Loving Comfort

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Nathan’s cry was strong enough to sear my soul. I reached out to him, longing to calm the racking sobs that had taken over his body. He had never been close to his parents; His father had abandoned him when he was a child and his mother had never really been around to be a parent. But his despair at losing them both so suddenly was filling the space around us. I reached out my hand to comfort him, feeling tears in my own eyes. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close, burying his face in my stomach. My arms encircled him and I held him tightly, trying as best I could to absorb his pain.
I knelt in front of him and locked my eyes to his, “Nathan, I promise you that I will never leave you,” my voice was shaking and I took a deep breath to go on, but with a cry, he bent his mouth to mine, entwining his fingers in my already tousled hair.
I didn’t think. My mouth acquiesced to his and I rose up, reaching up to brush my fingers along his neck, as my body exploded in heat. Nathan broke the kiss and held his face close to mine, his eyes boring deep into my consciousness, “Please Elena, just help me forget,” and with that, he pulled me on top of him. His lips on my collar bone as his hand brushed lightly down my body to rest on my exposed thigh. I rocked toward him, wrapping my legs around him, fusing my body to his. A gruff moan escaped his lips and he slid his hand farther up my leg, gently caressing the sensitive skin at the hem of my skirt. Grabbing his hand, I guided his fingers back up my body, holding his warm palm just below my breast. I could feel his hardness through his pants, and I leaned closer, my tongue reaching for his.
Nathan stood up suddenly, his hands already reaching for the bottom of my shirt while I worked his buttons, my fingers trembling. My fingers met his smooth, hot skin and I felt a tight pull between my legs as I ran my fingernails lightly across his skin, teasing away his worries. A small gasp escaped my mouth as Nathan unhooked my bra, letting the cool air swirl around my exposed breasts. He flicked his thumb out leaving electric trails across my nipples and my knees went weak. I leaned back against the wall, breathing hard as Nathan slowly breathed hot kisses down my body, gently sucking on my sensitive nipples and making his way down my stomach. His fingers teased my skirt down past my hips, his tongue flicking across my ready and throbbing pussy. I moaned and feverishly pressed my hips against his touch as he swirled his tongue around my enlarged clit, gently pushing into my wet folds.
My knees gave out and Nathan caught me and carried me over to the old chest that sat in the middle of the room. I lay down on it and he went back to work on my pussy, flicking his tongue across my hot slit, making my body writhe with longing, “Oh, Nathan.”
He sat up and grinned mischievously at me as he ran his hands up my thighs, gently massaging the sensitive skin on the inside of my legs. He leaned over and kissed my stomach as his fingers probed me. I whimpered and bucked my hips against him, and I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge, when he stopped. I sat up from my reclined position, “Now it’s my turn. Switch me places.”
Nathan raised his eyebrows, but he couldn’t hide the excitement in his face. He sat down on the chest as I kneeled in front of him. He caressed my soft skin as I slowly began to lick his shaft, my own body growing more taught. I circled my way down around his balls and back up his shaft, kissing and licking his head before taking it in my mouth. A low moan escaped his throat and I looked up at him to see that his eyes were rolled back in his head and his body was aching for release. I moved back and made a trail of kisses up his body, slowly raising myself as I went, before meeting his lips. “I need you inside me, Nathan,” my voice was sensuously low, “Now.”
I straddled him and lowered myself close to his expectant cock, enfolding just the tip in my wetness. I eased myself down, wanting more, but wanting to draw this moment out. Nathan made a noise of frustration and I smiled at him before moving back up his shaft. I paused at his head, holding my breath as I looked into his eyes. Nathan kissed my already swollen lips and thrust himself deep inside me again and again, making me gasp and moan loudly in pleasure. He picked me up, still inside me, and lay me down on the floor, the whole time kissing and licking my nipples with heated desire. Before he could move on top of me however, I flipped over, putting him underneath me. I ran my hands across my body as I rode him, my skin glistening in the rays of the late sun. I reached down and caressed his balls with my hand, gently squeezing and tugging until I felt both our bodies tense together until we both released our passion in convulsions of ecstasy.
I collapsed on Nathan’s slick chest and kissed him with all the breath I had left. I closed my eyes and snuggled close to him, his arms embracing my still quivering body. “Thanks for trying to make me forget, Elena,” his lips moved to my forehead and again to my hair. I heard him breathe in deeply as I closed my eyes, trying desperately to hide the tears stinging my eyes at the futility of our situation before falling asleep in my lover’s strong and protective arms.

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