lusty days, lusty nights

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He sits down on the ground as he looked up at her offering her a black rose with a sweet smile as his broad sword rested on his hip behind his back. She accepted the rose then sat next to him, and lightly placed a kiss on his lips- a long kiss that got harder for each second that passed. He held the kiss gently resting his hand on her shoulder as he held the kiss gently easing his toungue against her lips in light flicks of his toungue. She accepted his tounge as they explored the entireity of each other’s mouths. With her hands around his neck, she lay down with him on top of her. He held the kiss as the cloak managed to unsnap itself from his neck revealing his platinum hair and ice blue orbs his muscular body adorned in tight leather armor and form fitting straps
With his neck now revealed, she broke the kiss and began to nibble and bite she hit a hot spot on his neck, she heard a low moan escape from his lips. His eyes widened and came to mere slanted opening. He smiled now his eyes fully closed raveshing the love that she wanted to give. Meanwhile, she, one by one, began to undo the straps holding on his armor. As the last strap was no longer in place, the armor slid off. she kissed him more passionatly than ever before as their toungs mingled deightfully. His armor disapatted into a black mist as it followed his cloak landing next to a tree folded and stacked neatly leaving him in satain trousers as he grinded against her hips roughly but passionatly massaging her tounge with his own in rythmatic patterns. She let out a soft, barely audiable moan, but never breaking the kiss. Soon enough, though, she did break the kiss, but only long enough to remove her own top. Then, pressing her firm breasts and hard nipples aganst him, she kissed him again. His body shivered with excitement feeling her bare flesh against his own as his palm gently reached up and began to do a firm yet gentle massage. She tensed up as her muscels filled with an exciting buzz. She wanted more. She reached down to unbutton his pants, finding his manhood to be quite hard. He kissed her neck now softly licking in spots as he whispered into her ear
“are you sure you want this..?”
his voice was madened with lust and passion as he spoke adding to the errotic coldness he possesed.
“please…” she whimpered, “i need this….”
“then your wishes shall be granted..”
He gently slid down her bottoms as he then slid her undergarments off to acompany the pile of clothing as a room began to form around them floors and ceiling above and bed with satain sheets below. as thier bodies lie beneath the persian attire he gently slid inside of her body grinding his hips slowly against hers with the candle light illuminating both of their bare bodys in a dance of trance like preportions the light moving across his face making the droplets of sweat glisten on his body like crystals as he gently ran his fingers down her stomach as he thrusted forward and into her body. pleasure hit her at such force that she cried out, but not wanting to cause him to think she was in pain, she too thrusted her hips up to meet his. as they fucked, she ran her Fingers up and down his bare chest. his body shivered beneath her hands as this caused his body to rapidly pulsate in the thrust of burst of 3 as he relaxed and tensed with each. the feeling of him filling her was enough to set her off. her body writhed and spasmed in multiple orgasms. He wrapped her body in his massive arms to amplify the feelings bestoed upon them both. as the orgasms quit and he was soft inside her they were both panting, holding each other close. she whispered in his ear,
“i love you”
“A-and i love you..”
his voice was trembling as he nuzzled her cheek softly. she nuzzled back and began to close her eyes. He gently shifted his body so her head laid on his bare chest as his eyes gently slid shut falling into a light but pleasent sleep. she opened her eyes to see him next to her. it was morning already…..

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  1. Sensualolman64

    Very well written.. I do so enjoy the romantic stories. Romance is something that seems to be losing its way these days. Should go back to the times when men knew how to treat a woman..

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