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Me and My Choir Teacher Part Four

I open the shower curtain and head to the door. As I  peek out to make sure the coast is clear. And I look behind me and see Ms. Gardner reaching for a towel. I stop her

“You won’t need that” she smiles and steps out of the shower fully naked. As I look again and motion her towards my bedroom.

I look behind me, making sure no one saw. And I wave her towards my room, and we both walk in. I close the door behind me, looking out again to make sure no one saw. As I turn around and Ms. Gardner yanks my arm and pulls me on top of her.

We kiss for a minute before I stand up. I wave my penis at her, still at attention. She giggles and kneels in front of me. She grabs my penis and starts to jerk it. As I pull some massage oil from my night stand and tell her to lay down on the bed, I pop the cap and drip it up and down her body.

She giggles “It’s cold” her body cringing to the drizzle of oil I put on her.

“I’m sorrry” I say. I cap the bottle and put it back on the night stand.

I go back and start to lather the oil all ove her body. First the stomach, feeling the soft touch of her completely naked skin. Slowly moving my hands up to her chest, and breasts.

“Mmm” she moans as I lather the oil over her rosy nipples. I glide back down all the way to her vagina and massage her clit and find that I don’t need to wet her vagina, for her body was tingling under the pleasure of my hands.

She looks up at me “My turn” she says. And  She reaches back and grabs the massage oil, pops the cap and pours it into her hand, puts the bottle down and rubs her hands together. She points and gestures with her finger at me to come closer. I slowly walk toward her, she reaches out and grasps my penis fully erect. As She slowly strokes it, up and down from the tip of my penis all the way down to my balls I can tell she wants to finish me off by the way she looks at me with her beautiful colorful eyes, instead she stops and stands up glazing her oiled breasts on my chest.

She pulls me in and whispers “I want you to fuck me with that massive beautiful cock of yours Jordan”.

I look down and pull her in for one more kiss. As we break she turns around showing me her nice round ass. She gets on all fours as I’m rushing over there to satisfy her needs. She wants me, needs me. As I stick the tip of my cock into her wet heat, I see the dripping of her pussy juice falling down her thigh. Without hesitation, I push, DEEP inside her, feeling the  heat of her vagina clasping around my cock, as she cries out in pleasure,

“Ohh, yes baby”. I pull back slowly as i get ready to drive into her again. She gasps for air, as I plunge back into her deeper than before,

“Oh yes, keep going”.  I thrust into her faster and faster, and harder and harder with each minute. She moans louder and louder as I thrust deeper inside her.

“I’m almost ready to cum”. She replies “Then what are you waiting for? Keep going, harder, and don’t stop”.

I smile, and turn her body over, wiggle the tip in just to tease her. She giggles, “Come on big boy”. No questions there I thrust, deep inside her. Crumpling  with pleasure as I thrust my penis inside her, picking up the pace. Driving my mass deeper inside her. She screams

“Fuck Yes!! Harder baby!”

“Yes ma’am” I reply.

I pick up the pace just a little more. My hips slapping her ass. She moaons and moans from my huge cock.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum again, Oh Fuck!”

She starts to squirt a little at first. “Oh my god!” She yells.

I pull out and she’s squirting everywhere. “Oh my god” she breathes.

“Well that was intense” I reply.

“Oh baby that was so good” she said.

“Now hold on we haven’t got to the big finish yet” I say.

I advance towards her, but she stops me. “I want to finish you baby” she smiles.

She starts to get down on her knees, “No argument there” I say.

She kneels down “I know you won’t” she smiles.

She looks at my huge mass that she’s about to take on knowing what this thing can do. She looks up, smiles and starts to lick the tip. Sensual and slow but sweet. Her tiny kisses has me growing on the edge of cumming right now, but what kind of student would I be if I did that. Her mouth  starts to suck the tip. Still looking up at me, she’s hesitant. I stroke her hair and smile. She smiles back. And then starts to stroke all the way from the base to the tip and back down.

“I want your cum baby. I want you to come in my mouth and all over baby. Can you do that?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am” I replied. Her face perked up, ready to finish what she started. She grabs my cock and strokes the same way she did before. Faster and faster she went. I don’t want to cum yet. But I dont know if I can hold it. Her mouth takes my cock and starts to blow me. All the down and up again. I can feel her gag reflex choking on my cock but she doesn’t stop wanting  my cum in her throat. She wants me to release. But not yet. I have to hold it just a little longer. Noticing  me trying to hold it she strokes faster, relentlessly.

Faster and faster she goes, “Come on baby, cum for me” she eggs on.

Just a little longer. “Yes baby, cum for me” she yells.

I groan really loud, and she takes me in. blasting  in her mouth. There’s no stopping it now. She pulls away and I keep cumming. Shot after shot. Stroke after stroke, eager for more to come out. I keep groaning, and more keeps coming. When does it end?

“Oh my god” she says “Yes, more baby!”

Load after load I keep cumming. While she keeps stroking. Milking every last drop. It feels so good

Finally it dies down, “You know you are the best Teacher ever” I said.

“And you’re my favorite student” she giggles.

“Have helped you enough? Ms. Gardner?” I asked.

“I don’t know, maybe you can help me out for the rest of the year” we both smile and laugh.

“Sounds good to me”

Hi I’m Jordan,
I started doing these little stories around last year in 2017, and now im here. Please take into consideration that all characters and names and places that I state in here are fictional and whatever actions I do in them have not happend. However I use a likeness to what I write and they’re free to you. So please enjoy.

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