,” Diane warned playfully, pulling her hips up away from Jack’s hungry lips.

Jack moaned, wanting much more. He pulled her hips back to his face and kissed her moist lips. Diane gasped as Jack’s tongue darted inside her. He repeated this again and again. Diane moaned as she leaned back down to wait Jack’s dick awaited her. She ran her tongue over the length, back up, circled the head and repeated. Jack’s in and out movement with his tongue hesitated at the waves of pleasure coursing up his body. Diane ran her tongue back down his shaft and continued around his balls and to the sensitive area between his balls and his ass. A shiver ran through his body. She licked him lightly in this sensitive area before journeying back to his shaft.

Taking her taunting as a challenge, Jack slowed his rapid darting of his tongue. He moved it up to circle her swollen clit. He circled it gently, and then moved back down to put his tongue into her hole. He could feel her hips rocking against his face. Running his tongue along her towards her clit, he sucked on her a bit. Diane pressed herself closer to his face. Jack flicked his tongue across Diane’s clit. She moaned in pure pleasure. Diane’s tongue circled Jack’s dick. She took the head into her mouth and pulled away. Each time she went down a little farther. As her pleasure increased, Diane took more of Jack into her mouth. Jack moved his tongue faster and Diane responded by moving up and down him faster. Her pleasure hit a high and she orgasmed in his mouth. He lapped up her juices with an unending thirst.

Jack was thrusting hard and slowing the movement of his tongue, focusing on the feeling of Diane’s hot mouth on his dick, her naked body straddling his body, her glistening pussy hovering above his face. Diane felt him readying to orgasm. She pulled away from him. He moaned as everything she was doing to him slowed. He had just hit the point of no return, about to cross it when Diane pulled back. Diane massaged his dick and balls slowly, keeping him hard but nowhere near enough to get him to orgasm.

Diane turned to look at him, a glint in her eye. Jack loved the mischievous look Diane could get when they were together. She moved off Jack, only to straddle his hips. She thrust her wet pussy against him. He could feel her slide against his skin. She thrust against him a couple more times before sitting up. With one hand, she grabbed his throbbing dick and with her other hand she slide two fingers along her slit. She spread her lips with her first and ring finger. With her middle finger, she circled her clit, much as Jack had been doing with his tongue. As her one hand slid up and down Jack, her other massaged her swollen clit. She moved her fingers down to her opening. Jack’s eyes were glued to her fingers. She thrust her fingers into herself, a small moan escaping her lips. Her hand continued it’s up and down motion along Jack’s massive dick. She circled her fingers inside her as Jack watched. Her body writhed with pleasure. Jack grew hard knowing his girlfriend could turn herself on that much.

After a couple more thrusts, Diane switched hands. She traced her wet fingers up Jack’s dick. She returned to the rhythm she had going. Once this hand was drenched in her wetness, Diane ran her fingers up her body. Her fingers left a shiny trail his eyes followed. Up her stomach, around her right breast and then her left, up to her lips. She slid her fingers right in and sucked hard. Jack moaned at the sight.

“I want you in me now.”

Diane took Jack’s dick and ran it along her wet slit. She dragged the head over her clit. Diane teased Jack a little more, before she couldn’t take it any longer. She positioned his dick at her hole and thrust down onto him. He felt so good inside her. Jack wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tighter against his body. She held herself there a minute, as Jack moved inside her. She pulled away and thrust back down. Going in and out of her, Jack thrust harder each time. Diane nibbled at Jack’s neck and ear. Their bodies matched each other’s rhythm.

As Jack moved deeper inside her, Diane flexed her muscles, tightening around him. With his hard dick deep inside Diane’s pussy and her legs clinging tightly to him, Jack flipped Diane on her back. He quickened the pace of their thrusting. Diane adjusted well, moaning at the felling of the new angle. Her whole bed shock with the force of their thrusting. Soon, Jack couldn’t take it any longer. He felt Diane pushing over the edge. He pulled out of her as he exploded all over her chest. She moaned load as she climaxed again. Jack’s hot cum on her body was the shove she needed to finish.

Jack collapsed beside her, exhausted from their love-making. He turned to her and smiled.

“That is the best thing to do after a long day at work. You’re amazing.”

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  1. Sterling Priest

    Sweet ride into an even sweeter journey Fun, sexy and wonderfully visual All work days should end like this!

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