Music Soothes the Wild Beast

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“Good evening, WXKR, Winston Drake speaking.”
“I want you to fuck me!”

Winston was taken aback, he thought he had perhaps misunderstood the woman’s words, after all it was 1:30 am and his shift was nearly ending, he was slightly tired.

“Pardon me?” he asked in his clipped British accent.

“I said…” the sexy female voice enunciated,” I……to..fuck…me.”

Winston gulped and felt both suprise and arousal, but he quickly said, “I am sorry madam, but I think you have the wrong number.” and he hung up. He felt hs cock thickening and it got him angry he hated being out of control even in sexual situations.

He went off his shift, got on his coat, picked up his back pack and left.

Winston Drake was a dignified man, he was nearing 60 and had grey hair at his temples. He was still athletic and lithe, but he had lost his vigor, he had no lust for life. He was married to a society dame, it was his third wife, she was a handsome woman always sharply and primly dressed, a great companion as far as intellectually, but there was sadly no real spark in their marriage. He convinced himself that at this stage in his life sexuality was not the most important thing.

As he got in the cab and went home, that woman on the phone was in his thoughts, her voice kept echoing in his mind. He tried to think of other things, but he invariably would go back to that voice, those words, the raw carnality of it all.

No woman had ever spoken to him like that. Hell he had never even really been with any passionate women, no all the ones he had been with were almost mechanical and cold when it came to sex with him. After a while he just decided that that was his fate and he was comfortable with it.

“Hello WXKR, Winston Drake speaking may I help you?”

“Mmmmmm…. yes you can, my pussy gets so wet hearing your voice over the radio, I think you can help me and you know just how.”
Winston’s cock moved and hardened. “Madam I think you are confusing me with some other DJ.”

“Ohhhh no I’m not, you are Winston Drake, you grew up in London, you graduaterd from Oxford with honors, you have created three very well known classical masterpieces. You are a brilliant musician. Mmmmm you know whenever I hear your “River of Dreams and Shadows” piece I lay back in my bed and imagine that you are laying on me and fucking me in the rhythm of that magnificent piece.”

Winston felt little beads of sweat forming above his upper lip and near his hairline.
“I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you know, I need to cue up now.” and he hung up. He was turned on yet again by this faceless woman with the seductive voice and it disturbed him.

After that night he made his assistant answer the phones.

“You know Mr. Drake there are a lot of hang-up calls lately. “

Winston knew it had to be her, one part of him wanted to answer the phone and just see what carnal things she would say to him, but the other part, his staid, uptight side definitely did not want to, so that side won out.

“Ohhhh let’s see, bills, bills, more bills, ahh charity functions, let me read those later. What is this?” Winston asked himself, as he saw a big manilla envelope.

He opened it and shook out it’s contents, his heart started pounding. They were nude explicit, unbelievably sexy photos of a nude quite pretty woman. He pawed at them pushing them back in the envelope, his pulse was racing. He tucked that envelope in the bottom of his drawer.

All night long his mind wandered back to the pictures, he had only really looked at the top one, it was a beautiful blonde woman laying back on what looked like black satin sheets, her white blonde flowing hair splayed out over the pillows, her tits rounded and full and so firm, her torso twisted showing off her small waist and hip, her pussy hiding under her toned thigh that was draped over the bottom leg, just a hint of her round ass cheek jutting out. It looked almost like a Marilyn Monroe cheesecake shot. Marilyn Monroe, the first woman he saw on screen that caused his dick to harden with lust for her feminine and frightened innocent beauty.

He made it through his shift, barely, because those pictures were on his mind. He wanted and did not want to see them.

