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On a cool night I pull into the garage of my house after a hard days work, in my convertible black with white racing stripes 1969 Camaro SS, I reach down pulling lightly on the long thin metal handle releasing the door hinge, smelling my Girlfriends sent left over from the last time she sat in this seat, I reach over grabbing my leather jacket from the passenger seat pushing the door open slowly as I step out standing up, I lean against the door jam as I hit the garage door remote button.

Stepping away from the door as I close it softly, I step to the house door, I reach for the knob, as I pause regretting what I had said in our last fight, I shake my head turning the knob slowly as it squeaks I push the door open, it creaks as I remember I still need to grease the hinges, seeing a note of the kitchen counter, I softly close the door behind me, walking over I pick up the knot, it reads “I’m sorry for what I said baby, I had a bad day at collage, if u forgive me I’ll be upstairs waiting for you” I smiles as I toss the note in the trash, turning I walk up stairs dropping my jacket on the rail of the stairs as I proceed up the stairs, I slowly pull my tank top off as I reach to top, the sweat glistening of my abs.
I slowly step to the door opening it slowly seeing her sleeping soundly under the black silk sheets of our bed, I smile as I step to the bed closing the door softly behind me, my eyes tracing over her beautiful figure, remembering the other reason I loved her, the first reason being her personality, I step to the side of the bed dropping my pants and boxer briefs, kicking off my boots, I step out of my pants as I slip into bed, sliding next to her sliding my right arm under the pillows, and my left over her resting my hand on her belly as I nuzzle in closer, kissing the back of her neck and shoulder I whisper “I love you” in her ear.
With a smirk on her face she replies “I love you too” as I feel her hand grip softly on my cock, sliding up and down the shaft repeatedly, a small moan escapes my lips as I bite softly down on her shoulder, she repositions my cock letting the head rub softly against the lips of her clit, as she pushes back against me, I hear her say “I’ve been waiting for you baby, I want you!” I smiles as my hips roll against hers pushing the head of my cock back and forth on the lips, she moans softly “please baby no teasing it’s Evil” I grin as I push just the tip into her, rolling and rocking my hips slightly pushing a bit further into her then backing off “but love it’s so much fun” she moans softly “Baby PLEASE!!” I bite a bit hard as I roll my hips into her pushing deeply into her clit.
We both moan loudly as my hips roll back, my left hand sliding down and pushing softly on the hood of her clit rotating light, as my cock pushes back into her my right arm wrapping around her shoulder and caresses her breast softly, rolling the nipple in-between my fingers, my hips rolling and rocking a bit faster as my pace hastens, pushing deeper within her with every hip roll, letting out a soft whimper followed by a short light howl, I bite into her neck, my hips thrust into her from time to time hilting, as my cock jerks popping against her G spot, as she Moans “Oh Baby!”
my left hand presses softly and rolls against the hood of her clit, as my hips roll back and forth sliding in and out of her, her clit walls tighten around my cock my cock twitching from the pressure change, I thrust into her after pulling back and stopping for a second with only the head of my cock I her, hilting, as her walls tighten more, I smile again kissing the side of her neck, my hips jerking hard against hers as I feeling the walls tighten and release, she moans loudly Screaming “Baby I’m Cumming!” , my pace hastens as he climaxes then slows again as I feel her juices flow around my cock.
My left index finger and ring finger slide back and rub softly on the lips as my hips grind against hers my middle finger still rolling and rotating the hood, my hips return to rocking back and forth into hers as a few moments, she pants softly as we both moan each others names softly, I nibble softly on her neck, as I thrust into her again hilting once more, before pulling out, she rolls onto her back as I pin her wrists to the bed kissing her breasts, rolling my tongue would her nipples, I look into her eyes as my hips roll into her again, slipping my cock back into her clit, she moans arching her back as u push deeply.
I smile kissing her chest some more as it’s pushed upward, my hips grinding against hers, as I roll them into her, then back and forth. She moans “I Love You” looking up at me, I lean in kissing her deeply as I thrust into her, I whimper and reply “I love you too” as she screams out and Climaxes arching harder my knees slide under her legs as she wraps them around my waist, her hips grinding against mine as I grind into hers both of us moaning loudly, she Moans and whispers “Cum for me honey” she says as she works my cock with her walls tightening then loosening them, as we grind together my back arching as I let out a loud howl, as she smiles, feeling my cock twitching and jerking within her “yes baby Cum for me!” unable to stop my self I cum, my semen flowing into her like a rushing river, from a narrow stream.
I look down at her and her looking up at me she smiles “mm baby you must have been stressed today”, laying my head on her chest “I was baby” she smiles playing with my hair “I love you honey” I lean up and kiss her “I love you too baby” I wrap my arms around her, as we doze off in each others arms.

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