The Meeting

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It was ironic the way they met. Jackie got online to chat with her friends in her favorite chatroom. Then she was being asked into a private conversation by John, someone she had been talking two for the past two months. Of course she switched over to chat in private and said to John “You will never guess the blind date I had last night. Five minutes after we met I was giving him a blow job.”

John said “Wow you really know how to get a man’s attention. By the way my name is John from Omaha.” Jackie was beside herself with embarassment. This wasnt her friend. Oh My God!!!! She started to apologize and John told her please dont apologize. It was just getting interesting. John said, I wish that could have been me. I need a good blow job. Oh really, Jackie said. “The next time your in town, you give me a call at this number and we will get together.”

Two weeks later Jackie’s phone rings and she hears a very nice male voice on the other end of the phone that says, “hey Jackie its John. I will be in town next week – want to hook up?” “Of course I do”, Jackie exclaimed and they made plans to meet for dinner and ???

The week went by fast and Jackie and John talked by emails and phone calls. They were both very excited to meet. They picked a restaurant and before Jackie knew it John was sitting next to her and they were having a drink before dinner. They talked and ate and laughed. When they were done – John walked her out to her car and gave her a kiss. Damn was it hot. Jackie melted in his arms. John said, I better stop before I get carried away. Jackie said, “please dont stop – follow me to my apartment.”

John followed Jackie back to her apartment. Once inside the door, John sat down and patted the space next to him. “Sit here hun.” Jackie sat down. John turned and took her into his embrace, kissing and fondling her. She again melted and sighed into his mouth. Her hands were in his hair. His hands were everywhere at once.

He started to slowly remove her shirt and she sat up to help and he stopped her saying, “hey thats part of the fun let me do that.” He took off her shirt and took a deep breath. She was wearing a black lace bra. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the see thru fabric. He leaned forward and kissed them thru her bra. She sighed and grabbed his head, holding him close. He took off her bra and gave both her nipples all the attention they were begging for. Jackie felt light headed and her nipples were hardened little peaks and her heart was racing.

She put her hands under his t-shirt and traced his chest and stomach. Wanting to feel his skin against her mouth – she pulled his shirt over his head. She leaned forward slowly licking her way down his chest and over his stomach. She could see his hard cock thru his pants. She let her hand skim over it. He gasped and pulled her on top of him, kissing her hard. Skin to skin from the waist up – it was a great feeling. Wanting to feel more of him, Jackie got to her knees and started to undo his pants. Jack stood in front of the bed and Jackie removed his belt and pants. She leaned forward and kissed his hard erection thru his briefs. She then removed his briefs and saw his cock for the first time. It was the perfect size, nice and thick. She sighed with approval and she leaned forward and slowly took him into her mouth. He grasped her head and massaged her scalp while she gave his cock attention. Jack then layed Jackie back on the bed and slowly removed her slacks and panties.

She was already damp and smelled wonderful. He propped her ass on a pillow and spread her legs wide. He used his fingers to open up her damp lips and slowly started to lick her clit. Jackie moaned and her hips instinctively rose to meet his mouth. Just when Jackie thought she could take no more, Jack licked up her stomach – over her breasts where he layed fully on top of her, kissing her deeply. She could taste herself on his lips. It was very exciting. They held each other close – tasting and exploring with their tongues. He parted her legs with his knees and slowly entered her wet pussy. God it was so tight and hot. She gasped as he slid in deeper. Feeling every inch slowly fill her. Oh yes she sighed into his mouth. His hands now on her breasts as he pumped deeper and deeper into her wet hole.

Jack slowly lifted himself over her and told Jackie to flip over. She got on her hands and knees and he knelt back and licked her ass. Oh god yes – Jackie cried. Jack then took her pussy juices and made sure she was very wet and slowly slipped his rock hard cock into her tight ass. Very slowly he filled her as she moaned his name. He stopped when he was completely inside her – letting her adjust to the feel of him, then he started to pump into her. He moved with a steady rhythm. He had to stop – he was going to loose control. He stopped and Jackie started to grind her ass into his pelvis. God he wasnt going to last if she kept this up. She didnt stop and he grabbed her thighs and felt his cum shoot into her tight ass. He cried out as he filled her completely, feeling his juices mingling with hers as it ran down their legs.

Jack layed down beside her and told Jackie he wanted to feel her body on his. Jackie layed on top of John and John slid his hand down between their bodies finding her clit and stroked her until she thought she was going to loose her mind, then she exploded against his hand. Her mouth on his as she ground her pussy against his hand as he worked magic with his fingers.

He gathered her up to his side and they lay content. Both spent from the wonderful sex. Then they spent the rest of the night exploring each others bodies and by dawn they were both sleeping peacefully in each others arms.

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    Loved your have a great talent with words. a great excting and great to make any man cum…thanks and keep up the cool works.

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