My First Time Sisters part 1

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I’d not been with a woman before NOT EVEN on a date – I was sort of shy and was little scared of them lol. I had been clubbing the week before with some mates who had said at 20 I should have lost my cherry its about time I got myself a woman.
Ok I went along with this I was not too sure about it but did agree I needed a woman in my life I was fed up with being the only guy in the club without a woman. All my pals had a good woman I felt a little uncomfy as we partied each week when all the women were with us.
I spent most of the night by the bar as normal getting drunk – i WAS having second thoughts about this dating idea my chums were going on about. I was just ordering another Drink A Vodka and Coke – A really nice looking woman came to the bar she stood next to me and said to the Barman “make that 2”. Who’s this cheeky woman I thought – I looked around for my friends I bet it’s someone they set me up with.
I nodded to the barman not one of my mates were in sight Oh well I decided she’s not bad I’ll play along.
well to cut a really long story a little shorter – It turns out she was just after a drink and had been watching me for a while, had took a fancy to me and decided to come over and try her luck she had not been sent over by my mate after all.
I was really having a good time we chatted, dance and was really getting on well, after a quick visit to the toilet she came back and said “I have to go my sister has a taxi booked to take us home meet me here next week at 8p.m.” “YES OK”

I was stood on the edge of the dance floor looking for her I felt really good until about 9.30 where was this goergous woman I had met the week before, I was thinking I had been stood up when I spotted her,
Yes I had been stood up she was with a woman and another man his hands were all over as they danced up close.
the other woman was looking sort of uncomfy as her friend got really up close and personal they kissed and fondled each other’s ass as the danced. other than noticed how good looking this second woman was at first – I was so busy watching the girl I’d met the week before with her new man I was so annoyed we had got on so well I thought she had really wanted to meet me again, I thought to myself if this is dating then I wish I had not bothered.
The 2nd woman started to walk away she was coming straight towards me Ummm I thought quite a looker in fact she is absolutely gorgeous.
Our eyes met she smiled I nervously asked “things getting to hot over there for you between your friends I think they should get a room I laughed”
“Yes” she said “My bloody sister she is a slut when she gets drunk”
“Is that her boyfriend I asked” ” No just some guy that she picked up – She’s so upset she met this really nice guy last week and he stood her up!”.
“She had stood me up actually” I thought I had said in my head but must have said out loud. “What was that – She stood you up? – are you John ?”
“Yes” I said, she laughed and said “ummm you are as good looking as she said not her usually type of guy no wonder she’s upset”

“Do you fancy a drink I asked -You grab those seat in that empty snug and I’ll bring some over What do you fancy”
“A PVC Pernod Vodka and Cider” she said.
I laughed and said” sounds like something you should be wearing not drinking it.” I was just thinking what a stupid comment – me and big mouth I always say the stupid remarks NOW SHE’S thinking What an ASS. She laughed and said “Buy me enough of those and you never know your luck”

OMG I thought as I Bought her a double a Good Looking Women with a sense of humour and possibly a little kinky by the sounds of it – as long as I don’t bump into the sister THIS COULD BE A GOOD NIGHT!!!

Well things were going well we were getting on well. We were chatting Me on one side of the little table her on the other a small lamp in the middle of the table, She placed her hands on the table one either side of the lamp. I put Mine next to them Wondering – Should I hold hers or not or is it to early in (I’m not a hand holding kind of guy and well as I said a little new to this getting intimate with a woman business she was my First – not counting her sister).Stupid things were running around my head – DO I – DON’T I? OMG is this dating I’ve only just met her Nooo I’m not that lucky and she’s the sister of the women I should have been with. I was so nervous I never even felt this woman’s hands come across to mine, she was holding my hand and pulling me towards her “come over this side of the table she said it’s a little hard to chat and get friendly with this table between us she rubbed her foot up my leg a little and smiled.
I bet I sound really odd saying this – things were moving a little faster than I had thought but what the hell, I was standing up to move around the table when her sister came rushing over – she looked at me a quick glance then turned to her sister and said “Don’t wait up for me I leaving with that hunk I’m going to his place we are partying tonight I think I’ve scored she gave me another quick glance then rushed off.
I sat down – for a while we chatted making small talk she put her head on my shoulder wispered my ear “I’m so tired lets leave I need to get to bed take me home please”,
We got a taxi.
while in the taxi she cuddle up close put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes I turned my head to look at her I dont know why (dont forget this is my first time with a woman) I kissed her on her neck just below the hear she sort of purred I got a little daring and kissed her again working my way up to her ear then had a little nibble onher ear lobe – OMG I thought she’ll think I’m wierd if she wakes stop this – TO LATE she had woken, she moving her hand into my lap ” Umm do that again that was really nice I love having my ears touched and played with it turns me on she wispered ” i kissed her again and another nibble Ummmm she groaned and her hand move she was right in my groin she looked at me straight in the eyes moved in close and gave me a kiss and what a kiss It went on forever her tounge was in my mouth Omg Is this woman ever going to come up for air then something happened I was not expecting she unzipped my flies put her hand in to my trouser and started rubbing my cock OMG if this is my first time touched by a woman ooh yes I was likeing this the lads will be proud of me tonight i thought. She finally came up from air put her head back on my shoulder and wispered “I’m not wearing panties I’m so horny I want you now” the taxi Pulled up. She pulledup her skirt slightly as she slid out of the taxi turned to me and said “Hurry up and pay the taxi if you want some of this you better hurry she’s getting cold and needs some warming up” she flashed me her pussy then walked up to the door to a block of flats opened the door gave a quick flash of bare ass turned said Number 12 and disapeared.
The Taxi man just looked at me with a big smile winked and said “You Lucky Fucker I’d love some of that You got a really Horny Girl friend there mate go get it tiger”.
Tiger I thought if he only knew this is my first time with a woman and I’m more like a mouse when it come to women Scares them off OMG Things were about to change tonight.
I’m stood out side Number 12 the door was slightly open I opened it some more I was Thinking I’m the luckiest Guy alive Never been with a woman before as I said not even on a date I meet a woman and somehow end up with her Horny sister What a night I cant believe MY LUCK the lads will be proud John’s about to loose his cherry – brake his duck or his he ?
I hear voices 2 women it seems the sister is home – OH no this sounds bad – “What do you mean that Bastard stood me up and you bring him home NO WAY is he coming in here. I’m about to do a runner when TO LATE I’m Spotted Come in my girl shouts ignore this Bitch she is just jealous she did not get a shag the bastard dumped her when she said she would not have sex with him and his mates.

WEll Thats it for now whatever happens next is for part 2 and another question.

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