Making Good Love

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Before I even opened my eyes that morning I could hear the gentle sound of the rain pitter pattering against the roof. Sighing softly, I snuggled closer to you, feeling the comfort of your warm body close to mine while you smiled in your sleep. Oh how I love to watch you sleep… You look so calm and peaceful as your dreams are full of happiness and hope. Sometimes I like to imagine that you are dreaming of me, especially since I know that you have a starring role in my dreams.
This morning your back was turned to face me, so I slowly placed my arm around your body in order to hold you closer to myself. While you were still asleep you still responded to my touch and held onto the arm that was draped across your body. With our bodies pressed tightly together and our legs intertwined I fell back asleep for a brief time.

Soon I awakened once again, but this time it was not because of the rain… It was because I felt your hand upon my thigh, slowly starting to caress me and moving your way higher up my leg until you were stroking my hip. Since we love sleeping naked, there were no clothes in your way, hindering your hands as they slowly traced my body. Opening my eyes, I was met by the sight of you lying there propped up on your side, watching me awaken.

Leaning towards you with my lips slightly parted, we whispered our “good mornings.” With our mouths meeting in a tender kiss, I gradually deepened our kiss, pushing just the very tip of my tongue into your mouth and pulling it back just enough to tease you. I know just how crazy this drives you! After just a few short moments of this, I broke away and covered your hand… the one that was still resting upon my hip… with my own hand before tossing off our blankets and sliding out of bed.

Immediately my nipples became hard since the room’s air was cold and I wasn’t wearing any clothes. Softly I told you to wait right there while I went to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. Before leaving I leaned down to kiss you once again, and then I leisurely strolled out of the bedroom, down the hall, and into the kitchen. In the back of my mind I knew full well that you were watching me the entire time, especially since I hadn’t bothered putting on a robe.

* * * * * *

Returning to the bedroom, I brought with me a small tray of food… Two cups of steaming hot tea, two bran muffins, and a small dish of strawberry yogurt for us to share. Sitting the tray down next to the bed, I climbed back in.

Gently you pulled me over to sit between your legs, allowing for the curve of my ass to rest ever so lightly against your hardness. I passed you a cup of tea and picked up the dish of yogurt. Cleverly, and purposefully, I had only brought one spoon with me from the kitchen. Sitting there, between your legs, I lovingly fed you the yogurt. While doing so, I got a little of the pink gooey yogurt on my finger, and of course you noticed.

Bringing my hand to your mouth you gently sucked my fingers clean, even those that were clean to begin with. Placing the half-empty dish back onto the tray I turn my head to receive your kiss. As we sit there tenderly kissing one another I slowly turn around to face you as I kneel there between your legs.

As you wrap your arms around my waist, you pull me close to you, feeling my hard nipples brush gently against your skin. My own hands are working their way back through your hair and down along your back and shoulders, gently touching and caressing you as they go. All the while our kisses have been growing more and more passionate.

By now you have managed to slid down upon the bed, lying flat with me laying on top of you. I could now feel your hardness pressing against my pelvis, and I began grinding myself on you in response. This elicited a groan from you which showed me that you approved of my actions. I was also quite sure that by now you could feel my wetness seeping out, beginning to cover you.

After only a few minutes of this you showed me that you could no longer handle it any longer… Flipping me over onto my back you gently spread my willing legs. Gently kissing me one last time, you finally take that plunge.

Slowly working your way down my body, you leave no part unloved. Beginning with my neck you move into the valley between my tits, then onto my nipples which stand there tall, hard, and waiting for your sweet attention. As you begin sucking these hard little nubs into your mouth you look deep into my eyes as you long to see the love and desire reflected. Delicately I knit my hands into your hair, helping to hold your head in place. After just a short while of this wonderful torture, you continue working your way down the front of me, kissing along the side of my abdomen until you meet my neatly trimmed pussy. Paying no attention to it, you skip right down to my inner thighs. Shooting me a wicked grin you could see that I was begging for you to touch me, lick me, eat me… Nevertheless, you pay me no mind as you slowly and deliberately kiss your way along my inner thighs, sending chills throughout my entire body.

This time, when you found yourself near my pussy, you lowered your mouth to lovingly lick the entire length of my wet slit, thus causing my entire body to wiggle and squirm all over the bed. Placing your hands upon my hips to hold me still, you gently pushed the tip of your tongue through my cunt’s lips. As you began to slowly penetrate me with your tongue, a series of soft moans and sighs were escaping through my mouth. Suddenly you removed your tongue and licked up all my juices… I knew where you were heading next. Then not even a moment later I was shown that I was right as I could feel your tongue lapping against my swollen clit before finally closing around the swollen organ.

By now my hands had become twisted into your hair, as I held your gorgeous face firmly against my pussy, all the while begging for you not to never stop. I could tell that you were looking straight into my eyes, ravishing my willing body. By now my moans had intensified to the point that my legs were tense and you could easily see that I was close to cumming. Knowing this full well, you gently bit down upon my clit while pushing your two fingers inside of me just enough to push me over the edge and causing me to cum hard upon your face while thrashing wildly on the bed… I was unable to control the enormous orgasm that was ripping throughout my entire body. After I had finished cumming, you licked up every last drop before crawling back up my body, kissing and tonguing me, thus allowing me to be able to taste myself.

Looking deep within your eyes, I began begging for you to make love to me, even as you had already began to slip your hard cock between my eagerly awaiting legs. By now I was so wet and you were so hard… Your entire length slid quite easily inside of me. Then as you began to make tender, sweet love unto me, I wrapped my legs around your waist. Slowly you began to push yourself deeper in and out of me… My hips began rising up to meet your thrusts. Patiently you waited upon me to cum once again before allowing yourself to cum.

Taking your one hand, and reaching down between us, you began rubbing my clit as your hard cock continued to rub me from the inside. Feeling my pussy tighten around you, you could tell that I was going to cum for you now, at any second. So, you allowed yourself to explode inside of me! At that same instant I too came. As we were lying there, cumming together, our lips met in a passionate kiss that didn’t end until we were both coming down from our shared ecstasy.

It seemed as though we laid there for several hours… We just laid there cuddling and softly whispering “I love you” in one another’s ears. Dear god… Making love to you, my dear, is always so sweet…

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