Sweet Lovin

Vanessa sat in class dreaming of the most amazing guy ever, her guy. Just thinking of what they would do later made her pussy wet. Sitting in class, she put her hand down her tight jeans; her pink sheer thong was soaked and she could feel her cum starting to run down her thigh. She removed her finger only to find it dripping with her juices, and she licked it off.
Somehow she made it through her other 3 classes that day, barely are to concentrate in class and getting crazier by the moment.
Finally her last class ended and Vanessa headed back to her apartment in Kenmore Square. She climbed up the four flights of stairs that after living there for a year had made her ass firm and round and her long legs lean and toned. She pushed the key into the keyhole and got wet all over again as she imagined him sliding into her tight little hole. With a grin on her face, she walked in to find her corset and garters lying on the couch next to a single rose. She could hear soft music coming from the bedroom. She stripped down and put on the black satin and lace corset, the black sheer garters, and her three inch black heels.
She walked into her bedroom and found her man lying on the white silk sheets with faded jeans and a white linen shirt, unbuttoned so it exposed his muscular chest. They grinned when they saw each other and kissed passionately. She pulled him closer to her, then pulled away and gazed into his eyes. She took off his shirt and began to caress his bare chest. He touched her all over, and undid her garters and took off her heels. He undid the hooks on her garter, breathing heavily as slowly her round breasts were revealed. He then touched her breasts, sending shivers down her spine. He then proceeded to suck them, making them hard and stiff. By this point they were going crazy and wanted each other so bad. He stroked her legs as he prodded them open and put his clothed body between them. He grinded against her bare pussy while she unzipped his pants. She slid them off him and was pleased to find out he was not wearing underwear. His beautiful penis stood upright touching his firm stomach. She touched him and he quivered with delight. She then grabbed his tight ass and touched his dick from behind, surprising him again. He kissed her breasts again, this time sucking them even harder. Between touching his firm ass and feeling him so hard against her, her pussy was dripping onto the soft sheets. Although his dick was an average 6″, it was much wider than normal, barely able to fit into her little pussy. He took his dick in his hand and guided it into her well lubed pussy, her back arched up in anticipation. Pushing his cock into her, her back settled back onto the mattress. He slid hard into her, then pulled out just short of completely exiting her, then went back in hard. He usually lost control when he was with her and gave her a wild ride. He didn’t last long it that tight snatch of hers, soon he moaned, “I’m gonna cum in your beautiful pussy.” “Yes,” she cooed back, “cum inside of me, please. You make me feel sooo good, baby.” He began panting harder and moaning. His body convulsed as he exploded inside her. She could feel the warmth spreading all inside of her, and smiled. Exhausted, he lay on top of her, still panting a bit. She caressed his short dark brown hair and kissed him. They lay there for a while, knowing this was a love not found everyday and knowing that each was incredibly lucky to have found the other.

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