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He was tall, about 6’2″, with long brown, curly hair and deep warm blue eyes. He was muscular. He could prolly bench about 320 and had a very defined 8 pack. His arms were very muscular. He had to be able to curl up to 90lbs. His kept his shaving down to every third day giving him a kinda scraggly luck. His side burns were a little lower than his ears and he wasn’t what you’d call a good boy. He wasn’t cocky and acted gentlemanly. He liked his girls nice, funny, cute, shorter than him, and kinda open.
He was out driving in his white Ford F-150 on his way from his final rodeo for the year. He had just won all around champion by winning the steer wrestling, bronc riding and bull riding. He was headed to a friend’s house to hang out and watch movies. As he pulled in the the driveway he noticed that there was a strange beat coming from the barn and as he drove up to the barn entrance to unload some of his gear he was greeted by his friend his four other best friends and a shit load of girls. He was single like any good boy should be and had his eye on a particularly hot girl he hadn’t seen before. His friend had purchased a couple kegs and everyone was having fun to say the least his friend Jimmy dragged him over to introduce him to some girls that Jimmy had just met. “this is Natalie and Becky. I found them on the side of the road earlier and invited them.” Natalie was the girl he had noticed earlier. He and Natalie started waling and talking and soon they found themselves in the west field alone. Natalie was wearing a short jean skirt and a tight white bikini top. He was wearing his riding pants that were pretty muddy considering the number of times he had eating dirt that night and a white button down shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. It was also very dirty and he was pretty sweaty form all the action. Then out of no where she kissed him.
After they kissed passionately for several seconds he pulled back. “Damn, Where did that come from.
“Didn’t you like it?”

“Absolutely loved it.”

He leaned in and began kissing her again. She slowly ripped his shirt’s buttons off one by one as it began revealing his hard muscular chest also covered in sweat from the heat ( of the moment and the temperature). The sweat glittered in the full moon’s light first shinning between the thin sheet of clouds in the sky.
She rubbed her hands up his hard sweaty chest passionately as the kissed in the moonlight. She pulled his shirt off revealing his huge buff arms to her. He began to rub her back as she rubbed his bare chest and slowly pulled the string around her neck holding her top on. That’s the point where if she were wearing a thong it would have been soaked. As he slowly and ever so gently removed her top he dipped her down as if dancing laying her on the grass as if she were nothing in his arms. Her breast now bare in the moonlight as he kneeled over her.
She raised one leg up so that one leg was out straight and one leg was pulled more toward her so that the light shined down brightly on her bare shaved pussy. From his angle he saw everything. He moved his hands from her back and slowly down from her neck messaging her breasts a little though he continued to move down past them to her stomach then her waist as he un buttoned her tight little revealing skirt. Once he had it unbuttoned and unzipped he pulled it off as he kissed down her bare naked body. When he finally got it over her feet he was kissing her lower thigh so he slowly worked his way back up teasing her as he went. He kissed around her pussy not touching it then straight up the middle of her breast back up to her lips. He lay so gently on top of her making out with her under the full moon, and as he kissed her he messaged her bare breasts as her nipples gradually got hard. He then kissed hiss way down her neck kissing her on the throat then her shoulder blade then right above her left breast before her started to kiss and suck on her nipples.
Once he started to suck her nipples the heat got turned up. He began sucking harder and harder switching from one to the other teasing her uncontrollably. Finally she couldn’t take anymore. She sat up suddenly sending him up as well. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck pushing him over on his back. Once he was in that position she returned to making out as she pulled off his nasty jeans pulling his boxers half way off with them.
She wasn’t planning on that happening but when she saw his 8 1/2 inch cock glaring in the moonlight she had to suck it. She kissed the head of his cock then kissed her way down his shaft then back up the other side. She then place her lips just barely around his head and slowly as she flicked the little she had in her mouth with her tongue she went down further and further. It wasn’t long before she was deep throating him. She then speed up going up and down, up and down, flick his cock with her tongue as she went. It wasn’t long before he came hard in her awaiting mouth. She swallowed it all then tightened her lips around his cocking milking it for more. After she squeezed every last drop out of him she moved back up kissing her way up his stomach stopping to kiss each of his nipples once then continuing up his neck back to his mouth. When she got there he grabbed her around the legs turning her over so he was on top again.
His cock was pushing up against her pussy lips exciting her more sending a shiver up her spine. He spread her perfect legs up and open with his hands as he moved down.
He bagan by kissing her above her clit then below her pussy teasing her. He then flattenen his entire tongue over her entire tight wet little pussy giving it one big gentle lick then started focusing on her clit. He licked steadily increasing his speed and she shivered with every stroke of his tongue. He then inserted two fingers of his incredibly strong hand into her pussy as he licked and message her breast with his other hand. He would pinch her nipple and bite her clit lightly bringing her that much closer to coming every time he did it. She finally let go a big long stream of come into his mouth and he drank an abundance saving some for her though.
He then worked his way back up her naked body to her lips and began to kiss her again letting her enjoy the taste of her own pussy on his lips. As they kissed he brought his throbbing cock closer to her tight soaked pussy thrustin himself in just as it touched her tight little pussy lips. She gasped arching her back as they began making love in the moonlight. He went harder and faster than she had ever had. His stamina was amazing. He had it going 30 minutes with out coming bringing her to multiple orgasms in the moonlight. Their sweat now in abundance shimmered in the light as they fucked each other. They had their final orgasm together, her falling back flat and him falling down beside her on his belly still deep in her. She loved the feeling of his cum in her. They rest a few minute and then started to kiss again. When they parted lips he said, “I had fun tonight” in his deep but soft voice.
“I did too.” She replied
“We’d better get back to the party before they get worried.” He got her dressed then put his boxers and jeans back on throwing his shirt over his shoulder as they began walking back to the barn, his sweat still shimmering in the moonlight. No sooner did they arrive at the barn than to see Becky walking out with one of the other guy’s. The guy kissed Natalie softly then lead her to his truck where he gave her his e-mail and phone number. They parted ways for the evening but he didn’t do anything with anyone else. He just couldn’t quit thinking about his night with Natalie.

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