He got home and checked on his wife, she was sound asleep. He went to his office and locked the door, his hands were shaking and his heart was pumping, he listened for his wife, and he finally opened that drawer he saw the envelope. He pulled it out just holding it in his hands, he shook it to figure out how many photos were in there, it was heavy he knew it had to be a lot. His cock started filling with blood, lust and juices. He pulled out the photos,”Ohhhhhh” he moaned as he studied that woman’s beauty, so blonde, so sexy, so perfect. He went through the pile each photo was more breath-taking and explicit than the last. In one she was laid back in a bed with a violin near her pussy the neck of it laying near her lips,almost like she was going to be fucked by it, this drove him wild since he was a violinist. The next showed her standing near a tall glass door, the light filtering in through billowing lace curtains, sunlight illuminating her body, her back was toward the viewer, her head was tilted back,she looked into the camera, big blue eyes serenely staring out of her pretty feminine face, her blonde hair slightly lifted by the wind, just part of her right breast and hard bright red nipple was exposed and the roundness of her ass and hip as well as her long toned legs were exposed. He smiled wistfully looking at her feeling that perhaps she had just been made love to and she was allowing the cool breeze to massage her skin.

He felt his cock thickening very strongly, his cock wanted her. He looked at more photos, they got more graphic as he filed through them. The poses were erotic and enticing and ultra feminine. One was of her on her knees her bare ass and pussy exposed and lifted up to the viewer, nice round white cheeks, perfect crack, red pussy lips peeking out, beckoning like they needed a cock in them, there was a mirror in front of her that she gazed into and it reflected her as she smiled a very sexy grin, her breasts were visible in the mirror they hung down but were quite round. He envisioned fucked her as she knelt like that causing her tits to shake as he rammed in and out of those puffy red pussy lips. He was absent-mindedly rubbing his stiff cock in his pants as he pored over the pictures. He came to one that made him pull out his cock, stroke it and jerk off. She was laying over the back of a bad that had dark red material bunched over it, her pussy and ass were exposed, her pussy lips had opened wide, like aflower would toward the sun’s rays, revealing her redness and wetness inside, it was as red as the material she was bent over, he knew enough about women to know that that shot showed she was at her ultimate level of arousal he stared at her opened gorgeous pussy, he knew it was sooo wet and tight and silky in there, he saw how swollen her lips were he imagined that if he fucked her those lips they would be pressed against him kissing and massaging his groin.

“Ahhhh that pussy is fucking hot! Shiiit I want that pussy! Oh yeah I’m going to fuck that pussy good.” he moaned as he jerked up and down on his cock, over and over until he came hard, really shooting out his cum, it shot so far that it went over his desk and right on his wife’s picture in the frame, it landed with a splat in the center of her smiling stern face.

He cleaned up, looked at the photos one quick last time and hid them in his bookcase by his music books, he zipped up and went to bed.

That night and morning his dreams were of the mystery blonde. He woke up with a huge, hard, painful hard-on. He was about to go jerk off in the bathroom when the phone rang. Thinking it was his wife his dick quickly deflated, she was often annoyed by hard-ons
well his anyway.


“Hi baby, mmmmm I want you to bend me over and fuck me.”

Winston immediately got hard and he got brave.

“Did you happen to send me something in the mail?”

“Oh you mean my pictures?

Winston started tugging on his cock feeling extremely delighted that they were indeed of her. “Yes. You are quite lovely, you know that?

“Mmmmm I’m so glad you liked them, by the way I sent you something else in the mail, you’ll have to let me know if you like it. It’s a gift just for you.”

“Mmmm if it’s anything like your photos I’m sure I’ll like it.”

“Did you jerk off looking at me?”

Winston swallowed and squeezed his cock, “Yes I had a real good cum!”

“Mmmmmm my pussy just leapt and oozed out some juiciness hearing that!” she purred.

“I’d love to sniff your sweet, red, pretty pussy and lap at it like a cat drinking milk!” Winston said to her. “I’d drink your juice like a sweet wine and get drunk on it.”

“Ohhhhh I bet you’re really good at that, mmmm I am touching my pussy rubbing my satiny clit as you speak, mmmmm”

“Yes I’d like to see that clit up close and personal,such a feminine hidden nub that is.”

“Mmmmmmmm you get me sooo horny, sooo wet, soo excited.” she murmurred.

“I, oh no I’m sorry we don’t need any new cabinets thank you but I must decline.”

