Marcels true feelings abour kiki are exposed

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It all started on the bus home from school. Kiki was playing a game where she had to pass paper to the others by sucking on it and meeting the other person, mouth to mouth. Kiki was passing it to Marcel when she got nervous (because she have never told anyone but she was completely in love with him.)and let the paper drop, causing them to kiss. At first she pulled away not wanting to embarrass herself in front of her friends, but Marcel wouldn’t let her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard. She melted into him and started to kiss back. She heard gasps all around her but didn’t care. She felt his warm tounge graze her lips and she opened them to let it in. They kissed for what seemed like and eternity,and she could feel his cock start to grow, but then Kiki had to get off the bus. Marcel got up even though it wasn’t his stop, and followed her all the way home. She went in and he followed. She went up to her room and waited. Soon he came in and she could see his bulge in his pants. “I never told u this but i think ur pretty hot” he said. “Really,I thought the same of you” she replided and started to undress herself. Now Kiki had been blessed with 34C cup breasts and a pretty nice ass. She could see Marcels cock growing even more. She got down on her knees and started to undo his pants. Once everything was down, Marcel let out a 7 inch cock that was begging to be sucked. Kiki started to slowly suck on it, only taking in alittle at a time. She was licking and sucking his cock, and playing with his balls. All he could do was moan. “Damn kiki ur so good at this…” She started going faster and faster and right before he was about to cum, she stopped.”What the hell are you doing?” Kiki just winked and lay down on the bed, opening up her thighs to reveal a nice shaved pussy. She started playing with herself, moaning and playing with her tits. That was all he needed. He went over to her and thrust his cock into her. She screamed of pleasure and ecstasy. “You like that bitch?” he asked as he started to thrust harder. “ooo yeah fuck me, FUCK ME!” she screamed. “Fuck me harder Marcel, Harder!” she screamed as he pounded into her pussy and cummed inside it. They had both cummed together and lay still for a second. Kiki managed to get up and get on her hands and knees. “Fuck me doggy style” she ordered. Marcel didn’t have to think twice. He got up and entered her once more. He started pounding into her tight pussy and could feel himself getting hard again. “o god, o god, yeah fuck me!” He was pounding so fast into her while playing with her tits the whole time. While still inside her he got on his back and made her sit on top of him. She started bouncing up and down on his cock.Her tits were flying in every direction and she was screaming with pleasure. Marcel was moaning because he knew he was about to cum. After one explosive thrust he came again in her pussy and so did she. He could feel his cum sliding down his cock. She got up and started to clean up the cum off her legs with her fingers. She licked them and off with a sensual smile and then got back on her knees and cleaned all the cum off his trobbing cock.”I didn’t know you were such a dirty whore” he said. she just winked at him and started to get dressed. Wait he said and grabbed her on more time. He kissed her again and she melted one more time. ” I love you” he said as he drew back. ” I love you too, more then ever before” she said and she really felt it too. The next day, on the bus ride home, her friends asked what had happened because at school, kiki and marcel had acted like they had be going out for months. “Oh nothing really, we just…connected more at my house.” Her friends looked puzzeled but she would say no more. That day she got off and his stop to “connect” once again…

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