My Sexual Awaking – Part 4

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Part 4
Going Steady

A note for my male readers: As a woman gets older, she begins to realize that sex can be fun and liberating. I have discussed this with a number of women and almost all of them agree that after a certain age sex becomes more physical than emotional. By the time a woman becomes about 40 years old they are still good looking and desirable and often have the fantasy of having sex with a man other than their husband. For you younger men you should be taking advantage of this. Older women are great in bed and are eager for young cock.

Now, for the next episode of my story.

In my last year of high school my need and desire for sex was a pervasive as always. I had a need to be held and loved and if getting a cock in me at the same time was the only way to get it, then so be it. I had a couple of steady boy friends and we fucked a lot. I never had the opportunity to spend the night and rarely the opportunity to fuck on a bed. The back of a car seemed to be the normal place for me to spread my legs. Little did I know that my life was going to change dramatically.

I graduated from high school and two weeks later, my father died from a heart attack. He just went to lie down after dinner and never woke up. Now we had that large apartment for just my sister and me and the expenses were more than we could handle. My sister had a job that would support her but not the both of us. After the funeral my brother Fred, who was in the Air Force, suggested I come and live with him and his wife until I got myself settled. At first, I rejected the idea but after thinking about it for a while I knew it was the smart thing to do. So packing my belongings in two suitcases I boarded the train for Amarillo Texas. I stayed with Fred and his wife for a few weeks and found a decent paying job. Amy, Fred’s wife suggested that I move in with her parents who had a large house and two extra bedrooms. I did and the situation was excellent. I could walk four blocks to work and come back to a warm and loving family.

I had been in Amarillo about three months when the need to be with other young people and have a good time was growing in me. In addition, it had been almost six months since I had been fucked and that too was becoming a growing need. At the suggestion of a friend at work, I went to the local USO and volunteered as a hostess. Amarillo Air Force Base was a training center and there were literally thousands of young men, new to the AF, and to being away from home. The USO had a lot of activities and dances every Friday and Saturday night. I soon found myself going to the club four or five nights a week and meeting many really cute guys. One of the rules of the club was that a hostess could not leave the club with a man. We were supposed to wait until time to close and then the hostesses leave together. Naturally, as soon as we left we split up and met the guys who were waiting for us down the street. I found that I could dance, flirt, and then arrange for a meeting. Since most of the guys did not have cars, we ended up walking to a local cafe, having something to eat or drink, and then walking with them to the bus station so they could get back to the base. We did manage to find a few dark areas where we could neck and I would be fucked standing up. While this was not physically satisfying, my emotional needs were being met.

One night I met Ronnie and found out that he had a car. After a Saturday night dance, I met up with him and he took me out in the country in his old Cadillac. It was spacious and there was plenty of room. Ronnie spent a little time in kissing and fondling my breasts but quickly went for my panties. I was eager to let him and when he pulled them down, I was immediately wet and my pussy was waiting for his cock.

After dating for a few weeks, Ronnie surprised me one night by taking me to a motel just outside of town. He opened the door and we went in to this rather dingy but clean room. As soon as we entered, Ronnie stepped behind me and unzipped the back of my dress. He unfastened my bra and reached around to rub my small but adequate breasts. I pushed my body back until I could feel his hardness against my ass. As he was rubbing and kissing my neck, I reached up and pulled my dress away from my shoulders letting the top fall to my waist. Ronnie pushed my bra down until I let the straps slip from my arms. His hands moved down my belly and pushed my dress down until he could slip his hands into my panties. I let the dress fall around my ankles while he was rubbing my pussy. Moving away quickly, I kicked the dress from around my feet removed my petticoat, turned so that he was looking at my near naked body. My modest pink panties were still in place but he could not keep his eyes off the mound of pleasure that awaited him there.

