Nathan and Me Adventures, Story 1

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It was a typical holiday in the Maldives with my friends. Sun, sand and Water. A holiday of course, is never complete without some excitement. As luck would have it, I met this handsome and irresistible guy called Nathan.

We met up loads of times, and we loved each other a lot. Then one evening, I was alone, as all my friends had gone somewhere. I found Nathan on the terrace and we talked about what we wanted to do. Then, he pulled me close and whispered”I love you”. I noticed there was a hard bulge in his pants and he caught me staring at his pants. I slowly put my hand there and I took it put and I started to suck it. Then he started to take my clothes off and he played with my tits squeezing them and sucking them. He noticed that I was ready so he licked my pussy and then he slowly entered me. He went slowly at first but as we progressed, he got faster and faster. Just about as we were about to orgasm he leaned down and passionately kissed me and we exploded.

We then just sat kissing each other and we still meet up, and as you can guess we love each other adn we still have sex.

Stay Tuned for more adventures

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