Perfection (part 1)

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Hed lent her the truck for the day, with the message that there would be little hints to the evenings events. Telling her that if she could figure out the game she could be the player of her choice.

Intrigued, she thought all day about the games hed played in the past with her. None have ever been so secretive. The possibilities were endless, seeing his imagination was vast. Around 1 pm she got her usual lunch time phone call. She was pinicing out in the courtyard of the nursing home where she worked. “Hello baby, hows my girl today?”, he said as she answered. “Im good sweetie. Want to tell me about this game we’ll be playing later?” she asked. All he said was, “Nope, the hints are in the truck, if you care to search”. They chatted a bit and then her break was over. Befor they hung up, he had her describe the scrubs she was wearing that day. He loved her in her nursing scrubs. Specially since theyd come out with short skirts and hip hugging pants. The day was warm so shed told him shed chosen a black mini with a cutesy tinkerbell top, with black trim. No panties and his favorite black lace bra. She heard him growl over the phone and told him he was terrible, with a giggle they hung up.

Work seemed to drag on and she was sure it was from the need to want to search the truck for clues. The day finally came to a close and she took the truck to the car wash to search it. It needed a cleaning so she figured, kill two birds with one stone. First she removed all the trash, finding an envolope, that said open last. Knowing she was being watched, as hed installed play cams he called them, to watch her play when the mood struck if she were sitting in traffic, she had to obey the rules. She vaccumed first the drivers side of the truck. Finding a blind fold and a leather belt hed fixed to her wrist size months before, under the seat. She smiled at the memory of the belt. Her pussy twitch along with the memory.

As she started passenger side of the truck, she found a box with a new purple and black bra and panty set, and thigh high Mistress boots, under that seat. Wondering why hed combined the items, caused her to rethink her original idea for the night. He never let her be Mistress and slave on the same night. Forgetting for the time being about what game he may be playing she finished the vaccuming and headed to the auto wash. She relaxed in her seat as the young man pre scrubbed her front end. As he neared her drivers window, she shifted in her seat, showing him the tanned expanse of her long legs. She saw him watching and shifted again giving him a view of naked shaved pussy. He pressed his crotch to the window, and gave the thumbs up to the camera. She smiled, shaking her head with the wonderment of why he let her play with his friends as he did. Shed let him play with couple of hers but only base play, some kisses and caresses. He liked to watch her masterbate while his friends watched. Liked the compliments he got and such as she worked herself into a frenzied cum. Telling her when shed asked why, that there wasnt enuff magic in the world and that to see her squirting all over was pure magic and it would be wrong of him not to share with a choice few. Relizing the truck was moving into the wash, braught her back to the envolope in her lap. She opened it to find a hotel room key. She knew the hotel well. It was called the PlayPen and was for all sorts of fantasy role playing. They often went there so he could bring her to squirting orgasms that filled little cups for hungry young men, whod never seen it before. Again telling her that he shared because to taste of her sweet nectar, was to taste life itself. She often wondered how he picked the specific men, that got the pleasure of “assisting” him when he was being generous.. But knew better then to ask.
A little note fell from the envolope and she read it as the last brush of the wash hit the truck.

Take care to bath longingly, wear your hair the way I like it and dress in the gifts Ive given you. You will wear the offit on the bed at home and douse yourself in your liquid phermones. Meet me at the specified room, no later then 8pm and take 3 shots of our good friend Jose.

Seriously intrigued that he wanted the phermones on her. She was only allowed that pleasure when he wanted to watch other men crave her and not have her. This game was not something she could figure out and gave up trying. Letting him decide what role shed play would be more fun, considering all the combos he was throwing in.

Driving back from the car wash she notcied it was already 6pm. She didnt have much time. Arriving at the house she quickly unlocked the door, stripping on her way to the bathroom. Filling the jacuzzi with scented bath and phermone, her one secret he didnt know, which drove HIM crazy with lust, she went to the bar poured herself two shots of tequila as the tub filled. Curiosity getting the better of her she headed for the bedroom to see the outfit. Passing the hall clock she saw she didnt have time to pre scope the clothes. Turning into the bathroom she entered the tub and sighed as the warm warter lapped at her aching muscles. She leaned against the back of the tub enjoying the scent of her soap and the tingling sensations the phermones braught to her skin. The need to pleasure herself was strong, but she held back. Hed know if she did and she would be punished. He gave her no instructions to cum.

Exiting the tub, she wrapped a towel from the warmer around her nakedness and went to get dressed. She smiled when she saw the clothes laid out…

She arrived at the hotel at 7:45. She had 15 mins to get to the room. As she walked the hall looking for the room number her mind searched the recesses to recall this particular room. Relizing it was new, she got a little nervous. The events were too strange to remain calm. She said hello to the fellow patrons she knew and the new faces she didnt. She could feel all their eyes following her movements. Not knowing why, she didnt think she was so special. She was only herslef and he constantly tried to tell her she was a treasure. She found room 666, smiling at that and entered.

The room was dimly lit and only with scented candles and one small lamp by the huge 4 poster bed. Had it not been for the silk scarfs hanging from the 4 posts it would have seemed romantic. Her body trembled with a chill down her spine.
Noticing a note one the bed she went and peered at it.
Pleas join us in the ajoining room Love Master

Having recieved no phone calls with a guess from her she gave him the choice of Master tonight. She felt almost afraid. Who is us and why here. The questions plaqued her as she headed for the door in the side wall.

He heard the click and knew as he glanced at his watch, Right on time he, thought. His breath caught as she entered the room. He knewed shed look gorgeous, but not breathtaking. The outfit hed chosen, was a silky, sheer mini dress. It was a deep purple amethyst. Her birthstone. The bra and panty set showed magnificently thru the fabric. The bit of tanned thigh showing between the boot tops and dress hem, made his groin tighten. He heard gasps from the other man and woman in the room. Shed heard them too, but her eyes wouldnt leave his to find where they were located and who they were. He could see her tits heaving and knew she was nervous and excited. He knew her scent and could smell her moist, excited heat. His cock swelled some more and he knew hed made the right choice for tonight. He walked to her and kissed her with all the need his cock was sending. Her mouth opened under his and their tongues explored each other. His hands slid around her small waist and down to cup her luscious apple bottom. He press his aching length against her burning core. She sighed into his mouth and he slid his hand up to cup her left tit. His thumb grazing the hardened nipple underneath. He loved them. Their size, shape, feel, taste. He especially loved fucking them, bringing himself
to orgasm all over their silky beauty. He growled as
her hand found his hardness. Rubbing it thru his jeans. He ripped himself away from her wanting need. He needed to be strong tonight. She was going to be a shinning example of the perfect slave and didnt even know it.

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