Resturant Dream

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I had this weird crazy sex dream last night. I went to dinner with this gorgeous looking woman. We when to some nice restaurant. She was wearing a beautiful dress that went down to her knees. She had brown eyes and silky brownish blonde hair. I had accidentally dropped something under the table, though the table cloth which when to the ground concealing everything underneath.. When I went to pick it up, I saw that her dress was up revealing her pussy. I stared at it then I moved my head towards it. I started to lick the outside of it. Then I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt. I could hear start to breath heavier. She whispered quietly, “Don’t do it here.” Seeing that she was enjoying me eat he out I said, “Just keep quiet and enjoy what I am doing to you. If anyone finds out, you will be embarrassed that you were eaten out in such a public place.” I kept on licking her pussy, going deeper and deeper with every lick. She started to moan louder with every lick. She tried to stifle the noise but she could not stop it. Everyone started to look at her. She didn’t care, this was the first time she ever really enjoyed being eaten out like this. She screamed as she reached her climax and all of juices came out all over her dress and me. I was surprised at how much came out. I waited a couple minutes before coming back out from underneath the table, knowing that her scream would attract a lot of attention.

When I slipped out from underneath the table, I saw she was blushing really hard, and she whispered, “Let’s go to my place when we are done here, okay? I need to repay you for what you did to me.”

to be continued…

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