“Winston what are you talking about?”

“Well I must go now my wife just came in and she is coming down the hallway thank you anyway.” and he hung up.

His heart was beating like a hummingbird’s both from excitement and sheer fear of his wife. He recovered and just laid back in bed under the covers.

“Ohhh hello darling I didnt think you would be up so early.

“Ohhh if only you knew.” he thought in his mind. But he just smirked.

“Well since you are awake I guess we can have brunch.”

Winston worked that night, he dressed well and even wore his best cologne, it was silly but it was for his mystery blonde, he hoped she would call, but no she didn’t. He did not hear from her for days and he was disappointed, he decided it was a cruel prank and he decided to just forget her. He came home from work went in his office and on his desk he saw a package addressed to him, in the same handwriting that the photo containing envelope had, he was instantly hard. He walked over and locked his door, he sat down in his chair, his hands shook slightly as he ripped the brown paper and opened the box. He saw inside a pair of delicate white lace panties, a note on top said, “Drink in my perfume, breathe in my scent.” he lifted them up and pressed them against his nose, the delicate musky scent of excited pussy wafted through his nostrils, “MMmmmmm” he moaned as he just breathed it in, he looked in the box and there were photos of her wearing those panties, she laid near a head shot publicity picture of him, her fingers were inside the panties through the side of the crotch as she smiled at his picture. She pulled the panties up between her lips in the next pisture, in another her panties were partly down, revealing her pussy,the next she was on her tummy the panties removed but placed between her pussy from behind and she was turning at the camera smiling one finger in her mouth, the next she had them in her hand and pressed them on her pussy as she laid on her back.

“Shiiiit I want that pussy! I need to fuck her!”Winston moaned as he sniffed her panties and unzipped his pants, he pulled out his hard cock and wrapped her pussy scented panties around his thick shaft and jerked off on them, up and down that silk caressed his cock, he looked at the photos imagining she was right there in the flesh, he needed to cum, he quickly opened them up turned them inside out and jerking his cock and squeezing under the head he came hard right on the crotch, a gooey stick steaming wad of cum.

“Hello WXKR, Winston Drake speaking.”

“Mmmmm hellllllooooo sexy.”

Winston’s cock just stiffened up, “Hello to you my sweet angel,”

“Did you like my gifts?”

“Yes the pictures and panties were delightful.”

“Mmmmm did you like my scent?”

Not only did I like it, I loved it, I desired it, I can still smell your sex perfume. It is an intoxicating elixir I love it!”

“Seee Winston I knew you were sexy.”

“Can we meet? Maybe for coffee, just to talk?”

“Oh Winston, come on be a man, say what you really want, you want to meet for a hot fuck! You want to press your nude flesh on my nude flesh, come on now be honest.”

He laughed and said, “I guess I can’t fool you, yes I want you, I think about you constantly. I desire to slide in that perfet pussy of yoursand feel your silky heat and your juices.”

“Meet me over at Rexall Drugs near your station, right after your shift ends. I’ll be wearing a long black tie in the front coat, you won’t be able to miss me.”

Winston counted the minutes, he wished time would speed up. Finally his shift ended. He quickly got his coat and back pack he did not even put it on,.he just rushed out.
“Mr. Drake, I..” Winston cut off his assistant, “No time to talk I have to go.”

Heran walked to their meeting place but as he reached the corner he composed himself and walked slower. He saw her, long blonde hair, long darl coat, she was not tall, but she was shapely. He liked shorter women, he was not particularly tall so petite women always made him feel more masculine.

“Hello!” he beckoned.

She turned around, she was more lovely in person, her beauty was delicate almost fragile, she photographed much stronger, he liked her in person beauty even more.

She smiled, and said, “My name is Ariel. I think you should know that.”

Winston grinned and took her small hand in his and kissed the top and turned it over and kissed her palm. That wettened her up even more.

“I live right around the corner would you like to go there?”

“Need you ask?” he grinned.

They went to her apartment it was small, neat,unique, pretty, feminine and very sexy, just like her.

