Some Lovin'

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She woke up with a sour feeling inside her. Gingerly, she moved her legs down to the ground and tiptoed out of the room, careful not to wake him up. Thankfully, he was still asleep. She went to the bathroom and switched on the shower. Taking a bar of soap in her palm, she rubbed it over her sore breasts, which were red from the continuous biting and sucking they had recieved last night. Her pussy felt sore too, from the number of times his huge cock had rammed inside it, and giving her pleasure beyond her wildest fantasy…. Her clit was throbbing from his teeth and fingers, and the memory was making it throb harder. She was wet and soft down there, and she was burning up…. there was a molten fire inside her that refused to die down…….

Memories flooded her mind, memories with their bitter sweetness flooded her mind. She groaned lustily as she remembered herself, and him, shamelessly enjoying the hedonistic pleasures of last night. Her fingers automatically moved to her clitoris, and she rubbed it for a tiny moment. But no, she would show perseverence. She had promised Him not to come for anyone except him, and she intended not to.

She remembered him saying the words to her as he stroked her hair….

“You are mine now,” He had said quietly,” You and your orgasms now belong to me. You belong to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” She had finally surrendered to him, and he had lifted her above him and kissed her mouth. They had rolled over on the sheet till he was on top, holding her down, straddling her body, and entering in one hard thrust……… She shivered as she recalled the discomfort she felt each time he entered her and stretched her pussy endlessly, till he was inside her, buried deep and to the hilt. She loved the feeling so much….

She suddenly realised that unconsciously her fingers were stroking her clitoris and her orgasm was but a few strokes more. She gritted her teeth, and decided that this would be the last time before she became his. One last act of defiance….

The orgasm hit her almost instantly, and she sank to her knees as she felt her whole body jerk and contract. Her juices flew from her almost instantly, and she threw back her head, her teeth digging down on her lower lip. The throes continued, and she realised that this was probably the best masturbatory experience of her life.

She was breathing deeply, her skin flushed and shaking when she realised that she was not alone in the bathroom.

Slowly she lifted her face up and her gaze ran over a pair of hard male legs, up to steely thighs, to a huge, hard erection as straight as a rod . Her eyes lingered and she licked her lips and bit her lower lip gently.

She was flushed and dazed, and her eyes travelled over his flat stomach, thick chest, massive shoulders, to his full and sensuous lips, the thick nose that jutted out strongly, to his eyes.

She shivered as she looked into those eyes. They were so hot. So hot that they could have contained the full wrath of hell in them. She stared at his eyes, hypnotised almost, and then, keeping her head up, she began to crawl towards him, his eyes guiding him on. Her breasts hung down like two ripe fruits, and the nipples were throbbing like hell. He stared at her eyes, his eyes never leaving her face.

He wanted her. Yes.

She licked her lips as she came closer and closer. As she was a feet apart from him, something in his eyes stopped her. She stopped and bent her head from the guilt she was feeling, and waited for him to speak.

“What did I tell you last night, woman?,” He asked, his voice coolly questioning.

She gulped. Her nipples stiffened. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, she said,” I-I am terribly sorry—.” She stopped as she saw his face. She hung her head out of shame.

“I told you, woman, that your orgasms are mine. Your cunt is mine, and mine alone. And no one, not even you can touch it for sexual purposes without my permission. Did you remember that when you were masturbating??”

“I-I am very sorry….,” She began to explain, but stopped. Something in his eyes made him stop again. She looked at him fixedly.

The next moment he bent down and picked her up effortlessly in his arms. She squirmed and then fought, knowing that there would be a bitter recrimination. He ignored her protests and dumped her on the bed. She gave a couple of bounces on the bed before he came down on her, and caught her. His erection was pressed between them, and she groaned. It felt so good!! But she realised that if she did’nt get away, this time he would be relentless. So she struggled.

Her palms were immidiately captured in one of his, and with the other hand, he slapped hard on the side of her thigh. She groaned out of the sting, and he slapped her again, his fingers marking her flesh, and his lips came down on hers, licking softly. She was aroused to a fever pitch, this double impact of gentleness and strength completely engulfing her senses, Crying out softly. Her body arched to his as he licked the tips of her breasts, and she gasped.

“Please…,” She groaned as the slaps became softer, arousing her stinging flesh. Her skin was red there, from the blood that had rushed through her veins to that area, and her breasts were hard from the soft kisses that had changed into tugs and sucks, executed from his strong teeth.

“No… later,” He said softly, and got up. She stared with wide eyes, as he casually released her wrists and got out of the bed.

Scrambling to her feet, she went after him as he casually strolled into the kitchen.

“You are punishing me, are’nt you?,” She asked on a bitter note as he opened the fridge to take out a cold can of soda.

“Now, why would you think that?,” He asked casually, though his eyes still had a hardness in them. His erection was subsiding slowly, and she gritted her teeth in anger as she felt the hollow ache between her thighs and that needed satisfaction.

“I-I think you are angry with me. That was why you… you refused to fuck me back there in… in the bed…,” She stopped as he smiled grimly.

“If you obeyed me, none of this would have happened. I would have taken you and satisfied you in the best way possible, and you would have loved it. If you do’nt want to go on with this relationship, it is fine with me, but if you do, then from now on, you would have to obey my every command.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you understand me?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then entice me back to you. If you fail, I’ll get out of this house. And if you pass, you’ll move in with me to my house. Is that a deal?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Begin.”

He took a seat on a chair while she stood bewildered for a few seconds. Then she had a plan.

She swayed sensuously, her hips moving from side to side. Recalling all the porn movies she had seen, she jiggled her breasts and thrust her ass out at him. She threw her head back, so that her breasts thrust out, and her stomach looked tiny and flat. She flaunted her body at him, and set him going.

A keen look to his crotch from under veiled lashes showed that he was aroused. Very aroused. Struggling to contain her victory, she moved to his chair, and straddled his thighs, her own thighs spread apart on his, her pussy dripping on his thighs, his arousal was between their bodies, proudly rising up. She smiled with truimph and desire at him.

“You go to my head,” He growled menacingly. “One look at you and I am more turned on than I have been ever in my life.”

He stood up all of a sudden, and turned her roughly around and bent her over the kitchen table. She wriggled her hips and cursing, he grabbed her asscheeks, spread her pussy apart, and entered her pussy from the back.

She felt incredibly tight and stretched out, he had never reached as deep as now, and she threw
back her head against his chest and moaned in pain and pleasure. He pulled out almost all the way, and hammered into her again. She cried out this time,
and as if in a signal, his hand fisted into her hair and pulled back a hunk of it painfully. He repeated the thrusts, and her hands reached back, for his body.

He grabbed her fingers immidiately and pressed them down in front of her, his own fingers capturing them in a tight grip, and squeezing the hell out of them.

“Ahhhhh,” She groaned as he bent her down, the thrusts increasing in number. He was pushing in and pulling out faster and faster, and she was crashing back on his cock, every time he pushed in. They were groaning together now, sweat coating their bodies and the smell of woman, man and sex filled the kitchen.

She panted out,” Ohh… Ohhh G-Good God, I’m I’m Coming!!!!,” and instantly came, her juices spurting out. Her body contracted, and cramped him in her, and he could hold on any more.

A savage thrust, his hands gripping and twisting her fingers, he came in spurts, shuddering and gasping, his face buried into her hair. He slumped on top of her, breathing heavily, and gasping and shaking hard.

A lifetime later she spoke.

“Thank You, Master.”

She could feel him smile in her hair as he whispered back.

“You’re welcome, my Mistress.”

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    One of the best I have read. Realism and detailed, excellent!

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