Looking For That Man who Can Hang, by Girlnymph

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Hello, my name is Tori. My author name here is girlnymph. For good reason. Like, I bet you can’t guess. Yes, you’re right. I like sex. But I really love fucking better. What’s the difference, you ask? If you don’t know that, then I guess you can’t hang, at least with me anyway. But in the interest of fairness, I’ll tell you.

Sex is when you’re doing it, just to be doing it. Making love is doing it with someone you love, and it feels really dreamy. But fucking is when you are really feeling it. It is when it becomes so nice, naughty and nasty. It’s when you do the animal, and cum your brains out, and keep cumming, and the pleasure is so intense. So, now you know. Which do you like the best? Sometimes I like to start off by making love and then go to fucking. I don’t ever do sex.

Would you like to know me better? Okay.. I am 21. I was educated at a private all girl boarding school in the northeastern part of the country. I have blonde hair. When it’s down, it comes to the top of my butt. It is natural. I mean, I am blonde everywhere. I have green eyes. My measurements are 38-22-36. My bra is a c-cup, whenever I wear one, which is not very often. I don’t need to. Besides they hurt and are very uncomfortable. They were invented by a man, so what can you expect. My breasts stand up on their own. And no, I did not have a boob job, they are 100% me, thank you. My nipples are swollen and are extremely sensitive. I have a little bit of hair above my clit, and that’s it, the rest is shaved. I am 5’6″ tall and I weigh 118 pounds. Okay, that’s enough about my looks.

I’ve always gotten along better with guys than I have with girls. Girls never seemd to have like me very much. I don’t know why, because I like being friends with every body. But I guess that there are some people that just don’t want to be friendly. It’s funny, too. Because my first sexual encounters were with girls. In fact, it was 4 years before I ever had sex with a guy. But after that, it was all guys. Maybe that’s what it is. Oh well, their loss, not mine.

Now, don’t let my name fool you. I am a nympho, but I am not a whore, at least not for everybody. I am extremely picky. Now, for the right one, I can be much more than a whore. When ever I don’t have anybody, I masturbate or I use my pleasure chair, which I use quite often. I cum very easily, and I enjoy multible cums. The more I cum, the more I want to cum, which brings me to the reason for writing this.

Most guys CAN’T HANG. Girls fall short. So what am I to do? I mean, guys are always worried about how big their dicks are. Or they try to act macho. I hate macho. If a guy acts macho, he’s gone, no matter how big his dick is. Or all they want to do is put it in. No loving, no carressing, no petting. No licking, or if they do , they usually don’t know what they’re doing. Or if they are really good, then they can’t hang. Most think that they are the greatest lovers of all time.

I always thought, would’nt it be great to find a guy that made love like a girl? Does that sound crazy? I don’t think so. I mean, first, to make me feel special, to hold and carress me, and to kiss me, and to lick me all over, and to build up my heat in a slow and soothing way that only a girl knows how to do. And then start fucking me with his beautiful dick. And then to have multible orgasms like me. I mean, think of the pleasure we could have! And we both could Keep cumming, and cumming together. I know, it’s just a fantasy, right? … WRONG!!!!

This kind of guy DOES exist. They’re genetic freaks, or so they say. According to the experts, they’re one in 75 million. So there is really not that many of them. But would you beieve that there is one right here that writes stories for this web site. Right now, you’re probably laughing, are’nt you? Well it just so happens that he wrote a story about a girl and him, and what they did years ago. And he mentioned having multible orgasms. That’s what caught my eye.

At first I thought he was just another lyer, the same as 90% of the other men who write here, are. But as I read his story, he mentioned doing things that only a girl knows how to do, but that still was’nt quite convincing. But then when he told the whole story, I sat in shock. Because the girl he told about, is a girlfriend of mine, and she told me the same story years ago, and I always thought that she was lying.

I immediately called my girlfriend, and told her what I had found, fully expecting her to laugh. But to my surprise she said, “Oh yes! he writes stories at fantasies.com. He called me and asked if it was alright with me, if he wrote a story about us. I told him sure. I’ve read the story, and it is quite conservative to what actually happened.” I thought, conservative, my god, what was it really like? I asked her why she left him? She basically said it was because she could’nt hang. That the multible orgasms he had, would go on forever. She said that she has never known a man since, that had gotten so much pleasure out of sex, or who had given her so much pleasure. Not even near it.

Infact my girl friend gave me a photo of him. Because of all the clothes he’s wearing, you can only see his face. But he’s really cute. He’s got beautiful bedroom eyes. They look like a girl’s eyes. He’s got these beautiful long eye lashes that most girls would die to have. She said that the texture of his skin is baby smooth, like a girl’s. she told me that he has an 8″ dick, that is very thick. That there is only a tiny amount of hair above it, like about what a 12 year old boy would have. He has no hair on his legs. She laughed and said that he has prettier legs than she had. He had hardly any hair under his arms.

He has puffy nipples, which are really sensitive. And he has a slight hourglass figure. she also said that he was not gay, not at all. But what I really liked, was when she said that he is a very gentle and a humble man.

This was all too good to be true. Well that did it. I left him a very sexy, very crude, but to the point message in his commenst box. And then I emailed him.

My girlfriend offered to introduce us, but I said no, let me do it this way first. The next day to my delight, he answered my email. He gave me his phone number. We talked. We met, and had dinner. He seems to be just like she said. We briefly talked about sex, and he said that he was just a regular kind of guy, very humble. I thought, right, you don’t know that I know…. God, I wanted him right then and there. He is so sweet. So I told him that I was coming to this sight to write him a letter, and tell him what I was like, and he could read it and study it. He said great. I could tell by his eyes… He wanted me. But I did’nt want to go to fast. I want it to last. There was also a touch of sadness in his eyes, although he tried to hide it. The other thing that my girlfriend had told me about him was that, he had always wanted a girl who could hang with him, but one that would love him, and even though he seemed happy, he was very lonely. Lesser girls had called him a freak. As I sat there across from him, He was emmiting an incredible wave of love. He really went out of his way to make me feel special. He told me that I was the most beautful girl that he had ever seen, and I began to melt. He then kissed me. I started cumming right there. He never said a word about it, he just held me tight. He knew,.. I know he knew. But he was such a gentleman, and that’s hard to find anymore. I want this man so much.

Johnny, I know you’re reading this. I did it this way, so that you could see exactly what I am. You are the most beautful man that I have ever met. And no, I do not think that you are a freak. I think you’re perfect just the way you are. I will not reveil you pen name. If you will just give me a chance, I WILL LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. And I will rock your world …. and I WILL hang! You are everything that I have ever wanted. I promise, you WON’T BE SORRY. I’ll be waiting.
I love you, Johnny, and I need you. With all my love, Tori xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And the rest of you thought I was writing to you. Sorry, but for the rest of you, I am just a fantasy. But after all, that’s what you come here for right? Fantasies. Not me, bye!

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