Our Weekend at Home 10

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Our Weekend at Home

Getting home from work that Friday evening i knew that this weekend at home with you was gonna be really magical.You were
not home yet and i wanted to get and early start on dinner.I decided to make enchilada’s because you love mexican food.And
chinese but i thought mexican would be better tonight.I pull out and the goodies out of the frig and start preping everything
as you walk in the door.You can smell the food cooking and you know by the smell it’s gonna be one of your favorites.So you
come into the kitchen and kiss me then head to the bedroom to change clothes and start the spa in the backyard and set it all
up for us that night.

You had got us a bottle of champagne and put in the frig the day before so it would be nice and cold.Walking out back after
changing,you plug in the spa and add rose water oil to it and the smell fills the air.Rose water oil is my favorite and you
wanted to make this night special.You had to come in the house,the smells about making you melt as you do,to grab the dishes
for the table out back on the patio under the plant covered overhang.Going back out with your hands full you kiss me then
smile like you always do.Me having the enchilada’s all ready,i put them in the oven.As i do i then head to our bedroom to
try and pick out my outfit for the night.I wanted our dinner to be really romantic and more.

Our back yard was huge,we owned a very nice piece of proptery and made it uniquely our own.I wanted to do the chinese thing
but you wanted the normal family yard for BBQ’s and whatnots,so we went with your idea.We always wanted a spa so we got one
about a year after buying the house and we filled the yard with plants and put in a wood overhang thing and i planted morning
glory vines and grape vines as well all over it.Looking pretty as a winery on a spring day with the sun shining.I also put
in a rose garden.One with every color and kind of rose i could find,an a birdbath too.You got to get the ultmite BBQ you had
wanted and a patio set made of glass and cast iron.

In the house i picked out my dress,a blue V neck flowy summer dress knee high,with matching sandles showing of my long
legs the way you like.Getting dressed i start to smell dinner in the oven and know soon i will have to take it out so i
rush to get dressed before it burns.Running out to check the enchilsda’s i about run into you coming to do the same thing.
You had smelled them too and us both laughing at eachother head for the stove to take them out.You had the table set out back
set up and every thing was almost ready.We make a salad together and then carried everything out back to eat.Serving and then
eating and talking about all the memories we had made in the last few years.

After dinner we take everyhting in the house and then came out back.Me sitting in one of the chairs,you light candles all
over the back yard.And to my surprise you had been a little sneaky.While i was in the bedroom you came into the house,got the
the polar bear fake fur rug we used on Christmas Eve a few years ago,and put it in the center of the grass in the yard.The
bottle of champagne on ice and our two glasses from our wedding my sister gave us.Lighting candles and me surprised you look
over at me and smile,and call me over to you.

I stand up and head your way,when i reach you you take me by the hand and help me to the rug to sit down next to you.Popping
the bubbley for us an then pour our glasses out we sit staring at eachother and both smiling with our eyes.The only lights are
the candles around us.Then out from under the rug you pull a long box and hand it to me.When i open the box you wait to see
the look on my face,as i do i let out a gasp.You got me a long real pearl necklace with mathcing ear rings.Knowing i would
love it cause pearls are my favorite,you help me put them on then you look me in the face and take your hand,place it on my
cheek and say”i love you my woman, and i smile and say back,”and i love you my man”.You very happy i loved the jewelry you

We toast our love and all we have together and then drink our champagne.You lean over close to me and begin to kiss on my
neck above the pearls,and i start to slide me hands under your shirt to take it off over your head.My nails gliding up your
skin as i do.Loving the feeling of the tickle it makes as i move slowly.Your dick gets a little tickle and you start to
grow as i pull your shirt off.The night air was warm and comfortable for this time of the year,so it was a good night to get
naked in the back yard.Your chest now exposed i begin by laying you back on the furry rug,it being all soft and fluffy.Still
in your jeans and no shirt i start by licking on your chest all over and work my way down.I get to your belt and use my hands
to undo it and your button up jeans to allow you to fall out hard as a rock and ready for me to play with.Now with you very
aroused i use my tongue,running it around the rim of the head of your cock and then taking my lips firmly and sliding them
over the tip and taking in all of you.Hot and wet i keep stimulating you til you can’t take it anymore.The you tell me,”ok
babe, my turn”.Me not wanting to stop,but knowing i have too,i lean up and you lay me back on my back.Laying over me you kiss my
lips,our tongues rolling and our bodies craving eachother,you pull up my dress and off my panties.Showing you my pussy in the
candle light.You take your fingures and push into me deeply,i let out a moan loudly,and pulling in and out my pussy begins
to pulse and tighten then my body starts to jump as i moan louder and you figure me savagely.

Me undoing my V neck and letting my titties fall out for you,you move up to my nipples and curess one boob while continueing
to penatrate me.Knowing i now want a clitical orgasam you move down and begin to use your tongue,circling my clit and finguring
me.Around and around you go with your tongue,deep and hard then with me saying”yeah baby yeah,don’t stop”!You keep going til
you start to feel my pussy get so tight your fingure has trouble getting in my hole.I cum both ways and let out a small scream
and wimper.Knowing i’m now ready you take off your jeans and i my dress and you open my legs driving into me while you lay on top
of me sucking on my breats roughly.My pussy warm as hell and you hard and huge we go at it like lovers should.

After awhile of panting and stimulating eachother we tire a little and remember we had the spa.So we grab eachothers hands
and go that way.We can smell the rose water oil you added as we walk up.You help me in,then you follow.I sit back and you come
up in front of me,Put your arms around my neck and hold me gently for a few seconds before i grab your dick agian and start
rubbing up and down.We start kissing again,then i move to where you can slip into me,and you do.In the spa the water hot and us
naked,it was the perfect sene.Me only wearing the pearls you bought me.I pull down your hair as you do mine and the water starts
to wet the tips of both as we move.We both stop for a minute and soak our hair to get it out of our faces,then i spin you
around and hop on top of you and begin to ride you.Your dick getting deeper as i move my hips.Cool drops of water fall on your
chest from my hair which turns you on even more as it hits your skin.

Us swaying in the hot water and feeling more of the heat now,we start to slow down and grind softly.The closeness of our
embrace and the love we felt at that moment was priseless.Making it all so exhilarateing and the night perfect.Slowly moving now
your cock hard inside me and my titties floating in the water as you suck and lick on them,me still riding you.Then
i hop back and have you sit on the edge of the spa and into my mouth you go.I know how to bare down on you and when i do
the power of my lips swells you and you nut down my throat,letting out a loud moan of your own.I stand up boobs wet with the
water dripping,as you help me out of the spa,us both smiling.We get dressed,grab all our stuff,you blow out then candles and
we head inside.

In the house we clean and put everything away,and then head to the bedroom to get ready for bed.We crawl into our bed and
turn off all the lights,then i wisper”thank you my love that was wonderful”and kiss you.You say back”you deserve it honey”,
and we lay back naked under the covers and fall asleep together more in love then ever…..

The End…..

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