Ronnie was rock hard under his pants and I knew that he would not last long. So, I went to my knees in front of him and undid his belt. I struggled with the top button of his pants until he helped me with it. Pulling down the zipper was easy and his pants fell from his hips. I tried to pull down his jockey’s but they were being tangled in his stiff prick. Finally, they came down and I quickly put my lips around the glistening tip if his large cock. At first, I concentrated on savoring the taste of the juices but then got down to taking the cock into my mouth and sucking while working my tongue around the sensitive bulb. My motive was simple. I wanted to be satisfied and in the state he was in I know that about three strokes in my pussy and he would be done. I was right. It took about 45 seconds of sucking and he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock clear to the back of my mouth. When he came, I tried to take as much as I could in my mouth but had to let the rest pour down my chin to drip on my chest and tits.

I slowly got up and watched as his dick withered until it hung limply against his leg. I was certain that he could recharge if he was given the right encouragement. I told Ronnie that I was going into the bathroom to clean up and for him to finish stripping and get on the bed. I took my time in the bathroom and when I came out, I just stood at the door letting him take in my naked body. My pussy was neatly trimmed and for a short girl I had a good figure. Ronnie was stroking his dick while he looked at me and it was obvious that he would be ready again soon.

I laid down next to Ronnie, me on my right side and him on his left. I started fondling his balls with my left hand while he kept stroking his dick. We kissed but did not stop what our hands were doing. Ronnie took his hand from his dick and started rubbing my pussy. Of course, he discovered that although I had washed up my cunt was again wet and ready. He started rubbing my clit with his palm while his fingers explored between my wanting lips. I took my hand from his balls and started stroking his ever-hardening dick. As his fingers went into my hole and his palm rubbed my clit, he started humping against my hand. With his dick stiff again I knew that he was about ready. Pulling away, I moved my head until I could lick his dick. Now his juices were flowing and all that was left was to make the final move. I gently pulled him over until he was lying on top of me. He humped his dick against my belly and bent down to suck on a nipple. Quickly my body started reacting and I brought my feet under me so that I could grind my pussy against his firm butt. Ronnie scooted down until his dick was resting on my pussy so I spread my legs and with my hand, guided him into my ever-waiting cunt hole.

Ronnie began to tease me by slowly putting the head of his dick in me and then withdrawing it. I arched my back to get more inside but he still moved just slightly more in and out. I never realized that I could want a cock deeply inside me, and the sensation was driving me insane. I started lunging my hips higher to get
more cock and he finally accommodated by pushin
g his cock deep inside my pussy. We just lay there for a few seconds, his body resting on mine, his cock deep inside my glory hole. Finally, he started pumping changing rhythm, fast then slowly. He changed his position on my body to make sure that I could feel his cock from all angles. Then he started plunging into me harder and faster. I felt that wonderful old feeling start in my belly and move rapidly toward my pussy. I held back wanting to experience a huge orgasm. Now he was fucking me hard and fast and I was moving in time to his body. I could not hold out any longer and my orgasm flowed over me like an exquisite wave. It seemed to go on forever. Finally, that spectacular feeling ebbed and I could relax. Now I could sense that Ronnie was getting ready. He slowed down his pace so that his cock could get the maximum sensation from my pussy. With a groan, he arched his back and thrust his dick tightly against the back of my pussy and I felt his cum gush inside me. I do not believe anyone has ever dumped so much cum into my cunt. It was starting to make me more aroused aging but now his cock was growing soft and I knew it was all over for now.

Ronnie lay on top of me and kissed me sweetly while his dick grew softer inside me. He let it retreat and slowly came out of my very slick hole. When his dick was out, Ronnie rolled over and we just laid there basking in our glow. Ronnie was stroking my belly and pussy and I laid my hand on his exhausted dick. We dozed off lying like that. We only slept for a few minutes and I woke up feeling cold. I cuddled against Ronnie and looked down at his amazing cock. How I had enjoyed having that inside me. I knew that my pussy would be ready for it anytime he asked.

Finally, I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I took a quick shower and when I went back into the room Ronnie was getting dressed. My thoughts went to how it would be to have a man like that every day. For the first time I had some serious thoughts about getting married and being with a man all the time. Right now Ronnie seemed like a likely candidate.

We left the motel and as we were driving, Ronnie told me that he was going home on leave for the Christmas holidays and that he would be back on January 3rd. I was disappointed to know that we would be apart for two weeks, but there was nothing I could do except wish him a merry Christmas.

Ronnie left two days later and I would never get to fuck him again. But, there were better things ahead for me.

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