My First Time Sisters part 2

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Here I am again with the next question HOW FAR DID YOU GO ON YOU FIRST TIME DATING

Well lets recap in my last entry having been stood up by 1 gorgeous woman we will call Jane, I meet up with a 2nd gorgeous woman I will call June she just happens to be the sister of the first woman.
What Happened Next? I ended the last tale a little abruptly sorry well here’s part 2.

I’m stood outside Number 12 the door was slightly open I opened it some more I was Thinking I’m the luckiest Guy alive, Never been with a woman before as I said not even on a date, I meet a woman and somehow end up with her Horny sister – What a night I can’t believe MY LUCK the lads will be proud John’s about to lose his cherry – brake his duck or is he?
I hear voices 2 women it seems the sister is home – OH No this sounds bad – “What do you mean that Bastard stood me up and you bring him home NO WAY is he coming in here.

I’m about to do a runner when TO LATE I’m Spotted Come in my June shouts ignore this Bitch she is just jealous she did not get a shag the bastard dumped her when she said she would not give him a blow job while waiting for the taxi” “what kind of woman do you think I am Sis ?” – “I’m not going to BLOW a guy with his fucking mates watching”. I stud frozen to the spot I shuck my head and nervously muttered “I don’t think I should maybe another time”. I started to turn away. June walked over to the door grabbed my hand and stopped me.
She looked me in the eye’s she’s tugging me towards her I say “I don’t think I should” as much as I wanted to I felt so embraced. June pulled me towards her she whispered in my ear “Don’t worry about Jane She’s just pissed off she didn’t get a fuck”. Jane was stood in the door just behind her sister, with a look that could kill she said “Come in don’t just stand there She’s not going to take No for an answer I’m off to bed – You just better be gone in the morning before I get up”.
I thought to myself – In the morning? – I was not planning on stopping that long. Being my first time with a woman I would have been happy with a quick grope on the couch if I was lucky, this was my first ever date, how far would it go June had implied she wanted more. I wanted to go, but also wanted to stop what shall I do Jane stormed off.
Jane still holding on to my hand looked into my eye and asked “Well?” I replied I don’t know your sister is really pissed off”. She said nothing, smiling she led me into the flat giving the door a quick flick shut with her foot while passing her hand lets go of mine I see her unbuttoning her skirt as she walks through the door to what turns out to be her bedroom she lets her skirt fall giving me a great view off the sweetest roundest ass I had ever seen my cock is stirring – no rearing up like a wild stallion omg I really want her badly. Her top falls to the ground next follows by her skimpy bra.
My cock is bulging in my pants oh god what perfection I feel like my balls are going to explode, they do when she turns around and I see the most perfect woman the only woman I’ve seen naked (Well one that’s not in a wank mag). Her tits were firm and round, her pussy was shaved a long smooth slit disappearing between the longest loveliest legs I’d ever seen her little bud just peeking from the top like a flower about to come into bloom. I could feel the embarrassment in my face having just come in my pants. I stand like a statue staring at her nakedness, Still she says nothing she walks over to me and slowly undoes my trousers She now speaks “What’s the matter baby don’t you want me why are you standing there – oooh! You are all wet I’ve made you come ” I blushed even more if that was possible and said “you are my first” – “the closest I’ve ever come to sex with a woman with is a hand job while looking at a wank mag”. Stripping off my cloths she says ” A VIRGIN OOH BABY your first woman, well the relax baby I’ll be gentle with you” she laughs “I have a secret to tell you”, now naked she leads me over to the bed I sit she pushes me onto my back, “you are MY FIRST I lost my virginity to a strap on Dildo while experimenting with my sister one night” “YOU ARE MY FIRST MAN”. She then kneels by the bed and slowly licks me starting at my balls all the way up to the tip of my cock ummm you taste good. My placid cock springs into life “I need to taste you MY FIRST ever taste of woman oooh my mouth is watering as I anticipate my first ever taste of love juices. She gets up I move over fully onto the bed she sits on my chest her pussy and ass were staring me in the face she lays down so as to carry on with sucking my cock. I just stare at her womanhood ooh what a feelings I have my balls are about to explode again as she sucks them then licks my cock taking it all the way in her mouth. Holding back my cum as long as I can I start licking her juices her slit from her glistening pussy the lips open slightly and her fluids run down to her little tight ass.
Not wanting to waste any of these sweet tasting juices that were making my taste buds go wild and my head spin I lick them up starting at that tight little asshole. Wow she starts rocking her ass up and down she is getting excited as I work my way up to her pussy sucking and licking her now freely flowing juices, she’s riding my tongue lick a cock in her pussy, I nibble her bud which is swollen and in full bloom now and then lick and suck OMG I’m drowning in her cum juices. She give a stifled sort of purring noise and her body starts to twitch she’s Cumming – More and More juices flow from her pussy I really am going to drown I can’t take anymore. I cum up for air just as I feel the biggest ever twitching in my balls I have ever had “OOH baby – I can’t hold back any longer” and with that I came what seemed like buckets full right into her mouth. She carries on pumping my cock dry with her mouth OMG this feels Sooo good she stops spins around on my chest and slide her body down mine leaving a wet trial all the way down her pussy resting against my limp cock she kisses me our tongues entwine our juices mix this is weird tasting my salty seeds mingled with her sweet juices but I think I actually like it.
Having rested a while my cock hardens and what follows is the best night’s sex ever, if you want to know more you will have to wait for part 3.

What happens next the third question? A little tease remember the title says SISTERS.

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