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Being a teenager isnt easy as people make it out to be.Oh yeah whine about this and that, have a bad attitude and get away with things.Well im going to be the one to tell you that..its a bunch of bullshit.Its not easy, school and preperation for your future, peer pressure and falling in love.And yes teenagers do fall in love just to let you know.I would know..I met the man of my dreams and almost messed it all up.I have long brown hair and nice 40B breasts,im 5’6 and have nice smooth tan skin and big chesnut colored eyes.Believe me,its not easy to keep guys away.Anyways im going to tell you about a little problem i had with the perfect guy that i love and who loves me,Nick.Btw im Ally.Nick, well hes 6’2 and has amazing deep blue eyes and black hair, muscles that youd die for and beautiful handsome dark features.His deep voice would put you into a trance.Well another problem im only 15, and hes 20, but we are in love, so fuck em’, fuck em’ all!
One day i was dreaming on about Nick, id see him later of course, but i missed him.Just then the doorbell rang,and yippee its my friend Nathan.Now, me and nathan have a history but we settled down to be best friends.”Hey girl whaddup” he said in his cute little voice.”N2m big boy, come on in” i was always talken that way to him, its our “friend code”.We chatted for a while about school,friends,bitches,and assholes when he leaned over and kissed me.”Nick what do you think your..” he kissed me again to silence me.”Listen ally im sorry but i miss you, i know we promised on being just friends but you dont know how hard it is” he spoke softly while stareing at the floor.”But you know that..” i cut myself off.Noone could know about me and nick, it was illegal!!He stared at me quizzically.”Nothing, nevermind” i said in a breathless voice.I had almost ratted out me and Nick!He took my hand in his and kissed my palm and lay it on his cheek.”Listen ally i cant stay away from you its way too hard to even try..I just want you to be my girl again” he looked away from me.”I cant nathan im sorry ok but please dont do this to me” i lifted his face to look at me.He leaned over and kissed me hard,and whoa what a way to silence things.He pulled me close to him his hands running all over my body.I didnt stop him, a suprise to myself.His tounge prodded my mouth open and entered caressing mine gently.He pulled me on top of him and he lay back all while we continued to make out.WHOO still not stopping him, what am i thinking?!His right hand ran up my shirt caressing,tugging lightly.His left hand was running down my back onto my bottom,he gently squeezed it makeing me moan into his mouth.He started to unbutton my shirt when all of a sudden the door opened.HOLY SHIT!I totally forgot i gave Nick a key to the house, he knew my parents were gone for the weekend.And holy jesus he must have come early to suprise me.He turned to see me and Nathan on the couch kissing his hands all over me.He dropped the flowers he had brung and i instantly jumped off of Nathan.”Nick..” i spoke in fright.His eyes darted from me to Nathan.”Who the hell are you” nathan said in a rude voice.”I should be asking you why the fuck your hands are all over my girl” he said in a deep calm voice,but i knew him too well to fall for it, he had a deep rage hidden in there.”Nick im so sorry i swear i tryed to tell him no but he wouldnt” Nick held up his hand to stop my talking.”I didnt exspect you to do this to my ally and im sorry you did” he spoke softly his eyes filled with hurt and anger.”Nick im begging you i didnt mean to i didnt!” my voice was beginning to be high pitched in a frantic attempt to make him believe me.Nathan stood up.”Yeah whatever shes not your girl” he said in a low voice his eyes narrowing down.”Listen you little punk 17 yr old get the hell outta here before i pound your face in, you dig?” nick said angrily.”Ally who is this broad” nathan said lazily.”Hes my boyfriend” i said softly.Nathan looked shocked.”So this dude is the reason youve been denighing me? What the fuck..” nathan looked upset.”Okay you little asshole so you admit that you basically forced her you kept pressureing her..hmm.Well ill give you to the count of ten to run before i choke ur ass and throw you out myself” Nick had a serious look on his face.”Whatever man im outta here” nathan said as he picked up his coat and walked out the door and slammed it.Nick looked at me with sad eyes.No no i thought this cant be happening!!!
“Nick, baby, please believe me i didnt do it purposely he kept pressureing me” tears fell from my eyes as i spoke.He sighed a tired look upon his face.”Come here” he said in a soft deep voice.I walked slowly over shakeing like crazy.He pulled me into his arms.”Ally you know i love you so much..just please dont ever do this to me again you dont know how much it hurts me to be hidden from everyone, but i care enough to be patient with this situation” he looked tired but relieved in a way.I nodded my head as my tears fell onto his shirt.”Shh” he said quietly as a sob escaped my lips.He kissed me through my tears telling me not to cry and he held me through it all.He carried me to my room and slowly we stripped eachothers clothes off.He whispered to me how much he loved me as he lay me down and moved on top of me.He slowly slid his hard cock between my wet awaiting lips.I moaned softly and i looked up into his deep blue eyes.He slowly rocked as i held onto his body my hands caressing his back.His hands ran over my smooth,small body.”I love you more than anything or anyone else Ally” he spoke softly to me.”I love you too” i said chokeing back more tears.He slowly rocked a bit harder as i moaned and he growled softly.He sucked on my earlobe gently while my nails started to claw into his back.”Oh god” i said quietly as i closed my eyes.My orgasm was just at its peak when he make a soft growling noise and started to cum.He shook fiercely and kissed me deeply to keep from yelling.I came hard and we kissed through both of our orgasms.As we lay together on the bed he whispered soft, loveing things in my ear.I fell asleep in his arms feeling the warmth of his love fill my body.When i awoke he was still silently sleeping.I brushed his hair from his eyes.Over the time i had grown to love him so much, learned his every little sound and movement.Now i knew i made the right choice,age didnt matter, if people didnt like it,as i say, fuck em’, fuck em’ all!!

*Not a true story*

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