One night of passion

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One day in Valdosta,Georgia a young girl named Jamie invited her boyfriend John over to watch a movie. Before he came over Jamie went outside and turned on the hot tub. John didn’t know it but they weren’t going to be watching a movie. When he was about to knock on the door he saw a sign that said go around back. It was night so John had to watch were he was walking so he wouldn’t fall. The only light he had was the moon. Big and beautiful tonight. As he went around back he saw candles lit around the hot tub. All of the sudden he heard a voice from the screened in porch say,”I’ve been waiting for you.” She walked down the stairs and kissed John. He said,”What is all of this? I thought we were watching a movie.” Jamie just smiled and walked over to the hot tub. She took off the towel she had wrapped around herself revealing her bikini. She climbed into the hot tub. John just stood there looking confused yet anxious.”Won’t you join me?”, Jamie asked. John started to take his clothes off. First his shirt revealing his sexy toned stomach. Jamie cringed as she saw his sexy muscular arms. He stripped down into just his boxers. As he was walking over to the hot tub Jamie took off her bikini botton;John not knowing it for it was dark. John climbed in with Jamie as she stared at his body.”Gosh he’s so sexy!”, Jamie thought as her eyes wondered up and down his body. As John sat down Jamie moved closer wanting him to hold her. When she got close enough she grabbed his neck and started kissing him passionately. Jamie pulled herself on him as she started kissing his neck softly. John still not knowing the only thing she had on was her top and a smile. As John’s huge gentle hands started to caress her back. John started to kiss Jamie’s neck not knowing that would turn her on more than anything. Jamie started to breathe hard. John noticing this started to kiss her neck even more. Jamie took John’s hand and slowly started to move it from her face down lower until John forced his hand to stop. He said,”I’m not going to do anything that you don’t want me to.” Jamie just smiled and said,”But I do.”John gently slipped his fingers into her hot wet pussy. As he was fingering her she started to moan because it felt better than anything she had ever felt before. As John started to untie her top Jamie said wait. She told him she didn’t want to get hurt again. He said,”Jamie I love you and wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt you.”Jamie smiled as he took off her top. Jamie started to kiss his neck as she felt the bulge in his boxers pressing against her body. Jamie thought in her mind,”Just take me now John!” Jamie slipped his boxers off and through them on the ground. John slowly slipped his dick into her. She moaned from the pain because it was so huge but at the same time it felt wonderful. John maneuvered Jamie’s hips as she was grinding on him feeling every single inch of his manhood. As Jamie was about to faint because of the intense pleasure he thrusted into her as deep as he could. Going in and out as he felt her pussy grasping his shaft. Jamie started to scream as she felt like she as going to explode. Jamie was multi-orgasming. John exploded into her as he moaned in pleasure and relief. Jamie grabbed his shoulders as her body just collapsed. As they went inside John went and got into the shower. All of the sudden he heard the bathroom door open. It was Jamie. She took her towel off and got into the shower with him. They made love in the shower(always one of Jamie’s biggest fantasies)and again on a towel on the floor when they got out. As John was putting his clothes on Jamie went to lay down in her bed and watching TV. John came in there and laid with her holding her in his arms. Jamie felt so safe like nothing could ever happen to her. All of the sudden John told Jamie to take off her shirt. So she did wanting to please him. She lied down exposing her back to him with her stomach on the bed. John reached into his bag and pulled out some exotic massaging oils. He started to massage her back. “This feels so good.”Jamie said in a sexy voice. When John was finished he started to go down on her. Jamie stopped him and said now it was her turn. She left the room. When she came back she had a can of whipped cream in one hand and handcuffs in the other. Jamie put the whip cream on his stomach after she handcuffed him. She started licking it off slowly as he watched her. Jamie started to unzip his pants. She took his dick in her hands and slid it into her mouth. She twirled her tongue up and down his shaft as he moaned feeling her vibrating tongue ring(another suprise). As his toes started to curl she went at it harder and harder. He cummed in her mouth. She swallowed enjoying every single drop. She uncuffed John as he pushed Jamie down on the bed and started to eat her out. After that he slid his dick into her making love one more time. This time was even more romantic and special than the others(and it felt better every time). As they finished they both lied down and started to watch TV. They fell asleep in each other’s arms watching Jamie’s favorite show. Charmed.

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