The First Night with her………….

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Ok, so it wont be the most amazing story to people, but it’s a true one and it’s the true ones that count in my mind…..

I’d had a bad relationship, in fact a few bad relationships, I had a girlfriend who fucked around, I knew it don’t get me wrong and sometimes it even turned me on, but there was always that line, that line that always seemed to get crossed and because of that we drifted apart.

Two years ago I was when I met her, her being Em, I met her at work where I spent most of my time trying to forget the fact that my current girlfriend was a lying dog who fucked anything with a pulse and then denied it afterwards. Em was different, she wasn’t stunning at work but in my eyes was amazing, I looked at her at work every day and paid more attention to her than anyone would know, even her and when she was dressed up she was sex on legs.

Time went on and we ended up seeing each other, she was married and I knew that, was surprised but knew that.

We had seen each other for a few months and finally I split with my partner and she too had left her husband, we had been seeing each other for ages and I was so gagging to have her and she knew it….

We had been out in my local town, she was dressed lovely and her long black hair and light makeup made her look as sexy as anyone I have ever seen, I wanted us to go out as I wanted people to see her, she was stunning but never thought so… We had drank a few whilst out and we had walked back to my crappy rented house (times were bad) and we sat on the sofa.

We had kissed a few times but nothing really intense until now, as she laid on the sofa, the lights were dim and I was kneeling on the floor, music was playing in the background, Evanescence to be exact, I remember looking into her eyes knowing that I wanted her so much.

I leaned over and began to kiss her, I touched her body as I slowly kissed her soft neck, her back moved off the sofa as I kissed her harder. I slowly moved my hands down around her and felt her soft skin, her skin was always so soft, just like a babies which made me want to touch her always.

It was getting hot in the room and I undid her top exposing her bra and soft breasts and then again started to kiss her with my hands moving all over her body. I ran my hand up the inside of her leg and began to rub her wet soft G-string and as I did her sexy ass moved off the sofa up into the air. God I was rock hard at that point and wanted it so much. She pushed me away as I think she was shy but I knew she did want something, maybe she was testing me to see what I wanted, so I pushed her back down on the sofa.

Slowly I knelt by the sofa and back to kiss her legs, I started at her sexy feet and licked her toes and sucked them gently as I moved up, her arms were above her head at the time, I mpved higher up until I was at her thighs and then moved towards her sexy wet pussy, I pushed her underware to the side and I could smell her wetness and feel it, I licked her clit gently and she moved and pushed into my mouth, her hands moving down and holding my head in place so I got the right spot. She tasted strong and sexy and I wanted to make sure I took as much of the moist wetness as I could in my mouth as she began moving I slipped my fingers inside her deep, it was so wet I thought she may have already cum but it just got wetter and I just got harder.

I moved back up her body, she was sweating and her face was red, I pulled her soft breasts from her bra and began to lick them, she pulled my head hard making me bite her and as I did see moaned gently and then began to take off my clothes, grabbing my hard cock she rubbed it on her wet clit, fucking it with her hand it felt so good and I could feel her wetness everywhere, she had one leg laid out on the sofa and the other one hanging off the end towards the floor meaning she was well spread as he pushed and pounded up and down as she wanked me onto her clit.

I couldn’t take anymore and neither could she, we kissed deep, breathing into each others mouth sending us higher and as we did her hands grabbed my arse and pulled me so I pounded deep into her wet pussy, I could feel her soaking my balls with her cum as I pushed deeper and harder into her, her hands tightened around my ass cheeks and her nails stuck in deep as I began to bite her breasts, she moaned and moved like never before as I shot my load inside her, filling her with cum as she began to orgasm on my throbbing cock, her legs now wrapped around me making sure it was intense…… was worth the wait…..

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