“Mmmmm Winston, I feel chilled could you please start a fire while I get the brandy, you do like brandy don’t you?”

“Yes to both questions.”

Winston had created a nice fire and Ariel returned with the brandy and glasses.

“Mmmm I love fire places, don’t you?” she purred.

“Yes I certainly do?”

“Aren’t you hot in that coat?” he asked.

“Yes I am silly me! You got me so nervous I forgot to take it off.” Ariel giggled slightly and undid the sash and dropped the coat to the floor it glided off of her body. She was nude, not a stitch on. Winston stared at her, so fucking excited like he had never been in his life, reveling in her feminine curvy body. He pulled her onto his lap and tongue kissed her, her bare pussy was right over his hard dick in his pants, he detected wetness and warmth, “Mmmmm my beautiful sex angel, you are such a dream come true. You fill me with lust and desire for you.” he said as he held her closer to him. “Look at you so lovely, you make me soo happy and so hard.” as he said that he bounced her on his cock. He took his thumbs and circled her hard nipples, he pushed her on his lap repositioning her so she was now sitting on his bulging cock head in his pants, her ass and pussy was over it, she writhed on it rubbing it back and forth under her. He closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt her weight and sexy wetness on him there.

“I want to fuck you. I want your pussy to gorge on my cock.” she wiggled more on him hearing him say those words.

“Will you fuck me on the floor by the fire?” she demurely asked looking at him with those big innocent blue eyes.

He lifted her up and layed her down on the rug, he grabbed two pillows and placed them near her hips. He just gazed at her shaking his head in disbelief over this exciting sensual woman that laid nude below him.

removed his clothes, he held his hard cock and shook it at her. She looked up her eyes rivitedto his cock. Smiling she said, “Mmmmmm I love cock, did you know that? All I have to do is think of one and I get hot, to
see one and my pussy gets so thrilled, do you know how incredible it feels to feel a cock in my pussy? Ohhh to get into my little red wet hole and push in me. Feeling that sexy head then the shaft, knowing that isexactly where it belongs, deep in me and in and out of me, Mmmmmm I love it sooo much, mmmmm. I love to have a man fill me up inside, to lay on me, to thrust in and out of me, to let me feel his nude flesh on mine,to smell his sweat, to feel his body heat, mmmmmm.”

Winston stroked his cock as she spoke those words, they really turned him on, here was a beautiful woman who loved, adored, and desired men. His cock hardened more than it ever did knowing that he was going to have an amazing fuck.

He lifted her head gently and put one pillow under her head, then he took the other and lifted her up by herhips and laid her ass upon it. Her pretty pussy was angled up at him, like a sexy offering. He smiled and licked his lips, He knelt down his cock was sticking straight up between his legs pointing at her almost saying, “I want you, you are mine.”

He licked and nibbled and lapped on her pussy he moaned in pleasure from her scent, her silk, her tasty juices.

He got up and with his stiff cock he entered her pussy, “Ohhhhhhh.” she groaned feeling him open her up in and out he slid his cock, everytime his cock retreated it wasshining from her wetness. Deeper and harder he fucked her. with her pussy angled up like that everytime he slid in her pussy he glided on her clit, he had the rhythm perfect she orgasmed, she widened her thighs and grabbed tight on his ass and pulled him in deepere, he pushed himself tight against her aswell and snuggled into her grinding her. As her pussy pulsed on his cock, he kissed her, she was in ecstasy. He pulled away afterthe pulses lessened and he started fucking the hell out of her pussy, really hard fucks, he got a look on his face like he was almost angry, like he was taming some wild beast with his cock, in and out he forcibly fucked her, “OHhhhhhh shiiit! I’m cumming!” and with those words he quickly pulled out and shot on her tits a load of cum, a lot of cum, he had not fucked in so long that it seemed like every bit of cum in his body just shot out. She looked at him and smiled and massaged it into her tots, that excited him, he pressedagainst her getting some of his cum on his chest as

They laid back sweating from their hot fuck and the fire. they had certainly made a beautiful composition between them.

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