My Wedding Night

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My boyfriend and I had been together for about 6 years. During those 6 years strong passion enveloped us. I had always said I wanted to wait to have sex and I kept my word all thanks to him.

You see, I sometimes got a little outa hand and a little too excited. I would practically beg him for sex. But he always refused and told me I had to wait until we got married. That just made me respect him even more.

On prom night he led me onto the stage, got down on his knees and asked me to marry him in front of everyone. I had been waiting for that moment since we were in the 10th grade. I said “Yes” and we danced to our song.

A few years went by after graduation and everything was great. We both didn’t really get to see each other since he went into the Marines and I went to college to become a psychologist.

We arranged our wedding so that it would be in Winter since that is my favorite season.

The wedding was a fairy-tale wedding. Everything made me so happy and thankful. We both made sure not to drink much wine at the reception for fear that it would ruin our night. We both could see it in our eyes that we wanted to leave.

Finally all the guests cleared out and we made our way to the limo.

We got to the hotel. This was it. I was finally gonna lose my virginity to the man I love.

He started caressing my back very softly and slowly untied my wedding dress. I turned around and my dress fell to the floor. I started to kiss him with a deep passion. I then proceeded to unzip his pants and they too, fell to the floor. He saw my white lacey bra and started to run his finger up and down my tender breasts. I took off his boxers and started to feel his penis. It was hard and long as I stroked it, but it wasn’t fully there at 8 inches. He got very excited by this. He took my hair in his hands and gently moved it aside, kissing my most tender spot…my ear and neck. I started to quiver. He laid me on the bed telling me he loved me. I decided I should get him more aroused and started biting his neck and kissing his stomach. His penis was erct to 10 inches. I started to shudder and a little tear came down. He told me that it would be alright and he would go slow. He started to penetrate. Deeper and Deeper. Then WHAM! A shocking pain took my breath away. Blood started trickling down my leg and I could see it on his penis. He saw me arch my back and asked me if I was okay. I said “Yes, just keep going” So he started to pump more and more. He was going so fast that the bed was slamming into the wall…(even though it began in the middle of the room.) We were going crazy! Ohhh It felt so damn good. I told him to keep going! Harder and Harder! I felt my vagina twitching and throbbing as it neared orgasm. Yes, the moment had come. I started moving up and down trying to get him deeper into me. My whole body went crazy…and thats when I felt the warmth of his semen entering me.

After we were done we went to take a shower and made love once more.

We got out of the shower and curled up in bed together. We just laid there and talked for awhile as he blew out the red and white candles surrounding the room.

I am 35 years old now with 2 children that I love dearly. My husband and I still make love at least 7 times a week. I cannot wait till we grow old together and watch our children grow too.

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  1. Wayne Cleveland

    This is the most boring story I have ever read.

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