Me and the hottest teacher ever

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ok ive been on for a while now so i thought i should let me imagination flow.

i am a junior in high school and i have the hottest spainsh 2 teacher in the world. Her name is miss k(abbreviated) and god shes hot.

Me Ads(Abbreviated also) gets such a hard on when im in her class 6th period everyday.Ok a little info to get your minds going horny peeps. here it goes.

On Friday i got to school 630am so i deiced to go to miss k’s class to get some help with some homework. I walked in and she says hola ads i say hola also. i think to my self god shes hot today. Shes wearing tenna shoes skirt and a button up shirt.She asks me what i need help with today. i tell her conjurations i pretend not to understand any of it so she says if u want u can come to my house and i give you a 1 on 1 lesson on it. And of course how i aroused i was i said sure thing.Then i saw this tingle in her eye . Like she wanted me too

12 hours later at miss k’s house.
I walk into her house and she has the most revealing out fit on. She says i know you want me. I can tell in your behavior in class. i nodded at her. She says ok you have your shot.Treat me right and show me how a girl it supposed to get treated and ull get a shot at fucking me. so i go outside and knock on the door. I walk in and give her a kiss and say how are you tonight miss k? She says just fine. I ask her what shed like to eat tonight? She says to a nice restaurant. So we go out and eat and then we come back to her house. I walk up behind her and slide my hands across her body admiring her curves.I move my hands down toward her skirt i put my hands down her skirt playing with her thong string. i kiss her neck. i move my hands lower but she stops me. She says are you sure ads are you sure u wanna do this. i say definitely. She says lets move to the bed then we move to the bedroom together. once in the room i undress her. i admire her body she pussy completely shaved. i massage her breasts and moans at that. We start to kiss. i lay her down on the bed as we are kissing i move my hands down to her clit she moans loudly at that. i start to put my dick in her and she moans loudly at just my tip in i move in deeper and shes moaning like a lion ooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. we fuck for 30 minutes str8. i cum into her n she screams with delight. when we are done she says that was the best fucking of my life we get into the shower as we shower i play with her clit.
when we get out of the shower we lay together and go to sleep.

The End

thx for reading leave your comments good or bad tell me what i need to improve on

Thx for reading


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  1. sadsack24

    sucks..need to learn how to make sentences..

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